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- 3
For: Headmaster
Posted By: INQ Destavol Gin
Posted On: August 7, 2009

Headmaster Report #3 Friday August 08 2009 SBL Destavol Gin

A.1 - Training Lightsaber Requirements A.2 - Phase 2 Update A.3 - Pontiff Openings A.4 - Pontiff Job Requirements A.5 - New Initiate Training Method A.6 - Short LoA

Article One - Training Lightsaber Requirements
After some discussion among Death, Czul and myself we all came to the decision to restore the requirements for a Training Lightsaber. For those of you who don't remember the EHDB was using Training Lightsabers shortly after the split, and then with the new site we lost lightsaber display for the time being. The original course for the Training Lightsaber has been lost, but a new method has been set up to replace the old. Both the Lightsaber Construction and Lightsaber Techniques Courses have both been changed from Obelisk study to General study. The reason this was done is because all Dark Jedi need to know how to construct and wield a lightsaber, thus this is a standard study that all of us should take. To obtain a Training Lightsaber you have to complete both of these courses. For the time being you will only be able to use the Training Lightsaber in fiction writing and DIE, but once the website is completed you will be able to display your Training Lightsaber. Training Lightsabers are standard steele hilts with only an activation panel and a power switch to change from Stun to Lethal. You may only choose from three blade colors with a Training Lightsaber, Blue, Red, and Purple the colors of our three orders. This is a prime area for those of you Novice-Jedi Hunter that would like an early chance at weilding a lightsaber.

Article Two - Phase 2 Update
Phase 2 has been for some time now three order based courses, teaching the history of the three orders. While these courses are useful, they are not exactly the material that is required for a proper Phase 2 course. I've decided to move the Phase 2 into one single course, rather than Order specific ones. This course is currently recieving final additions and review by the Grand Master but should be completed soon.As for the three original Phase 2 courses, they will soon be renamed to H:STH, H:KTH and H:OLK to become history courses for each of the orders, which is all they already are. It is my hopes that the new Phase 2 will help teach all new members and give them a better understanding of our Brotherhood and how it works,preparing them for an active future rather than leaving them to learn on their own. I look forward to seeing the results of it. Expect this to be updated within the next few days. :-)

Article Three - Pontiff Openings
I performed a Pontiff AWOL check over this past week since I was hired. Nearly all of my Pontiffs checked in but as I imagined, we did end up having some openings for Pontiff. Those of you interested need to read the new Pontiff Requirements below, and BE SURE you can meet them. If you are still interested after reading send an application to ehdestavol@gmail.com The courses that have become available are as follows.

History of the Krath Order - H:KTH History of the Obelisk Order - H:OLK Writing Debriefs - G:WD

Only a few courses left to fill, so get those applications in guys! I know I said I would announce the new Pontiff's but they happen to be current Pontiffs and they get no extra love today. :-P

Article Four - Pontiff Job Requirements
Traditionally all a Pontiff had to do was log in everyday and grade a test, and for now that is generally all you are going to be required to do as Pontiff, but soon your job details will increase to include more time consuming tasks. Currently the Pontiffs are about to undergo a semi training process where they will learn what is soon to be needed of them, and how to perform these new duties. Pontiffs will soon need to be able to devote three to four hours a week to their Pontiff duties, depending on recruitment. The set requirements for Pontiff are below.

*Passed Course with 80% *Recruitment when possible *Grade Exams within 24 hours of submission *Capable of teaching course if needed *Positive attitude and ability to work with students *Desire to improve the Shadow Academy, and its courses. *Must update course materials monthly

Article Five - New Initiate Training Method
I have already began a new Initiate Training Method here at the Shadow Academy. There is of course the standard option of traditional training where a student simply takes the Phase 1 and Phase 2, but the new method is now the preffered and suggested method of training by the Shadow Academy. The Headmaster will handle all Phase 1 and 2 training from now on. Below are the details about the new Initiate Training Method..

--Standard Training-- Step One - Introduction from the Headmaster
"This is where recruits begin, they have just been admitted by the Master At Arms and hold the rank of Apprentice. They will receive an introduction from the Headmaster which will include details about joining the DB, what their training will consist of, and important contact information."

Step Two - Phase 1 Class
"Everyone lives in different time zones, quite a problem these days but it does not make this impossible. There will be three Phase 1 classes every week, though the times of these classes will bounce and vary each week depending on the time zones of the recruits, and my work hours lol. These classes will be hosted by the Headmaster in the channel #SA_Class. The HM will give a greeting and welcome to all students who attend, should a student be over 10 minuets late for this class they are marked as absent/tardy and will have to repeat this class on a different date. After the welcome the HM will move on to teaching the materials of the Phase 1 Course, covering all items in detail to the best of ability. After each topic there will be a pause for Q&A to make sure all recruits are up to date, and no confusion is present. Once all topics are covered the HM shall dismiss the class then assign them to take the Phase 1 Course."

Step Three - Phase 1 Course
"Pretty self explainable, once the students have attended the class and the HM marks them as ready they take the Phase 1 Course. Most of the time students will take the course after the class, but the option to take it on another date is available."

Step Four - Results & Next Steps
"The Headmaster will grade all examinations taken, usually after all students of the class have finished but there may be a 24 hour delay between the test being taken and it being graded. After its graded, the results are auto-emailed to the students then the Headmaster will email the class with their next steps in training which is Phase 2. Information regarding the Phase 2 Class will be given to all students, plus any questions the students may have may also be asked by email."

Step Five - Phase 2 Class
"Like Phase 1, Phase 2 Class will take place on IRC in the channel #SA_Class, most likely 2-3 times a week. Depending on how this works out Phase 1 and 2 classes may be done on the same days, or they may be arranged in between each other. Phase 2 Class will be much like Phase 1 class, it will be taught by the HM and begin with a greeting then move into a detailed covering on all materials pertaining to the Phase 2 Course. In between each topic there will be a pause for Q&A until the class is completed. Upon the end of the class the HM shall dismiss the class giving them details on when to take the Phase 2 Course, which will usually be taken directly after the class."

Step Six - Phase 2 Course
"After the class students will take the Phase 2 Course, and like before the option to take the course on a different date will be available."

Step Seven - Results & Fianl Gathering
"Usually immediately after the course has been taken by the class, the HM will grade all examinations and the results will be auto-emailed to all students. Directly after the grading the HM will send an email to all of the class that passed the Phase 2 with information for a final gathering where students will attend a graduation ceremony."

Step Eight - Graduation
"Graduations will happen multiple times a week, and they will be a public event in the #EHDB channel. All students will be called forward on IRC, congratulated by the Shadow Academy staff, then asked where they would like to be assigned in the DB. After all students are congratulated and information on their desired assignments is obtained, the HM will then move to promote all graduates to the rank of Novice and will request the transfers personally."

Article Seven - Rite of Supremacy 2009

Currently there is only talk about the 09 RoS for the EHDB. Personally I would like to see one happen but we are still gathering ideas, and feelings towards this. Some people feel that our Brotherhood's activity is to lacking to run this, but honestly when we dont have anything to do how can you expect activity right? So anyway keep your eyes open for more details about the 2009 RoS. :-)
Thanks for reading peeps!

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