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For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: SOR Earnim Branet
Posted On: July 5, 2020

Resultado de imagen para sith gif star warshttp://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/images/ClanDrakonan2019.jpgResultado de imagen para sith gif star wars

http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgCLAN DRAKONAN CONSUL REPORT N°71 - 05/JUL/2020

FROM: SW  Earnim Branet

Greetings Members of the Clan Drakonan.

We are pleased to announce the return of SBL Tygra Shadowclaw to active duty in our brotherhood. SBL Tygra Shadowclaw will take over the Sentinel BTL position, and from now on, we appreciate the dedication and effort given by PRT Coremy Jertese, who will now return to his BTM duties.

Now just pending to cover Stingray's BTL position. Those interested, please send your applications to DSP Elwood the Brave and SWL Miles Prower, with a copy to SW Earnim Branet.

The results of the Pimp The Fleet V8.0, Defenders of Aurora Prime Phase V and Sword of Clan Drakonan competitions have already been released. Congratulations to the winners!

We are working on the Clan Drakonan MSE, so its final review will be completed in a few more days.

Our competition of Trivia, Sith Wisdom III has started!
Go to the end of this report and send your responses to my email as soon as possible. Remember that, by the mere fact of participating, you already have a guaranteed point, and if you answered correctly, it is already two points, therefore, the chances of obtaining a medal at the end of the competition increase if you participate in all rounds.

- 05 points for the first place in each round
- 04 points for the second place in each round
- 03 points for the third place in each round
- 02 points for participating and having the 04 correct answers in each round
- 01 point to participate having less than 04 correct answers in each round.

Come on, take part in this Trivia, and demonstrate your knowledge of the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Reveals Upcoming Publishing Releases for ‘The Mandalorian’
Lucasfilm has announced upcoming publishing releases of supplemental content for The Mandalorian which include an “Art of” book and Visual Guide, as well as an original novel and other stories.
The official Star Wars site has revealed the following titles which will be released between this fall and spring 2021:
- The Art of The Mandalorian (Season One) by Phil Szostak; cover by Doug Chiang
- The Mandalorian: Original Novel (adult novel, Del Rey) by Adam Christopher
- The Mandalorian: The Ultimate Visual Guide (DK) by Pablo Hidalgo
- The Mandalorian: Allies & Enemies – Level Two Reader (DLP) by Brooke Vitale
- The Mandalorian: 8×8 Storybook (title to be revealed later) by Brooke Vitale
- The Mandalorian: Junior Novelization by Joe Schreiber
More information here:



http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgIN-GAME STATUS OF EH-CORPS

File:Federation Emblem.png


Star Trek Online Federation Fleet:

Fleet Level: 60
- Colony World Level: 2
- Dilithium Mine Level: 3
- Embassy Level: 3
- K-13 Level: 2
- Research Lab Level: 2
- Spire Level: 2
- Starbase Level: 4

File:Klingon Empire Emblem.png


Star Trek Online Klingon Fleet:

Fleet Level: 5
- Colony World Level: 0
- Dilithium Mine Level: 0
- Embassy Level: 0
- K-13 Level: 0
- Research Lab Level: 0
- Spire Level: 0
- Starbase Level: 1


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Guild name: Aggressor Strike Force
current guild strength: 44.752.372 points (+3.187.968 points)

Guild members: 50/50 (+0)
DB members: 9 
last guild-event result: currently active

last raid results:

