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- 19
For: Grand Master
Posted By: D Czulvang Lah
Posted On: June 26, 2009

Grand Master Report #19


It's been far too long since I've written one of these. There are a number of issues to bring up in this report, but I'm not necessarily going to tackle the DB-only issues first. I absolutely hate to bring up EH Politics, because, as some people have mentioned to me, they don't envy my job sheerly because of the political side. Now, without dragging this out further, I'll move on.

Politics: Message Boards

Those of you who read the Message Boards will know that Astin started an interesting chain in relation to the Command Staff. If you haven't read it yet, go read it now at: http://eh.stryfe.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1025. As a member of the Command Staff (technically), I will not comment heavily on this message. However, there are a few things that you must be aware of: firstly, the EH CS is working toward the future of the Hammer. We not always do it in the best way possible - in fact, sometimes we discuss things horrible - but there is something happening there.

There is still much potential within the Dark Brotherhood. There are still countless ways for us to expand, but we just have to consider them. I encourage all of you to contact your DUXs with ideas. At least general ones. Then maybe you can work with your leaders and your fellow HET Members and friends to create a viable new activity within the DB. Maybe you have a new platform we can use (With SW conversation - sadly, this is still required). Maybe your idea doesn't fit into the DB. So what, it may be possible for another part of the EH to use it. It will still be your idea and you'll still be given credit for it. Put it out there.

EH: Website

Yes, Zsinj is working on a single website for the EH. I've seen what he has done so far - it's pretty cool, actually. I'm doing what I can do help him out, but there's still an incredible amount of work to be done. But I think you're going to like this.


Yes, as was announced, a new Headmaster was hired. However, since he seems to have chosen to drop off the face of the planet rather early in his term as HM, I have no choice but to remove him from his position. Applications will not be accepted at this time.


Even in what seem to be dark times, members are still be rewarded for their work. Are you among them?

  • Sapphire Blade (SB) to Sith Warrior Blade
  • Steel Cross (SC) to Dark Jedi Knight Keth D'Jek
  • Dark Cross (DC) to Protector Mord
  • Dark Cross (DC) to Protector Asikari Battlecreek

Congrulations all.


Yes, this report is a little short. There may very well be more news for you next week. Word on the street is that there may be some announcements from up and down the grape vine soon, and sparing those, I will have a few additional announcements for you next week.

In Dark Service,

Grand Master Czulvang Lah, Dark Lord of the Sith
GM/GM Czulvang Lah/DC-1/Dark Council

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