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For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: SOR Earnim Branet
Posted On: January 24, 2021

Resultado de imagen para sith gif star warshttp://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/images/ClanDrakonan2019.jpgResultado de imagen para sith gif star wars

http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgCLAN DRAKONAN CONSUL REPORT N°98 - 24/JAN/2021

FROM: SW  Earnim Branet

Greetings Members of the Clan Drakonan.

The medals corresponding to the Clan competitions have already been awarded in their entirety, highlighting the medals Silver Nova by SK John T Clark, Bronze Nova by DSP Pellaeon, Silver Nova by PRT Sparky and Bronze Nova by PRT Jarion Renalds. Excellent work!

The Clan MSE for December is now complete and most of the medals have already been awarded. On this occasion, it was also necessary to deliver large medals in recognition of the extraordinary service that some members of the DB gave to their Clan, for which some medals rose in level. Congratulations!

Also remember that Hyperion's BTL position is open to applications. As a main requirement it is required that you be an active Star trek Online player. Those who are interested send their applications to GM Tomaas Montte, DGM/DSP Elwood the Brave and MAA/SWL Miles Prower, with a copy to CON/SBM Earnim Branet.

The Rise of Kylo Ren #2 Review
Ben Solo’s past as Luke Skywalker’s apprentice collides with his present as he searches for the Knights of Ren in The Rise of Kylo Ren #2.
Writer: Charles Soule | Artist: Will Sliney | Colorist: Guru-eFX | Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham | Cover Artist: Clayton Crain | Assistant Editor: Tom Groneman | Editor: Mark Paniccia
The Rise of Kylo Ren #2 continues the dramatic history of Ben Solo’s flight from the light side of the Force towards the dark side and the mantle of leader of the Knights of Ren. The story commenced in The Rise of Kylo Ren #1 with Ben’s escape from the Jedi temple after the unfortunate confrontation with Luke seen in The Last Jedi. Now, in the follow up issue, Ben seeks additional guidance from Snoke about his future. Along the way, the role of legends becomes an issue as Charles Soule paints a picture of Ben’s tragic past.
Embracing Your Nature
Snoke is playing a careful long game with Ben in The Rise of Kylo Ren #2. It is clear that Snoke’s goal is for Ben to embrace the dark side of the Force. So, Snoke uses any opportunity to encourage Ben, but he never strongly pushes him in the direction. Instead, Snoke uses Ben’s own curiosity against him. For instance, Snoke asks Ben whether he likes the oasis (the space station the are on). Ben’s response is that it is interesting. Snoke then uses the opportunity to explain that the oasis was meant as a point of light to hold back the dark. However, the creators were consumed by the dark and died. Snoke’s lesson is that this is what happens to those that deny the true nature of things.
More information here:

The Rise of Kylo Ren #2 Review - Star Wars Marvel


http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgIN-GAME STATUS OF EH-CORPS

File:Federation Emblem.png


Star Trek Online Federation Fleet:

Fleet Level: 61 (+1)
- Colony World Level: 2
- Dilithium Mine Level: 3
- Embassy Level: 3
- K-13 Level: 2
- Research Lab Level: 2
- Spire Level: 2
- Starbase Level: 4

File:Klingon Empire Emblem.png


Star Trek Online Klingon Fleet:

Fleet Level: 8 (+1)
- Colony World Level: 0
- Dilithium Mine Level: 0
- Embassy Level: 1 (+1)
- K-13 Level: 0
- Research Lab Level: 0
- Spire Level: 0
- Starbase Level: 1

OPINION - The Current State of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes | GamePress


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Guild name: Aggressor Strike Force
current guild strength: 44.752.372 points (+3.187.968 points)

Guild members: 50/50 (+0)
DB members: 9 
last guild-event result: No data.

Last raid results:  "

http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/images/GoH23122020.png "
Information courtesy of SBL Talons Pryde.