Rancor Raid: Lvl. 4: currently active

Tank -Takedown Raid: Lvl. Hard: currently active

Sith - Triumvirate: Lvl. 5: currently active

http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgDB COMPETITIONS


Pimp the Fleets V8.0

Start Date: January 1, 2020
End Date: December 31, 2020
Groups involved: All STO playing DB members
Awards: Cr-Q - Cr-D monthly - BN - GN and Cr-E - Cr-D annual
Every month I will calculate the donations every DB member did to the EH ingame fleets in STO. With those donation points I will built up rankinglists for each fleet section and an overall rankinglist for each fleet. Awards will be Cr-E for first, Cr-T for second and Cr-Q for third in each section, Cr-A for first, Cr-R for second and Cr-E for third overall in each fleet.
At the end of the year, based on the amount of donations, there will be an annual rankinglist for each section and one for each fleet. Annual awards for each section will be Cr-A/Cr-S/Cr-E for 1st/2nd/3rd, for the winners in each fleet Cr-D/Cr-R/Cr-A for 1st/2nd/3rd.
To better compare the monthly donations to both fleets, the participants will earn overall points for placement in the section ranking lists, 4 points for first, 3 points for second, 2 points for third and 1 point for all other participants in that section. These overall points will be summed up for each member and a ranking list based on these will be used to crown the overall winner for the month. First place in that ranking list will receive the prestigious Cr-D, second a Cr-R, third a Cr-A.
These donation points will be summed up and put into a rankinglist at the end of the year. The annual winner in this rankinglist will receive a Gold Nova, the second placed a Silver Nova and third a Bronze Nova.

Comp Admin: SW Earnim Branet



Defenders of Aurora Prime Phase V - 2020

Start Date: January 1, 2020
End Date: December 31, 2020
Groups involved: Clan Drakonan

Awards: Monthly Part:
1st place Crescent with Amethyst Star / 2nd place Crescent with Sapphire Star / 3rd place Crescent with Emerald Star
The winner will be awarded additional with a Kaiburr Star. The Kaiburr Star can be achieved only 3 times in a row.
Awards: Yearly Part:
1st place Crescent with Diamond Star / 2nd place Crescent with Ruby Star / 3rd place Crescent with Amethyst Star
The overall winner of the year will be awarded additional with a Silver Nova, the second will be awarded a Bronze Nova.

The Aurora Prime defense continues!
Every end of the month all awarded Clusters of Fire will be summed-up. The crucial factor will be the tracking spreadsheet of the MAA, CON and P:GM of Clan Drakonan. All Dark Brotherhood multiplayer approved games for earning Clusters of Fire will count for this competition.
In the end of the year, all screens will be summed up again and the winner of the year will be awarded with a high-ranking award additional to the Crescents.
Screenshots for CoF approval have to be send to the MAA of the DB and the CON and the P:GM of Clan Drakonan.

Comp Admin: SW Earnim Branet


Sword of Clan Drakonan competition - 2020

Start Date: January 1, 2020
End Date: December 31, 2020
Groups involved: Clan Drakonan

Awards: Monthly Part: 1st place Crescent with Amethyst Star / 2nd place Crescent with Sapphire Star / 3rd place Crescent with Emerald Star. The winner will be awarded additional with a Kaiburr Star. The Kaibur Star can be achieved only 3 times in a row.
Awards: Yearly Part: 1st place Crescent with Diamond Star / 2nd place Crescent with Ruby Star / 3rd place Crescent with Amethyst Star. The overall winner of the year will be awarded additional with a Silver Nova, the second will get a Bronze Nova

For this competition points, will be given for certain activities, which are listed below.
The winner in the end of the month will be announced as wheeler of the Sword of Clan Drakonan. Additionally, Crescents will be handed out. See below.

