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For: Grand Master
Posted By: D Czulvang Lah
Posted On: February 24, 2009

Grand Master Report #18


Once again I've understimated the time I would have to write this report. But the important thing is, it's finally out. As promised, this report contains a whole lot of information about a whole lot of topics. So without further ado, I give you, the latest Grand Master Report.

Hetaeria Identities/Roles

Hetaeriae are currently establishing themselves fictionally. All have received names. In order, the Hetaeriae are: Validus, Taranis, Cethin, and Maelstrom. Validus, under Blade, is establishing itself in...privateering, while Taranis, under Ric, has set off into the world of corporate shipping. I haven't yet heard about the other two, but I know identities are being worked on. I'm sure more details will be provided by each unit as time goes on.

Dark Brotherhood Plot

Hades has been appointed to organize a DB plot. He's currently working on filling in the gaps between the so-called timeshift and the restructure. I'll admit I've been giving him a hard time with his ideas mostly due to my dislike of this particular era in the EU. Stupid Vong.

The plot will become the basis for future Vendettas, etc. Please note that this project is still in its early stages.

Dark Brotherhood Website Status

Currently, all the functions that were included in the original DIR port are working. However, the DB is significantly more reliant on the website than the DIR, so there are numerous functions to be added. As it stands, I intend to add functionality for Shadow Academy Degrees (I'm about 65% finished) and MP Matches (75% complete). After completing these functions, I'll take a short break. There are numerous reasons for leaving some features out for now, but the primary reason is: I simply cannot be GM and SCL at the same time. We have a stable site, and right now, the DB needs a GM more than it needs a SCL. Note that I am taking your ideas into account, but there are certain projects which can be handled by the HRLD (*cough*Lightsabers*cough*) or other individuals, and really don't require my attention until someone has something in the form of a proposal for me.

DSC Updated

The Dark Side Compendium has been upated to reflect the restructure and other policy changes. I extend my thanks to those who have pointed oiut mistakes I made in writing certain pages. The History of the Dark Brotherhood page needs to be updated, but that's a matter I need to contract out to veterans. If anyone's interested in writing something, let me know.

Included in these updates is a transfer of duties from Deputy Grand Master to Master-at-Arms. Competitions are now under the MAA's jurisdiction. This places everything relating to awards in the MAA's capable hands.

Systems Manual

About a year ago, La'an and I wrote extensive updates to the Systems Manual. These were approved by Astatine and uploaded to the Wiki at the time, but since the Wiki is gone, we have to convert those into HTML pages. As Grand Moff, Farrin is heading this project with his staff. The new format of the SysMan will make information much easier to access at a glance. That being said, there are still some expansions to be made. As new Hetaeriae find homes, that information will be added to the Systems Manual. I wrote a document for Farrin last week entitled "Dark Brotherhood Protectorates". This document details the bases/planets/systems under the control of the Dark Brotherhood. It also lists which Dark Brotherhood group is in control of the system. Currently, the Dark Council holds the vast majority of assets. After this documnet is released, it will be easier for everyone to see just what resources we have to work with fictionally.

So What Has the Lazy Grand Master Been Doing?

  • Recoded rosters for restructure
  • Recoded and expanded administrative capabilities for DC members
  • Laid Foundations for ~ 10 new website features
  • General Administrative Duties
  • Rewrote Large Portions of the Dark Side Compendium
  • Organized and Oversaw Restructure
  • Hired Joe/Hades to work on DB Plot and consulted on numerous issues
  • Working (in the background) with the GMF on getting the SysMan updated.
  • Thinking about how to integrate fictional unit roles into real DB situations

The Future of the Dark Brotherhood

My extreme directness has gotten me into trouble before, and I have a feeling taclking this issue head-on may be something I'll regret.

The vast majority of the people have accepted the restructure as a step forward in the DB, but some have commented on it being the DB's "last gasp". My intention is not to encourage those pessimists among us to depart into the nether regions, but is to make a point that some seem to have missed in the past. At the time of Astatine's...departure, many people began to speak about the rebirth of the Emperor's Hammer and the like. At the time, any level-headed leader, not to mention members, could have told you that our problems were hardly solved. I know I mentioned it multiple times to everyone from the FC to BTMs. The same is true with the DB. Now that the restructure is complete, it will take twice as much dedication from everyone, myself included, to make improvements in the organization. The previous structure did not fail, but the size of the DB made the structure impractical.

And so I ask our dedicated members to continue their work for the DB, and to bear with us and continue to work to help others enjoy themselves in this organization. Without members, we're nothing. As always, I encourage you to direct thoughts for projects to me, but don't expect a comprehensive analysis of your idea in 24 hours. ;)

In Dark Service,

Grand Master Czulvang Lah, Dark Lord of the Sith
GM/GM Czulvang Lah/DC-1/Dark Council

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