http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgDB COMPETITIONS


Pimp the Fleets V9.0

Start Date: January 1, 2021
End Date: December 31, 2021
Groups involved: All STO playing DB members
Awards: Cr-Q - Cr-D monthly - BN - GN and Cr-E - Cr-D annual
Every month I will calculate the donations every DB member did to the EH ingame fleets in STO. With those donation points I will built up rankinglists for each fleet section and an overall rankinglist for each fleet. Awards will be Cr-E for first, Cr-T for second and Cr-Q for third in each section, Cr-A for first, Cr-S for second and Cr-E for third overall in each fleet.
At the end of the year, based on the amount of donations, there will be an annual rankinglist for each section and one for each fleet. Annual awards for each section will be Cr-A/Cr-S/Cr-E for 1st/2nd/3rd, for the winners in each fleet Cr-D/Cr-R/Cr-A for 1st/2nd/3rd.
To better compare the monthly donations to both fleets, the participants will earn overall points for placement in the section ranking lists, 4 points for first, 3 points for second, 2 points for third and 1 point for all other participants in that section. These overall points will be summed up for each member and a ranking list based on these will be used to crown the overall winner for the month. First place in that ranking list will receive the prestigious Cr-D, second a Cr-R, third a Cr-A.
These donation points will be summed up and put into a rankinglist at the end of the year. The annual winner in this rankinglist will receive a Gold Nova, the second placed a Silver Nova and third a Bronze Nova.

Comp Admin: SW Earnim Branet



Brotherhood Avengers - 2021

Start Date: January 1, 2021
End Date: December 31, 2021
Groups involved: Clan Drakonan

Awards: Monthly Part:
1st place Crescent with Amethyst Star / 2nd place Crescent with Sapphire Star / 3rd place Crescent with Emerald Star
The winner will be awarded additional with a Kaiburr Star. The Kaiburr Star can be achieved only 3 times in a row.
Awards: Yearly Part:
1st place Crescent with Diamond Star / 2nd place Crescent with Ruby Star / 3rd place Crescent with Amethyst Star
The overall winner of the year will be awarded additional with a Silver Nova, the second will be awarded a Bronze Nova.

Every end of the month all awarded Clusters of Fire will be summed-up. The crucial factor will be the tracking spreadsheet of the MAA, CON and P:GM of Clan Drakonan. All Dark Brotherhood multiplayer approved games for earning Clusters of Fire will count for this competition.
In the end of the year, all screens will be summed up again and the winner of the year will be awarded with a high-ranking award additional to the Crescents.
Screenshots for CoF approval have to be send to the MAA of the DB and the CON and the P:GM of Clan Drakonan.

Comp Admin: SW Earnim Branet


Sword of Clan Drakonan competition - 2021

Start Date: January 1, 2021
End Date: December 31, 2021
Groups involved: Clan Drakonan

Awards: Monthly Part: 1st place Crescent with Amethyst Star / 2nd place Crescent with Sapphire Star / 3rd place Crescent with Emerald Star. The winner will be awarded additional with a Kaiburr Star. The Kaibur Star can be achieved only 3 times in a row.
Awards: Yearly Part: 1st place Crescent with Diamond Star / 2nd place Crescent with Ruby Star / 3rd place Crescent with Amethyst Star. The overall winner of the year will be awarded additional with a Silver Nova, the second will get a Bronze Nova

For this competition points, will be given for certain activities, which are listed below.
The winner in the end of the month will be announced as wheeler of the Sword of Clan Drakonan. Additionally, Crescents will be handed out. See below.

Here's the breakdown of points earned by each Battle Team member in the Sword of Drakonan competition.
- TIE Fighter/XWA/ etc.: 1 point per mission flown /  2 points for every high score earned
- Multiplayer Gaming (on any official platform): 1 point per match played / 1 point per earned CoF
Multiplayer points will be calculated the following way:
o PvP+COOP+CoF = MP points
o Based on the MP points following points will be given: 500 MP points and more: 4 points / 300-499 MP points: 3 points / 150-299 MP points: 2 points / 149 MP points and less: 1 point
- Gaming activity: 4 points per hour tracked by any game time tracker app. Screens sent to CON Earnim Branet
- SW TOR: 1 point per in-game character level achieved. Multiple characters are cumulatively scored. Send screens of your characters to CON Earnim Branet to show the progress of thee characters. Max characters will be get 50 points once.
- STO Activity: Based on the monthly calculation of the “Pimp the Fleet” competition (calculated for both fleets), for every section points will be given:
1. Place: 4 points / 2. Place: 3 points / 3. Place: 2 points / 4. Place: 1 point / 5. Place and more: 1 point
- SW: GoH - Based on the monthly calculation of the in-game tracking points for the evaluations following points will be given:
3.500 points and more: 4 points / 2.500-3.499 points: 3 points / 1.000-2.499 points: 2 points / 999 points or less: 1 point
- DB Fiction: 2 points per page, an extra point for a submission that wins a competition
- Graphics/Videos Creation: 2-5 points depending on the size and detail of each
- Mission, Mod, Map, Level Creation: 2-5 points depending on the size and detail of each
- Coursework: 3 points for successful completion of any course in the Imperial University. Forward the result to CON Earnim Branet, to get the points.
- Recruiting: 5 points for each new member recruited that becomes active and stays so for at least a month.