Here's the breakdown of points earned by each Battle Team member in the Sword of Drakonan competition.
- TIE Fighter/XWA/ etc.: 1 point per mission flown /  2 points for every high score earned
- Multiplayer Gaming (on any official platform): 1 point per match played / 1 point per earned CoF
Multiplayer points will be calculated the following way:
o PvP+COOP+CoF = MP points
o Based on the MP points following points will be given: 500 MP points and more: 4 points / 300-499 MP points: 3 points / 150-299 MP points: 2 points / 149 MP points and less: 1 point
- Gaming activity: 4 points per hour tracked by any game time tracker app. Screens sent to CON Earnim Branet
- SW TOR: 1 point per in-game character level achieved. Multiple characters are cumulatively scored. Send screens of your characters to CON Earnim Branet to show the progress of thee characters. Max characters will be get 50 points once.
- STO Activity: Based on the monthly calculation of the “Pimp the Fleet” competition (calculated for both fleets), for every section points will be given:
1. Place: 4 points / 2. Place: 3 points / 3. Place: 2 points / 4. Place: 1 point / 5. Place and more: 1 point
- SW: GoH - Based on the monthly calculation of the in-game tracking points for the evaluations following points will be given:
3.500 points and more: 4 points / 2.500-3.499 points: 3 points / 1.000-2.499 points: 2 points / 999 points or less: 1 point
- DB Fiction: 2 points per page, an extra point for a submission that wins a competition
- Graphics/Videos Creation: 2-5 points depending on the size and detail of each
- Mission, Mod, Map, Level Creation: 2-5 points depending on the size and detail of each
- Coursework: 3 points for successful completion of any course in the Imperial University. Forward the result to CON Earnim Branet, to get the points.
- Recruiting: 5 points for each new member recruited that becomes active and stays so for at least a month.

Serving as BTL: Each week counts as 2 points, the BTL must produce a unit report (even when there isn’t much to say) and be active in at least one other activity listed above
- Trivia and other miscellaneous types of activity/competition: 1 point for participating in each competition / 2 points for winning a competition.

Awards: For achieving certain awards, points will be also given. The awards include competition awards and general awards.

Comp Admin: SW Earnim Branet

The list of all current competitions can be seen here: http://www.emperorshammer.org/comps.php

http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgCLAN ROSTER

Hyperion Flight Battle Team

The members of Hyperion are great Captains, accustomed to traveling through Galaxies aboard of all types of ships, whether scientific, exploration or combat. Of vocation of explorers, they are also formidable warriors when the situation requires it, capable of leading battle teams in any situation of crisis that may arise. The adventure is his north, and the recklessness his condition of life.


Stingray Battle Team

"Flying is for droids", said a well-known Jedi every time he had to maneuver a battle ship in battle. That will be fine for the Jedi, but not for the Sith. A Sith is able to fly any type of combat ship in any situation, and lose his life in it if is necessary. The members of Stingray are excellent pilots, reckless and lethal. They stand out in training battles as well as in life and death battles. That is your lifestyle, and your combat ship, your home.

Sentinel Battle Team

Air, land, sea or space. Any environment is acceptable to these warriors and explorers. They can be excellent foot soldiers, like great admirals in command of large armies, with excellent tactical and strategy sense, or excellent overall vision to manage large navies. As an individual soldier or in command of a battle group, nothing stops them. A member of Sentinel can be what he want, or take any role that the situation requires.

BTL/SWL Darkfinn.

BTL/SK John T. Clark

BTL/SBL Tygra Shadowclaw

BTM/SBL Torres

BTM/DSP Pellaeon

BTM/SBL Talons Pryde

BTM/SK Jedi Eclipse

BTM/SWL Anahorn Dempsey

BTM/ACO Keth Aalith

BTM/DSM Exar Kit

BTM/SBL Coranel Both

BTM/ACO Syntroth 


BTM/SW Golbez Harvey

BTM/SW Zekk Terrik 


BTM/ACO Rachel Tahiri Drakon

BTM/APP Alexander Sunfell


BTM/ACO Aldaric

BTM/ACO Jarion Renalds


BTM/GRD Pete Mitchell

BTM/ACO Sparky


BTM/DA Silvius

BTM/PRT Coremy Jertese














http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgDB SUPPORTED GAMES

An overview of the games, which are supported in the DB:

Real Time Strategy

Flight Sims

First Person Shooter

Empire at War


Jedi Outcast

Rebellion (aka Supremacy)

TIE Fighter

Jedi Academy

Sins of Solar Empire

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

Battlefront II

Dawn of War I

X-Wing Alliance

EA Battlefront I and II

Dawn of War II

FreeWorlds (Freelancer mod)

Battlefiled 2

Starcraft II

FreeSpace 2

Battlefield 2142



Battlefield Bad Company 2


Star Conflict

Battlefield 3



Call of Duty 4 (Modern Warfare 1)

Star Wars: The Old Republic


Call of Duty 6 (Modern Warfare 2)

Star Trek Online

Mobile Games

Call of Duty 7 (Modern Warfare: Black Ops)

Star Wars Galaxies

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Call of Duty 8 (Modern Warfare 3)



Team Fortress 2



Killing Floor

http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgResultado de imagen para emperor hammer dark brotherhood swtor guild"

This section will provide information about our Guild in the Game Star Wars The Old Republic.

