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Consul Report - 5
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: L Pellaeon
Posted On: April 24, 2016


Clan Drakonan Consul Report #5

Date submited: 24th April 2016
From: P:GM-CON/DA Pellaeon
To: GM Tomaas Montte
CC: entire Dark Brotherhood



Dark greetings!

It has been some time since my last report. The suggested awards from the evaluations have been approved and allready handed out. In 6 days it is evaluation time again. Time is running fast or is it just an illusion?

I want to welcome again APP Devil and APP Daniel Ghale joining the Clan serveral days ago. Daniel Ghale allready managed to earn his elevation to Novice. Congratulations again. If you two need any help or informations about the DB, feel free to mail your BTLs or myself.

My mission creation competiton runs sluggish, better call it not a bit. If anybody works on it or plans to participate, please let me know where the problem is. Should I expand the time frame or are there any other issues. I know it is a monster of a competiton, but I offered high awards for for that to give an acceptable consideration for the efforts required. Remember, if it is too hard for you to hit the requirements the TAC wants for the Commendation of Service, skip it. You still have the chance to earn a high ranked crescent. In that case a fiction in 4 parts for a battle is enough. For questions or occuring issues, feel free to contact me directly.

Our Star Trek online Fleet hit level 30 serveral days ago. Great work!

The next news about STO is that Season 11.5 was released. A new skill system was implanted. It should give more flexibility playing your characters.

As I mentioned a report ago the DB support a lot of games, but we was not able to track all of them or reward playing activity. I'vea solution of this. Install the Raptr gaming community program. It tracks automatic all your play time of your games. Every week you recieve an email with a summary of your played time per week. Forward this email to me and your BTL. Every full hour grants you 4 activity points. If you don't hit a full hour or full 15 minutes for 1 point I'll round up in most cases. 2 guys allready using this. I'm looking forward to recieve more of it.

In Star Conflict you are able to play for 3 new premium ships. Play with ships on maximum synergy on level 7, 10 and 13 PvE, PvP or AI. After the battle there is a change to loot a rare ship part. After collecting enough parts you'll be able to build the premium ship. This Event will last until the 4th november 2016. You will need very much parts to build a ship. The higher the ships level, the more parts are needed.

For Battle Front 3 a new DLC with costs was released. It is called "Outer Rim" it costs 14,99€ on PS4. I don't know the price in USD or PC version.

If there are any gaming news which may be interesting for everybody of us, feel free to share the news in our newsgroup. We need to clean it from some dust.

I'm sill looking for a Hyperion BTL, which goes to round 8 now. So I remain as interim BTL.
Position requirements:
- must be an active Star Trek online player
- must assume the "Pimp the Fleet" competition (BTL will recieve an excel sheet from me for that)
- writing reports and monthly evaluations
- BTL / Squadron CMDR experience or at least one leadership course taken

Lets look at our current status and the awards.

Clan / DB wide Competitions

Pimp the Fleet V4.0: (Star Trek online / DB wide, hosted by CON/DA Pellaeon)

Every month I count the contributions of the Members to the Fleet. This will be sorted in a rankinglist for every of the 5 sections. Additional to that there will be an overall rankinglist. One high active Member in all 5 sections is able to grab up to 6 awards! Additional to that we have the small ancillary effect that our Fleet increases in level and functionality. With permission of our MAA, I'll participate from now on in the competition too. So everybody has now an additional hard opponent.

Overall winner counting all 5 sections together:
1st Place Amethyst Star (Cr-1A)
2nd Place Sapphire Star (Cr-1S)
3rd PLace Emerald Star (Cr-1E)

Winner of one Section: (Base, Embassy, Dilithium Mine, Spire and Research Lab)
1st Place Emerald Star (Cr-1E)
2nd Place Topaz Star (Cr-1T)
3rd Place Quartz Star (Cr-1Q)

Defenders of Aurora Prime - 2016: (entire DB including Dark Counsil / hosted by CON/DA Pellaeon)

After our multiplayer activities noticeable increased over the last weeks, I think it is time to start a competition for it again. Every end of the month all awarded Clusters of Fire will sum-up. The crucifal factor will be the tracking spreadsheet of the MAA, CON and PCON of Clan Drakonan. All Dark Brotherhood multiplayer approved games for earning Clusters of Fire will count for this competition.
Screenshots for CoF approval have to be send to the MAA of the DB and the CON and the PCON of Clan Drakonan.
Good hunting!