Serving as BTL: Each week counts as 2 points, the BTL must produce a unit report (even when there isn’t much to say) and be active in at least one other activity listed above
- Trivia and other miscellaneous types of activity/competition: 1 point for participating in each competition / 2 points for winning a competition.

Awards: For achieving certain awards, points will be also given. The awards include competition awards and general awards.

Comp Admin: SW Earnim Branet


The list of all current competitions can be seen here: http://www.emperorshammer.org/comps.php

http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgCLAN ROSTER

Hyperion Flight Battle Team

The members of Hyperion are great Captains, accustomed to traveling through Galaxies aboard of all types of ships, whether scientific, exploration or combat. Of vocation of explorers, they are also formidable warriors when the situation requires it, capable of leading battle teams in any situation of crisis that may arise. The adventure is his north, and the recklessness his condition of life.


Stingray Battle Team

"Flying is for droids", said a well-known Jedi every time he had to maneuver a battle ship in battle. That will be fine for the Jedi, but not for the Sith. A Sith is able to fly any type of combat ship in any situation, and lose his life in it if is necessary. The members of Stingray are excellent pilots, reckless and lethal. They stand out in training battles as well as in life and death battles. That is your lifestyle, and your combat ship, your home.

Sentinel Battle Team

Air, land, sea or space. Any environment is acceptable to these warriors and explorers. They can be excellent foot soldiers, like great admirals in command of large armies, with excellent tactical and strategy sense, or excellent overall vision to manage large navies. As an individual soldier or in command of a battle group, nothing stops them. A member of Sentinel can be what he want, or take any role that the situation requires.


BTL/PRT Jarion Renalds

BTL/SBL Tygra Shadowclaw

BTM/SBL Torres

BTM/DSP Pellaeon

BTM/SBL Talons Pryde

BTM/SK Jedi Eclipse

BTM/SWL Anahorn Dempsey

BTM/ACO Keth Aalith

BTM/DSM Exar Kit

BTM/SBL Coranel Both

BTM/ACO Syntroth 


BTM/SW Golbez Harvey

BTM/SW Zekk Terrik 


BTM/ACO Rachel Tahiri Drakon

BTM/ACO Sparky


BTM/ACO Aldaric

BTM/PRT Coremy Jertese


BTM/GRD Pete Mitchell

BTM/ACO Highlander


BTM/DA Silvius

BTM/NOV Rin Jaeger


BTM/SK John T. Clark



BTM/NOV Hav Antiel









http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgDB SUPPORTED GAMES

An overview of the games, which are supported in the DB:

Real Time Strategy

Flight Sims

First Person Shooter

Empire at War


Jedi Outcast

Rebellion (aka Supremacy)

TIE Fighter

Jedi Academy

Sins of Solar Empire

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

Battlefront II

Dawn of War I

X-Wing Alliance

EA Battlefront I and II

Dawn of War II

FreeWorlds (Freelancer mod)

Battlefiled 2

Starcraft II

FreeSpace 2

Battlefield 2142



Battlefield Bad Company 2


Star Conflict

Battlefield 3


Star Wars: Squadrons 

Call of Duty 4 (Modern Warfare 1)

Star Wars: The Old Republic


Call of Duty 6 (Modern Warfare 2)

Star Trek Online

Mobile Games

Call of Duty 7 (Modern Warfare: Black Ops)

Star Wars Galaxies

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Call of Duty 8 (Modern Warfare 3)



Team Fortress 2



Killing Floor

http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgResultado de imagen para emperor hammer dark brotherhood swtor guild"

This section will provide information about our Guild in the Game Star Wars The Old Republic.

Name of Guild: Emperor's Hammer. (Empire)
Server: Star Forge
Grand Master: Garonin
- Earnim Branet. Sith Marauder. Deputy member.
- Talons Pryde. Operative.
- Exar kit. Sith Marauder.
- Tygra Shadowclaw. Sith Juggernaut.
- Rachel Tahiri Drakon: Kera Draco, Sith Assassin.

Name of Guild: The Infiltrator Wing. (Republic)
Server: Star Forge
Grand Master: Leghrand (Garonin)
- Earnim Branet. Vanguard Trooper Branet. Star Forge server. Deputy member.