Name of Guild: Emperor's Hammer. (Empire)
Server: Star Forge
Grand Master: Garonin
- Earnim Branet. Sith Marauder. Deputy member.
- Talons Pryde. Operative.
- Exar kit. Sith Marauder.
- Tygra Shadowclaw. Sith Juggernaut.
- Rachel Tahiri Drakon: Kera Draco, Sith Assassin.

Name of Guild: The Infiltrator Wing. (Republic)
Server: Star Forge
Grand Master: Leghrand (Garonin)
- Earnim Branet. Vanguard Trooper Branet. Star Forge server. Deputy member.

SWTOR In-Game Events for May

The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally is now on PTS!
The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally is our newest event, coming soon with Game Update 6.1.2. This event will function like the other recurring in-game events, like Pirate Incursion or Rakghoul Resurgence. Before it goes live worldwide, any players interested in testing the swoop rally beforehand can head over to the Public Test Server now!
More Information here:




Ranked Season 12 PvP Rewards
The end of Ranked PvP Season 12 is almost here; learn about the rating breakdown, rewards, and more!
More information here:
Cartel Market Newest Additions: Available Now!
The Mandalorian Stormbringer's Armor Set, Basilisk War Mount, Ancient Force-Imbued Blade, and more have been added to the Cartel Market!
Get your hands on some Cartel Coins and check out new items live in the Cartel Market this week!
More information here:





The idea is that those who play SWTOR send their information of their characters to my e-mail to complete their data and thus be able to perform some activity in the future.



This section provides Star Trek Online game information, news and commentary to help improve the performance of our fleets and the experience of our Brotherhood players.

Tips from the Hyperion BTL, SWL Darkfinn to improve our contributions to the Brotherhood fleets.

Previous fleet managers have taken a balanced approach to the fleet holdings. This works with a large group of players who are constantly turning projects, but with a smaller group it is less than ideal. There are certain aspects of the holdings which provide better benefits than others, so let's get those completed first then circle back to fill out the rest.

- The Dilithium Mine and Embassy are now complete, so let's not waste any more resources on those areas when they can provide growth elsewhere.
- On the Starbase we need to focus Tactical. Tier V Tactical gives access to all the best fleet quality ships, so we need to hit that hard and grind it until it's done, then we can finish out Science and Engineering.
- On the Spire we need to focus Research. Tier III Research gives access to Tactical Consoles that provide +Crit Chance, which is the best option. When that's done we can focus on finishing Operations.
- Research lab need to focus Development in order to finish it out, so we can upgrade the whole lab and be done there.
- Colony needs to focus Infrastructure and Energy, which provide equipment. Morale is training manuals and Officers... less important in the immediate future.
- I don't particularly care for anything that K-13 provides, so we can continue the balanced approach there.
- Also, please don't put Dilithium into any Dilithium only projects when it can be used elsewhere... that's wasteful.

If you need gear, if you need tips on skill planning, if you need help leveling, if you want to know about simple keybinds, just ask. The missions are much easier and more enjoyable when you are properly equipped and trained. 


