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- 4
For: Headmaster
Posted By: INQ Destavol Gin
Posted On: August 19, 2009

Greetings and welcome to my fourth report as Headmaster of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

You may have all noticed that I skipped out on my last report and I apologize for that, but I've had a very stressful RL going on here lately, and on top of that I was sick as a dog. I'm beginning to feel better however and I hope to begin performing better as your Headmaster. These past two weeks have had slow developments underway for the SA but some of them are very important and should be announced.

-=One Month in Office=-

To begin this report, I have spent one month in office as the Headmaster and while I wish I could have completed more by this time I know that things move at different paces and I compliment myself and the members of the HM office on completing several projects thus far. So go me, and I look forward to a long long time as your HM. Thanks to all those that have given me support and help thus far, you have not been forgotten. :-)

-=Magistrate to the Headmaster Appointed=-

Join me in congratulating the newest addition to the Headmaster Office, former Dux Anahorn Dempsey. This guy has given his all to the EHDB and further more is interested in continuing his services to the DB as my Magistrate. Dempsey is naturally a prime selection for Magistrate and I know he will perform above and beyond what is expected to him. Congratulations my friend, and good luck. :-)

-=New Courses Coming Soon=-

Yes you have read correctly! Though I expected to have them released sooner I have been very busy with RL and have not had the time I needed to continue work on them, but this is all about to change. There are several new courses that are about to be added to the Shadow Academy's lists, these include the Sith Assassin, Sith Alchemy, Krath Arbiter, Krath Magics, Obelisk War Tactics, and more! Not only will these courses be a cool new addition to your ID line but will eventually fall into another plan that is soon to release, the Dark Jedi Disciplines which will be a list of professions you may use in your character's fictional development.

-=Dark Jedi Disciplines=-

This is something I have always wanted to implement and in the past it was almost used by thanks to a certain individual who denied almost everything, it got canned. I have lost a majority of the work I put into it so its taking some time to redevelop it to a new aged Brotherhood, but what this will be doing is furthering to use of the Shadow Academy's courses and will better add to the different aspects of each and every Dark Jedi. These Disciplines will be a list of classes that your Dark Jedi can be during fiction, RPG etc. I am also planning on adding a gaming aspect to this as well, such as JA Lightsaber Master etc. The SA staff will be working is currently working on this project and I hope to have it finished either by the end of this month or midway into next month. I'm really excited about it and I think it will be a great thing for both the SA and the DB as a whole. So keep your eyes open for more on this guys! :-)

-=A Growing Brotherhood=-

I just wanted to announce that we are currently gaining members, and I am very proud of those that are putting forward the effort to recruit for us. Guys and gals, recruitment is going to be the lifeblood that we NEED. Without recruitment we will eventually continue to lose members with no one to replace them until we are closed. This is something that would kill me honestly as the DB has been my hobby for nearly eight years now and I am truthfully in love with it. Everyone if you can please help us all out by bringing friends, or just people you know that would be interested in this kind of thing. Your Brotherhood NEEDS YOU!!


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