SWTOR In-Game Events for December

The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally
Date: January 26th - February 2nd, 2021 (BEGINS AND ENDS AT 4:00AM PST/12:00PM GMT)
Requirement: Levels 20+
In the growing shadow of war, swoop fans across the galaxy descend on Dantooine, Tatooine, and even Onderon for the sport’s biggest spectacle—The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally! They’re packing the stands, eager to take their minds off their troubles and cheer their favorite swoop gangs. The bikers are here to take on dangerous challenge courses, show off their piloting skills, and flaunt their souped-up swoop bikes. The thunder of the engines, the deafening applause from the fans, the wind battering their helmets… there’s no bigger rush for these thrill seekers.
Game Update 6.2.1 is now on PTS!
Game update 6.2.1 is now live on the Public Test Server (PTS) for all subscribers. In this new update, we’ve made improvements to Amplifiers and rebalanced all Uprisings. Before this update goes live, any players interested in testing those changes can head over to the Public Test Server!
More information here:
Get Your Own Star Wars™: Squadrons Inspired Mount!
Since Star Wars™: Squadrons launched on October 1st, we’ve been piloting our favorite ships non-stop! As a special congratulations to the Squadrons team, alongside their launch we gave everyone who logged into Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ their very own mini-pet inspired by Vanguard Squadron. Well… why stop there? We worked side-by-side with our friends at Motive to do something a little different, like giving players rewards in both games!
First, let’s talk about The Old Republic. Last time, we gave you a remote controlled mini-pet inspired by Vanguard Squadron just for logging in. Now, we’re stepping things up a bit. Simply redeem the code SQUADRONS on your account at www.swtor.com/redeem-code to receive your very own starship mount inspired by Vanguard Squadron! The Corellian Stardrive Vanguard Mount will move you around The Old Republic with a dash of that Vanguard Squadron flair. Act quickly, as this code will only be active for two weeks, from January 14th - January 28th, 2021 (at 9AM PST respectively).
More information here:



The idea is that those who play SWTOR send their information of their characters to my e-mail to complete their data and thus be able to perform some activity in the future.



The Legendary Discovery Captain Bundle
As Star Trek: Discovery celebrates its third season with the continuation of new adventures in a new timeline, it is time for Star Trek Online to celebrate the ongoing vitality of the franchise as well. If you haven’t already experienced the handcrafted experience of starting your career as a Federation captain amid the turmoil of the late-23rd century, now is your chance to do so with a bit of extra flair!
We are happy to announce the upcoming availability of the Legendary Discovery Captain Bundle. By attaining this bundle, you can now instantly raise the level of any single Discovery-Era Federation character on your account to Level 65!
More information here:
The Galaxy Goes to Red Alert!
The entire Galaxy is going to Red Alert! Tomorrow, we’re launching a two week version of the Galactic Red Alert, with an additional reward: an Experimental Ship Upgrade Token! From 1/12 @ 8am PT (17:00 CET) – 1/26 @ 10am PT (19:00 CET), all of our Red Alert events will be returning at once on PC, as the Final Frontier is caught in a massive invasion on all sides. During this event, you’ll be able to play the following content:
Borg Red Alert - Elachi Red Alert - Tholian Red Alert - Tzenkethi Red Alert* - Nakuhl Red Alert
*Please note: As the only Red Alert with a fail condition, the Tzenkethi Red Alert will not grant daily bonus progress if you fail the TFO. The fail condition will likely be removed in future runs of this event.
More information here:
3D Print Ships from Star Trek: Discovery!
We're continuing our partnership with Gameprint to bring you the ability to 3D print your personal starship, as a wonderful ornament for your desk, display case, bed - we don't judge. When we initially launched this service, due to some agreements, players were unable to print any of the canon starships from Star Trek: Discovery. We're happy to announce that this restriction is now lifted! Any of the amazing, canon ships we've added from Discovery are available to be printed right now, with your custom markings, vanity shields, and ship name! More information here: https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/11482893
Double XP Event!
We’ve doubled our efforts to give Captains the necessary experience to deal with threats to the Galaxy! From Tuesday, January 12th at 8AM PT (17:00 CET), to Tuesday, January 26th at 10AM PT (19:00 CET), players will be able to enjoy twice the experience!
During the event, content that provides skill points and expertise will reward a 100% (2x) Bonus above normal amounts – this bonus will be available for all content that rewards skill points and expertise.
Get 12 Inventory Slots, Free!
Eleven years. For a live service game like Star Trek Online, that kind of longevity is unheard of within the industry. And yet we just keep moving forward, thanks entirely to you. Captains, without you, we would never be able to create new stories, ships, and more in the Final Frontier, and we are forever grateful to you for that. As is now tradition, as we lead up to our Anniversary Update, we'll be showing our appreciation with a series of free gifts that you can claim!
From January 23rd at 10am PT (19:00 CET) - January 24th at 10am PT (19:00 CET), you can claim 12 Inventory Slots from the Promotions Tab of the Zen Store, once per account, for free! These slots will not take you over the maximum inventory size, so make sure to claim them on a character that isn't maxed out.
11th Anniversary Event!
As Star Trek Online rounds out the eleventh year of its tour in the Star Trek universe, we are pleased to kick off the festivities for our Anniversary Celebration starting on PC on January 26th, 2021 and continuing until February 25th, 2021.
(Console dates will be announced at a later date.)
All of the usual activities will contribute toward your Daily Progress in the Event, eventually earning your way toward the Grand Prize – a Tier 6 Ship!
Keep reading to reveal what activities and prizes await those who join us to celebrate the 11th Anniversary.
Event Grand Prize – Temer Class Alliance Raider (T6)
Similar to the Khitomer-class Battlecruiser, the Alliance Raider blends technology of Alliance members. In this case, Romulan and Klingon technology combine to deliver a fast and powerful escort vessel capable of outmaneuvering and outgunning the enemy. Complete details on this cross-faction vessel will be released in the near future, so stay tuned!
More information here:
The Klingon Empire is Recruiting
The Klingon Empire is divided, and true-hearted warriors are needed to ensure a glorious future. All Klingons worthy of the name must join the fight!
Both sides of the divide in the Empire have redoubled their recruiting efforts, and from the shadows the most promising are redirected to a new path. New Klingon Captains will be known as Klingon Recruits, and they bring with them the backing of their shadowy patron. With the launch of the Anniversary Update, the Klingon Starting Experience will be completely reimagined, meaning that these Recruits will also have a completely reworked, modern starting story.
There will never be a better time to make a Klingon in Star Trek Online than during the Klingon Recruitment event, which runs from January 26th to February 25th. Characters made during this time will be Klingon Recruits, and they will earn a host of new benefits and rewards to aid them in their leveling experience.
More information here:
Command Any Ship
It’s like Shaka all over again – walls falling all over the place!
With the release of Star Trek Online’s 11th Anniversary update, we are releasing a feature that will allow players of all factions to fly the starship of their choice, regardless of the default allegiance associated with that ship.
Does this mean a KDF Dahar Master can finally command a Section 31 Command Heavy Battlecruiser? It certainly does!
Does this mean a dedicated Federation Admiral can now sit at the helm of a D4x Kelvin Pilot Bird-of-Prey? That’s true, as well!
Read on to learn what you can do to unlock this new account-wide feature!
True to the Empire
Access to this game-changing feature will be automatically granted to any and all accounts that have a character that reaches Level 65 as a member of the Klingon Defense Force. Species is unimportant, so long as that captain began his or her career aboard a Klingon vessel, even if they are Gorn, Orion, Nausicaan, or any of the other citizens of the modern Klingon Empire that don’t call Qo’noS their homeworld.
More information here:



