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- 32
For: Dark Council's
Posted By: INQ Anahorn Dempsey
Posted On: December 19, 2008

  Hammerhead Weekly Report #32 2008.12.20 

This week in the Hammerhead report:

  • Commander's notes
  • In the headlines this week
  • Joke of the week
  • Hammerhead activity report
  • Important Competitions
  • Medals and promotions
  • Hammerhead roster
  • Wrapping up
  •   Commander's notes

    Wait - a Hammerhead report? I thought you said last week was the last one for this year? Well, I did. And then some medals got awarded, so what the heck :)
      In the headlines this week

  • 93 missions were flown this week by me
  • medal backlog awarded
  •   Joke of the week

    Two men are out ice fishing at their favorite fishing hole, just fishing Quietly and drinking beer.

    Almost silently, so as not to scare the fish, Mel says, "I think I'm going to divorce my wife - she hasn't spoken to me in over 2 months."

    Earl continues slowly sipping his beer, then thoughtfully says, "You better think it over - women like that are hard to find."

      Hammerhead Activity report

    You know the drill - this just shows who did what, assuming I know of it. Usually I will. If you did something that should have been here - send me an e-mail :)

  • DJK Anahorn Dempsey
          IRC activity
          wrote this report
          e-mail activity
          forum activity
          recruitment activity
          flew 93 missions (TIE TC 121-137)
          running several competitions (HQV7)

  • GRD Defast Insite
          IRC contact

  • JH Ryuko Nyosh
          no contact

  • GRD Ark-illos
          on leave

  • DA Ric Hunter
          IRC contact
          e-mail contact
          submitted entry for Blade's fiction comp.

  • SBL Abel Malik
          no contact
  •   Important Competitions

    Competitions are the livelihood of this thing we do for fun. I encourage all of you to enter as many competitions as you want to/can. And remember: if you do enter one of these (or more), don't forget to CC me so I know about it!

    Don't forget to check the Competitions Center for all available competitions!

  • Hammerhead quiz round #8
    Every week I will ask a question through email.
    Whoever has most points at the end of the month wins
  • Triden's Best
    The winner is the one who accumulates the most points. All activity earns points!
  • Oops... you forgot someone
    fiction: write a story about what changed in Star Wars if a character was removed.
  • Clone Wars revisited
    Flash game: fight in the clone wars...
  •   Medals and promotions

  • GRD Ark-illos
          rcvd Cr-Q for 3rd place in HQV7
          rcvd Cr-2T for winning two rounds of What is it?
          rcvd Cr-E for 2nd overall in What Is it?

  • DA Ric Hunter
          rcvd cr-5T for winning 5 rounds in What Is It?
          rcvd Cr-E for winning the bonus round in What is it?
          rcvd Cr-S for winning overall in What Is It?
          rcvd cr-E for winning HQV7

  • SBL Abel Malik
          rcvd Cr-T for 2nd in HQV7
  •   Hammerhead roster

    Hammerhead Squadron of House Tridens, Clan Tarentum
    motto: Mors certa, hora incerta
    website: http://www.slayersrealm.com/hammerhead/
  • SW Anahorn Dempsey
  • GRD Defast Insite
  • JH Ryuko Nyosh
  • GRD Ark-illos
  • DA Ric Hunter
  • SBL Abel Malik
  •   Wrapping up

    We're still waiting for the last two MBEs to be processed. Everyone concentrate hard on frying Exy's power of independent thought! Let's hope that will speed things up a bit :)

    In your service,
    SW Anahorn Dempsey

    BTL/SW Anahorn Dempsey/Hammerhead/Tridens/Tarentum

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