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For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: SOR Earnim Branet
Posted On: February 9, 2020


Once More Unto the Breach!

Beginning on November 12th, 2019, the Voth Citadel Ship can once more be breached and assaulted, as part of our next Featured Task Force Operation. While this TFO is available, Captains may participate daily to earn progress towards a brand new Featured-TFO reward, as well as earning Event Campaign Progress toward a Tier-6 Starship Coupon.
More information here:

Strike Wing Escort Bundle!

Starting November 12th, new Strike Wing Escorts are being made available on the C-Store for Federation and Klingon characters, along with their respected allied members among the Romulan and Dominion factions! These new vessels will be available in both Non-Fleet and Fleet variants.
Special Introductory Pricing Discount! From until November 12th at 8am PT, to November 18th at 10am PT, you can get these ships for 2400 ZEN each when purchased individually, or a bundle with both ships and a 50% off Tier 6 ship coupon for only 3200 ZEN! Thereafter, they will return to their normal pricing at 3000 ZEN when purchased individually, or 4000 ZEN for the Bundle.
Fleet versions of each of these starships will unlock upon completing your Fleet Starbase’s Tier 3 Shipyard. The standard Fleet Module discounts apply if you have purchased the ships from the C-Store.
More information here:

Three New Patrols Join the Patrol System!

Delta Patrols Update
Now that you’ve had a chance to experience the new updated patrol system, we’re bringing three more patrols on-line!
We’ve reworked three of the Delta Quadrant patrols and added them to the new UI. As part of this treatment, they also gain the bonus experience, updated rewards, and improved functionality of the system. In addition, we’ve modified the patrols to make sure that they’re fast and straightforward, with the occasional twist to keep you on your toes. New UI treatments and objective markers make them even easier to understand, too.
More information here:

Jem'Hadar Veteran Rewards!

Jem’Hadar Additions to Lifetime Subscriptions
With the upcoming sale on Lifetime Subscriptions, scheduled to start on October 24th, we will be adding new Jem’Hadar-themed rewards to the already-substantial catalogue of offerings that are included with this valuable purchase.
Veterans and Lifetime Subscribers will see each of the following new additions unlocked for all of their Jem’Hadar characters upon the completion of the Dominion Tutorial Experience on those characters.
More information here: https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/11282093


The Kelvin Divergence Lock Box

The Kelvin Divergence Lock Box contains tech from the Kelvin Timeline, often Starfleet field gear and technology from the Altamid aliens encountered by the U.S.S. Franklin, but also more singular objects, slices of lives that might have been. The ship’s crew and her adversaries proved resourceful and flexible, a trait exhibited by the technology they leave for us.
This offering includes two Ships, Space and Ground weapons, several Captain’s Traits, a Starship Trait, Universal Consoles, Bridge Officer Training Manuals, Kit Modules, and Kit Frames. Each box also contains three Trans-Warp Beaming Devices capable of deploying an away team to a faraway planet; the destination is pre-set and cannot be changed, but thankfully is clearly labeled.
The Kelvin Divergence Lock Box contains two familiar yet exotic Grand Prizes: the Kelvin Heavy Destroyer [T6] and the Kelvin Timeline D7 Heavy Destroyer [T6]. In addition, players winning a Grand Prize can select from previous Lock Box entries from the Kelvin Timeline: the Kelvin Timeline Heavy Command Cruiser [T6], the Kelvin Timeline D4x Pilot Bird-of-Prey [T6], and the Kelvin Timeline T’laru Intel Carrier Warbird [T6]. More details about both new ships will be available in a future blog post.
More information here:

2019/2020 Roadmap!

Enjoy the game!


- October results for Pimp the Fleets V7.0: Overall Federation Fleet - October: Montte Cr-A, Exar Kit Cr-E, Darkfinn Cr-T; Overall KDF Fleet - October: Montte Cr-A, Branet Cr-E; Overall Two Fleets October: Montte Cr-D, Branet Cr-R, Exar Kit Cr-A. Congratulations!

- Let's welcome to NOV Mirei Seppen, who joins our Battleteam. We wish him the best of luck, and above all, have a lot of fun in our Brotherhood.