Do you Believe in a No Win Scenario?
From across the quadrants, Captains of all species and creeds understand the value of occasionally pushing themselves to the limits – to find out just how far their equipment, and their willpower, can take them, and just how much fight they can muster when the situation is at its direst. Screw your courage to its sticking place, and dive headlong into these classic tests of mettle – dare to face the No Win Scenarios.
This Event will include multiple TFOs previously featured individually in a combined Featured Event that will allow players to choose their preferred test each day, while earning Daily Progress toward a new grand prize reward. Defend the Kobayashi Maru in a starship-based simulation in a hazard-strewn space environment, or take on wave after wave of randomized enemy encounters within the dangerous confines of the Arena of Sompek.
More information here:
Undine Ships Slide into the Infinity Lock Box!
The Infinity Lock Box, containing prizes from nearly all previously-retired Lock Boxes, will be available again for an appearance on PC During this time, enemies defeated on both Ground and Space maps will have a small chance of dropping one of these prize-filled packages.
This run of the Infinity Lock Box will feature the addition of the Undine Cheirax Bio-Warship [T6], and the Borg Lockbox contents! Meanwhile, the Undine Kiwavi Bio-Cruiser [T6] will be joining the Lobi Store! Continue reading further on for the full details on these new offerings.
More information here:


The Legendary Romulan Captain Bundle
The Romulans have become as much of a fixture of Star Trek over the years as Humans, Vulcans, Klingons, Ferengi, and so many other ‘core’ alien species who make up a significant portion of the identity of this beloved franchise. Their stories have been featured in the bedrock of main characters’ story arcs and galaxy-changing events alike. It’s time to once more embrace and celebrate the Romulan Republic!
We are happy to announce the upcoming availability of the Legendary Romulan Captain Bundle. By attaining this bundle, you can now instantly raise the level of any single Romulan character on your account to Level 65!
More information here: https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/11456853 


A Day of Honor
On July 11th, prepare your blood wine and your bat’leths. It will be a Day of Honor. In honor of our favorite warriors for Kahless, Star Trek Online, Eaglemoss, Modiphius, and the Streampunks are all teaming up to hold an all day streaming event, featuring some of your favorite Trek stars and a whole heaping helping of honorable battle. We’re excited to have you join us for the event, live on the Queue Times Twitch channel.
We’ll be announcing more details about the stream, and more importantly our guests, as we get closer.
More information here: https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/11461843      


New TFO: Best Served Cold
The Klingon Defense Force and the Alliance call upon all captains to lend aid in repelling Aakar’s attack on Rura Penthe. Only together can this assault be halted in its tracks. Join the Task Force Operation called upon to stop the prison break at Rura Penthe and visit upon Aakar a dish “Best Served Cold.”
More information here: https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/11459233



Become the Red Angel
As part of our upcoming content release, from June 30th to July 30th, PC Captains playing Star Trek Online will have access to a special event. We want to give you the details now to prepare – but the name of this event might be a bit of a spoiler, so we'll have to hold that back.This new event will provide participating Captains with an epic reward: The Red Angel Suit. Read on to find out more about the event and its rewards.
Event Progress
Participating in this event grants daily progress towards the Grand Prize: The Red Angel Suit. Obtaining the Red Angel suit requires 40 daily progress, and Captains can earn two daily progress per day by playing any of the following content: Two Brand New Episodes (2 Points Each), New Task Force Operation: Best Served Cold (2 Points), Three New Patrols (1 Point Each): Clash Above Ceron, Strike at Seedea, Trouble over Terrh.
More infortmation here:
The Angel's Wake Lock Box
Captains opening the Angel’s Wake Lock Box may find themselves fortunate enough to win the Ba'ul Science Intel Spearhead [T6]. It is the apex of Ba'ul ship design. Powerful defensive capabilities ensure it's no pushover for any invaders to the area it guards, and its synchronization with other Sentry Vessels allows it to transform any contested space into an unyielding place, inhospitable to all its foes.
A powerful Universal Console can be acquired in the Angel’s Wake Lock Box: the Temporal Anomaly Projector. Activating this console projects a Temporal Anomaly toward the target. This Temporal Anomaly will follow the target ship and stop on contact. It will damage and disable the weapons of enemy ships in its area, both while it seeks its target and after it stops. It also provides moderate bonuses to Antiproton, Physical, and Radiation Damage. Finally, it improves Shield Regeneration.
More information here:
The Plain and Simple Bundle
In the Final Frontier, your fate depends entirely on who you choose to trust. And there’s one man in all the galaxy that you absolutely should, and cannot, trust. After all, he’s just a Plain, Simple Tailor. The Plan and Simple Bundle is coming to the Lobi Store on PC this week, to celebrate one of our favorite characters, Elim Garak. From June 30th to July 6th, the bundle will be available for 1500 Lobi (and subject to any sales that happen during this period), and contains:
Cardassian Keldon Cruiser [T6], A special Elim Garak Holographic Bridge Officer, 5 Gold Tech Upgrades, A New Title: Plain and Simple.
Enjoy, Captains, and remember: The truth is usually just an excuse for a lack of imagination.