http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgAWARD AND PROMOTIONS

73+ Sith Code Wallpapers on WallpaperPlay

SW Earnim Branet to SBM Earnim Branet


SK John T Clark - Cr-D, SN, Cr-S, ED
DSP Pellaeon - Cr-R, BN, Cr-A, SC
SBL Coranel Both - Cr-A, Cr-S
PRT Sparky - Cr-D, SN
PRT Jarion Renalds - Cr-R, BN, Cr-A, KS, Cr-S, SB
SWL Dempsey - Cr-A, KS, GC
SW Golbez Harvey- Cr-S
SBL Tygra Shadowclaw - Cr-S, CoFx3
DSM Exar Kit - Cr-E, GC
SBL Talons Pryde - SC
SW Zekk Terrik - SoE
SBL Coranel Both - SB
SW Golbez Harvey - SB
GRD Pete Mitchell - SoE
SBM Earnim Branet - GC
GM Tomaas Montte - RS

http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgOPEN COMMAND POSITIONS

- BTL of Hyperion.


http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgCONSUL ACTIVITIES

Resultado de imagen para sith animated gifs- Played Star Trek Online
- Played Star Conflict
- Played Star Wars Squadrons
- Write Reports
- Mail activity


http://newhorizon.online/Drakonan/image001.jpgCLOSING COMMENTS

This is it for now. Take care, keep your social distance and we'll see you in the next report.

star wars loop GIF

Be ready....

Cosas de Kiko: Star Wars - Ted Mininni


CON/SBM Earnim Branet/Clan Drakonan/FRG Swift Fury
(SBx3) (GCx16) (SoI) (SoA) (SE-TB) (SN) (BNB) (KS-S) (Cr-Dx2-Rx3-Ax23-Sx6-Ex24-Tx38-Qx39) (CF-B)



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