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Consul Report - 19
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: ADT Silvius
Posted On: January 8, 2017


Clan Drakonan Consul Report #19

Date submited: 2nd January 2017
From: P:GM-BTM/DSM Pellaeon
To: GM Tomaas Montte
CC: entire Dark Brotherhood



Welcome to the 19th and my last Consul Report.

When you read this lines Sith Warror Silvius has already the helm of the Clan. But as a good tradition I finish everything I started before another one starts to reign.

"Pimp the Fleet" and "Defenders of Aurora Prime" Competitions are over. Congratulations to the winners! All awards are handed out allready. With the end of 2016 I close both competitions. I know that the MAA DSP Elwood the Brave will continue "Pimp the Fleet" in 2017. I don't know if there are any plans for "Defenders of Aurora Prime" too. Maybe we find a way to continue it.

The evaluations are done too and allready on the MAA's and GM's desk for review.

Some last words, it was a pleasure for me to serve in many positions in the DB starting as BTL over PCON and finally CON. But eventually comes the day you feel exhausted and without imagination. This is the day you should give the helm to someone with fresh energy and ideas. Today is this day. And I'm proud that we have a suitable and motivated successor for me. I'm more than convinced that the Consul Sith Warrior Silvius will do a great job. I  wish you good luck buddy. You know where you can find me.

For all the others, my new home will be Stingray and my door is still open for questions or if anyone needs support.

Thank you all for your trust.

Clan / DB wide Competitions


Competition Results

Pimp the Fleet - December 2016:

Star Base:
#1 GM Tomaas Montte: 197165
#2 DSP Elwood the Brave: 117.449 points
#3 DSM Pellaeon: 45.130 points
#4 SBM Rau Aznable: 33.200 points
#5 DSM Exar Kit: 20.936 points

#1 DSM Exar Kit: 100.300 points
#2 GM Tomaas Montte: 68.650 points
#3 DSP Elwood the Brave 51.542 points
#4 DSM Pellaeon: 9.000 points
#5 SBM Rau Aznable: 800 points

Dilithium Mine:
#1 GM Tomaas Montte: 183.750 points
#2 DSP Elwood the Brave: 170.501 points
#3 DSM Exar Kit: 31.875 points
#4 DSM Pellaeon: 13.000 points
#5 SBM Rau Aznable: 1.500 points

#1 DSP Elwood the Brave: 59.266 points
#2 GM Tomaas Monte: 18.900 points
#3 DSM Pellaeon: 16.700 points
#4 SBM Rau Aznable: 15.909

Research Lab:
#1 GM Tomaas Montte: 104.752 points
#2 DSP Elwood the Brave: 48.911 points
#3 DSM Pellaeon: 32.400 points
#4 SBM Rau Aznable: 20.655 points

Total Scores:
#1 GM Tomaas Montte: 573.217 points
#2 DSP Elwood the Brave: 447.669 points
#3 DSM Exar Kit: 153.111 points
#4 DSM Pellaeon: 116.230 points
#5 SBM Rau Aznable: 72.064 points

Defenders of Aurora Prime - December 2016:

#1 SBL Anahorn Dempsey with 68 CoF
#2 DSO Elwood the Brave with 54 CoF
#3 SBM Rau Aznable with 25 CoF
#4 SW Silvius with 17 CoF
#5 DSM Pellaeon with 14 CoF

Open Command Positions

- Hyperion Flight Battle Team
- Stingray Battle Team

Hyperion Battle Team Roster

BTM/GM Nocturnus
BTM/SK Jedi Eclipse
BTM/PRT Marcus Caine
BTM/SBL Torres
BTM/SBM Rau Aznable

STO Fleet Status

Current Fleet status:
- Fleet Level: 35 (+1)
- Star Base Level: 3
- Dilithium Mine Level: 3 - Maximum Level
- Embassy Level: 2
- Spire Level: 1
- Research Lab Level: 1
- K13 Level: 0

Awards and Promotions

SW Silvius: CoF,
DSP Elwood the Brave: CoF, 2x Cr-S, Cr-E, 3x Cr-T, Cr-Q
DSM Pellaeon: CoF, 3x Cr-Q
SBL Anahorn Dempsey: CoF, KS, Cr-A
GM Tomaas Montte: Cr-A, 3x Cr-E, 2x Cr-T
SBM Rau Aznable: CoF, Cr-E
DSM Exar Kit: 2x Cr-E, Cr-Q

To keep it simple, I only wrote one CoF and not every single award. These are listed detailed ever week in MAA/DSP Elwood the Brave's report.


Well, thats all. Everything was said. You know where you find me.

In darkness.


Praetor to the Grandmaster Dark Side Master Pellaeon
P:GM-BTL/DSM Pellaeon/Clan Drakonan/Stingray Battle Team

POTM January 2002, August 2002, September 2002, October 2002
Sith Champion April 2002
Hyperion Sith/Qua Escort Winner NOV/DEC 2002
Best pilot of Hyperion for all time



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