Personnel Tab Items Are Now Account Unlocks!
As part of our continuing efforts to make more parts of the game accessible to every one of your characters, from those of you that have 2 to those of you have that 592, we’re happy to announce that beginning on June 25th, all purchases made from the Personnel Tab of the Zen Store will be unlocked for your entire account! This includes: Bridge Officers, Combat Companions, Companions, Tribbles.
And more. If you already purchased any of these items, fear not, they will immediately become unlocked for your entire account. However, if these items were purchased as part of a separate bundle, they will remain fixed to the character that claimed them. Because these items are now unlocked for your entire account, they will no longer be tradable with other players.
The only exception to this change will be the Bridge Officer Slot that was purchasable in the personnel tab – this will now live permanently in the Services tab of the Zen Store.












http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgAWARD AND PROMOTIONS

73+ Sith Code Wallpapers on WallpaperPlay

No this week


SW Earnim Branet CoFx6
ACO Jarion Renalds CoF


http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgOPEN COMMAND POSITIONS

- BTL of Stingray.

Send your application to DSP Elwood the Brave and SWL Miles Prower, with copy to SW Earnim Branet.

http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgCONSUL ACTIVITIES

Resultado de imagen para sith animated gifs- Played Star Trek Online
- Played Star Conflict
- Write Reports
- Mail activity


http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgCLOSING COMMENTS

The first round of the Trivia Sith Wisdom III has ended. The correct answers are:

1.- C.- Aayla Secura
2.- A.- Qui-Gon Jinn
3.- C.- Plo Koon
4.- B.- Tyvokka

The result is as follows:

Competitor: Correct Answers Place Medal
ACO Jarion Renalds 4 1 LSAu
SBL Tygra Shadowclaw 4 2 LSAg
SBL Anahorn Dempsey 4 3 LSB
DA Silvius 4 4  
SBL Talons Pryde 4 5  

Congratulations to the winners!

Now, the second round begin!

Name of the Trivia: Sith Wisdom III
To: All DB

Each week, and for three weeks, there will be a brief trivia based on 04 questions related to Star Wars Games, which will be published in the reports of the Consul.
The first who correctly answer the four questions will get a Legion of the Scholar Gold Legion (LSAu), the second place will get a Silver Legion (LSAg) and the third place will get a Bronze Legion (LSB).
The deadline will end when the next report of the Consul is sent.
At the end of the three weeks, whoever gets a higher score it will be awarded with a Crescent Amethyst Star (Cr-A), the second place will receive a Crescent Sapphire Star (Cr-S) and the third place a Crescent Emerald Star medal (Cr-E)

It is time, again, to test your knowledge so that you are better prepared to continue on the Path of the Sith. This time the central theme will be the Jedis. Identify the correct name of the Jedi to which the questions are referring and send your response to the e-mail of your Consul SW Earnim Branet ehbranet@yahoo.com as soon as possible.
This is the second round of a total of three and the final deadline to respond is until the next report of the Clan Drakonan is published.


5.- She was a togruta Jedi Master and member of the Jedi High Council during the last years of the Galactic Republic. During the Clone Wars, a galactic-scale conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, she participated in crucial battles such as that of Geonosis, Kamino, and Coruscant.
In addition to her role as a general in the Grand Army of the Republic, she personally supervised the training and development of clone forces in Kamino. While performing that task, she became involved in a conspiracy around the origin of inhibitor chips introduced into all the clones, and the secrets hidden from the Jedi about it. During the Battle of Coruscant, she was sent to protect Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, but was knocked unconscious in a duel with Separatist General Grievous. While meditating during an attack on the Jedi Temple, she was killed by Darth Vader, the fallen Jedi Anakin Skywalker.