- The Pimp the Fleets v7.0 competition will now be carried by Sk Earnim Branet. We thank SWL Miles Prower for his help and collaboration in carrying out this competition.

- New rules to obtain CoF. You need to be in the winning Team of a PvP match and be the best DB pilot of your team.
In addition to that you need to be:
- The Top 1 placed player according to your score (or EFF, or what ever the game calls it) in matches with 3 or less players in each team
- Among the Top 2 placed player according to your score in matches with 4 or 5 players in each team
- Among the Top 3 placed players according to your score in matches with 6 or more players in each team.
In cases where there are more than one player with the same score, the placements among the Top 2 or Top 3 will be determined as in sports events.


Pimp the Fleets V7.0
Start Date: January 1, 2019
End Date: December 31, 2019
Groups involved: All STO playing DB members
Awards: Cr-Q - Cr-D monthly - BN - GN and Cr-E - Cr-D annual
Every month I will calculate the donations every DB member did to the EH ingame fleets in STO. With those donation points I will built up rankinglists for each fleet section and an overall rankinglist for each fleet. Awards will be Cr-E for first, Cr-T for second and Cr-Q for third in each section, Cr-A for first, Cr-R for second and Cr-E for third overall in each fleet.
At the end of the year, based on the amount of donations, there will be an annual rankinglist for each section and one for each fleet. Annual awards for each section will be Cr-A/Cr-S/Cr-E for 1st/2nd/3rd, for the winners in each fleet Cr-D/Cr-R/Cr-A for 1st/2nd/3rd.
To better compare the monthly donations to both fleets, the participants will earn overall points for placement in the section ranking lists, 4 points for first, 3 points for second, 2 points for third and 1 point for all other participants in that section. These overall points will be summed up for each member and a ranking list based on these will be used to crown the overall winner for the month. First place in that ranking list will receive the prestigious Cr-D, second a Cr-R, third a Cr-A.
These donation points will be summed up and put into a rankinglist at the end of the year. The annual winner in this rankinglist will receive a Gold Nova, the second placed a Silver Nova and third a Bronze Nova.
Comp Admin: SK Earnim Branet

More competitions here:



- Position open for applications

BTM SWL Darkfinn (theraineman@gmail.com)
- No contact
- Last STO Activity (17/Nov/19)

BTM SBL Torres (torreseh@tpg.com.au)
- No contact.
- Last STO Activity (30/Sept/19)

BTM SK Jedi Eclipse (jedieclipse@gmail.com)
- No Contact
- Last STO Activity (12/Feb/19)

BTM NOV Xather Rynn (jhoward06@gmail.com)
- GoH activity
- No contact

BTM DSM Exar Kit (oliver.rawlings@rawlingsdesigns.com)
- E-Mail contact
- Last STO Activity (04/Oct/19)

BTM PRT Marcus Caine (mrmarcuscaine@gmail.com)
- No contact.
- Last STO Activity (29/Sept/19)

  BTM NOV Mirei Seppen (joyeuxsci@yahoo.com)
- E-mail contact.
- Last STO Activity (17/11/19)
- Creating new competitions for our brotherhood. (Excellent!)



now streaming star trek GIF by CBS All AccessCurrent KDF Fleet Status:
Fleet Level: 5 (+1)
- Colony World Level: 0
- Dilithium Mine Level: 0
- Embassy Level: 0
- K-13 Level: 0
- Research Lab Level: 0
- Spire Level: 0
- Starbase Level: 1

star trek enterprise GIFCurrent Federation Fleet Status:
Fleet Level: 56 (+2)
- Colony World Level: 2
- Dilithium Mine Level: 3
- Embassy Level: 2
- K-13 Level: 2 (+1)
- Research Lab Level: 2
- Spire Level: 2
- Starbase Level: 4


star trek space GIF

New Featured Task Force Operation continues to be enabled, which increases our chances of obtaining new Tier-6 ships. Participate in these events and at the same time donate more resources for our fleets!.

For The Emperor's Hammer!!


CON/SK Earnim Branet/Clan Drakonan/FRG Swift Fury
(SBx3) (GCx8) (SoI) (SoA) (SE-TB) (SN) (BNB) (KS-S) (Cr-D-Rx2-Ax18-Sx6-Ex10-Tx20-Qx25) (CF-G)






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