1st place Crescent with Amethyst Star
2nd place Crescent with Sapphire Star
3rd place Crescent with Emerald Star

The winner will be awarded additional with a Kaiburr Star.

End Date: December 31, 2016

Pell's Introduction Ceremony: (entire DB including Dark Counsil / hosted by TAC/AD Xavier Sienar and CON/DA Pellaeon)

This is a competition for our fiction writers. As you all know I was recently appointed as Consul of Clan Drakonan. Your task in this competition is to write a fiction about how I was appointed and give it a form that an editor can create a full new DB Battle out of it. The fiction/plot has to be in multiple parts, at least 6 to fulfill the requirements for a battle and the CoS. But to be eligible for a CoS you must hit all requirements for it. You can read them here: http://tac.emperorshammer.org/tacmanrewards.php
I know that these are high preconditions and you are able to participate anyways without hitting the CoS requirements. But in this case you only earn the Crescent if you win the competition.

Judges of the fictions/storylines will be the Tactical Officer Admiral Xavier Sienar (sienar@gmx.net) and myself Consul Dark Side Adept Pellaeon (Delta-1@gmx.de)

Crescent with D/R/A for first 3 places if there are at least 5 or more participants
Crescent with A/S/E for first 3 places if there are 4 to 3 participants
Crescent with E/T if there are 2 or less participants

Additional one Commendation of Service for the winner, if the storyline hits the requirements for it. (TAC approved this)

End date: April 30, 2016

Competition Results


Open Command Positions

Hyperion Flight Battle Team: main focus is Star Trek online. Send your application to CON Pellaeon

Hyperion Battle Team Roster

P:GM-CON/DA Pellaeon
BTM/GM Nocturnus
BTM/SK Jedi Eclipse
BTM/PRT Marcus Caine
BTM/SBL Torres
BTM/SW Rau Aznable

STO Fleet Status

Current Fleet status:
- Fleet Level: 30 (+1=
- Star Base Level: 3
- Dilithium Mine Level: 2
- Embassy Level: 1
- Spire Level: 1
- Research Lab Level: 1

We should try to develop our Dilithium Mine first, every level gives us discount for the other structures. We are on a good way reaching level 3.

Awards and Promotions

JH Silvius: CoF, Cr-T x6, Cr-Q x8; GC
DSP Elwood the Brave: CoF, Cr-R x1, Cr-A x2, Cr-E 19x, Cr-T x5, Cr-Q x2, KS, GC
DA Pellaeon: CoF, Cr-S x3, Cr-T x8, Cr-Q x5, GC
SBL Anahorn Dempsey: CoF, Cr-A x1, Cr-E x5, Cr-T x6, Cr-Q x4, GC
SW Rau Aznable: Cr-E x3, Cr-T x2, Cr-Q x4, GC
DSM Exar Kit: SC
SW Golbez Harvey: DC
SW Coranel Both: SoE, LS
NOV Daniel Ghale: LS

APP Daniel Ghale to Novice

To keep it simple, I only wrote one CoF and not every single award. These are listed detailed ever week in MAA/DSP Elwood the Brave's report.


That's all for the moment.

In darkness.


Praetor to the Grandmaster and Consul Dark Side Adept Pellaeon
P:GM-CON/DA Pellaeon /Clan Drakonan

POTM January 2002, August 2002, September 2002, October 2002
Sith Champion April 2002
Hyperion Sith/Qua Escort Winner NOV/DEC 2002
Best pilot of Hyperion for all time


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