A.- Shaak Ti
B.- Tu-Anh
C.- Lonna Vash



6.- He was a Force-sensitive Iktotchi male, was a Padawan of the Jedi Order during the decline of the Galactic Republic. In the aftermath of the Clone Wars, He was one of the Jedi who escaped into exile following the commencement of the Great Jedi Purge under the Galactic Empire. Seeking to overthrow the new regime, controlled by the Jedi's ancient enemies, the Sith, He recruited several followers to his cause and formed a secret alliance with the Mon Cala monarchy, having foreseen the Mon Calamari's role in the Rebellion against the Empire.

A.- Ferren Barr
B.- Dominus
C.- Ackbar



7.- He was a human Jedi Master and a member of the Jedi Council during the Mandalorian Wars and during the Jedi Civil War. He was one of the Jedi Masters who went into exile after the Jedi Civil War. During the First Jedi Purge, he self exiled to Nar Shadaa in hopes of meeting the Jedi Exile (as expressed by himself when he was reunited with the Exile as part of Master Kavar's plan) and also to escape the presence of the Sith. who wanted to exterminate them.
After the Jedi Exile met him, he traveled to Dantooine, where he was reunited with the masters Vrook Lamar and Kavar in Dantooine's Rebuilt Jedi Enclave, where they gathered to know what to do in the face of events and Sith movements. They answered all questions to the Exile and attempted to strip her of her connection to the Force since they sensed that she was a danger to the galaxy but the Sith Darth Traya appeared and defended the Exile and stripped the Jedi masters of their connection to the Force and when they were without it they died because they were not prepared to live in this way.

A.- Ooroo
B.- Zez-Kai Ell
C.- Poli Dapatian



8.- The second best swordsman of the order during the last days of the Republic, only surpassed by Yoda and Dooku. Creator of the Vaapad, the 7th form of saber combat and the hardest that exists, by the fact of approaching the dark side. In addition to his incredible combat abilities, He possessed a rare gift. He had a unique form of Force perception that allowed him to see breakpoints in situations, people, and circumstances. These breaking points revealed points on which other things depended. Breakpoints could form links between people, creatures, planets, or ships, and if destroyed or used, these breakpoints could hold the key to preventing disasters, sealing fate, winning battles, and fulfilling the same will of the Force.
Aside from being a legendary warrior and a notable Force-sensitive, He possessed an extensive knowledge of Jedi history and philosophy, and was known for his diplomatic skills. He was the Council's primary liaison with the Chancellor, although the Clone Wars made him question his steadfast beliefs.
Ultimately, Mace Windu's true motivation for everything he did was a divergence from Jedi philosophy. His personal belief system was the extremist view of peace at all costs. In his mind, peace was created by civilization, and he considered the Republic as the final civilization, therefore He developed an attachment to the institution.
He was ultimately willing to do anything to preserve the Republic, even if it means violating Jedi philosophy. This resulted in the loss of his right hand and his fall, when he decided to execute the apparently defenseless Chancellor Palpatine, an unarmed opponent, at the hands of Anakin Skywalker.

A.- Rahm Kota
B.- Mace Windu
C.- Roan Shryne


Take part in the competitions of the DB, make contact with your colleagues and your BTLs and follow the learning of The Path of the Sith. See you in the next report.

star wars loop GIF

Be ready....

Cosas de Kiko: Star Wars - Ted Mininni


CON/SW Earnim Branet/Clan Drakonan/FRG Swift Fury
(SBx3) (GCx16) (SoI) (SoA) (SE-TB) (SN) (BNB) (KS-S) (Cr-Dx2-Rx3-Ax23-Sx6-Ex24-Tx38-Qx39) (CF-B)



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