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- 6
For: Headmaster
Posted By: INQ Destavol Gin
Posted On: August 30, 2009

Headmaster Report #6
Monday August 30th 2009
Headmaster Destavol Gin

Greetings and welcome to my sixth official report as the Headmaster of our Dark Brotherhood,

First let me apologize for the delay on this report, but things have been rather busy for the Shadow Academy this week. A lot of work has bogged me down and made me completely forget about writing my report, but rather late than never right? Some important things in this weeks report people so be sure to pay attention and I hope everyone enjoys!


A.1 - Training Lightsaber Requirements
A.2 - New Courses
A.3 - Pontiffs Relieved of Duty
A.4 - New Courses Coming Soon!
A.5 - Degrees, Licenses and Certifications

Article One - Training Lightsaber Requirements

Previously I Death, Zeth and myself had set the Training Lightsaber requirements to simply passing the Lightsaber Construction Course and the Lightsaber Tactics Course. I gave everyone plenty of time to make use of this advantage, but now there shall be an addition to the requirements of earning your Training Lightsaber. Those that have already met the requirements have been marked and shall be grandfathered in, but those of you that have no will now have to pass a new addition to the requirements. As of now all members of the Dark Brotherhood ranking from Novice to Jedi Hunter that desire to wield a Training Lightsaber will need to take and pass the Training Lightsaber Course in addition to the Lightsaber Construction and Lightsaber Techniques Courses. Good luck and enjoy. :-)

Article Two - New Courses Released

I'm pleased to announce that the Shadow Academy has produced and released some new courses this past week. I had hoped to release them sooner, but due to some other issues that needed my attention first and some RL work getting in the way it took me a bit longer than I had expected. Regardless they are now available for your enjoyment at the Shadow Academy. May I introduce the newest to our diet of courses, the General : Training Lightsaber Course, and General : Assassin Tactics Course. Both courses were developed by your own Headmaster and are expected to draw a lot of interest from you the people. I hope everyone enjoys them as I had a lot of fun working on them, and I believe the knowledge to be learned from them will make for an excellent addition to your RPG knowledge's. Good luck on them and hope to grade yours soon!

Article Three - Pontiffs Relieved of Duties

This week I made the decision to relieve all current Pontiffs of their duties until further notice. This choice was not made easy, in fact I have been juggling the idea for nearly a month now. The reasons for doing this is mostly because with our current size the need for so many people to work with the Shadow Academy is pointless when myself and my staff can handle all things necessary. Currently my Magistrate Dempsey has been doing an excellent job of getting things graded and worked on, keep up the good work man! All former Pontiffs you have been noted however, and should the position of Pontiff reopen you will all be given the first option to return to your former jobs if you would like. I apologize that this had to be done, but honestly there are more pressing issues that you could be spending your efforts towards, and truthfully I was simply grading all the courses before the Pontiffs could anyway.

Article Four - New Courses Coming Soon

My Magistrate and I have both been hard at work developing the new courses for the Shadow Academy, and though I tend to keep things shrouded as far as our work goes I'm so excited about our work I've decided to reveal some of the soon to come courses for all of you.

General : Assassin Tactics Part 2
General : Assassin Tactics Part 3
General : Dark Side Philosophy
General : Leadership Studies
Sith : Alchemy
Krath : Magic
Obelisk : War Tactics

These are just a few that are in the making. Soon I hope to have over 50 courses available for you all to take. So just bare with me and give myself and the academy staff some time to get things done and you'll all have plenty of courses to work at.

Article Five - Degrees, Licenses and Certifications

I am nearing completion of the plan for the DLC program. I can not release anymore details about it as it has not yet been approved by Czul, but I do assure you that it will be with us soon. :-)

Article Six - New Phase 2

I know this has been in the works for quite some time, but Czul is nearing completion of his additions and changes to the new Phase 2 and then it will be complete and ready for updating to the site. Once this is done the current Phase 2s shall change to H:OBL, H:STH, H:KTH being the Order Histories which is all the really are at the moment anyway. I look forward to this being done soon as I myself have been awaiting the updates on this for some time now. :-)


In Service to the Dark Brotherhood...

---(((~)))---{Rear AdmiralDestavol 'Khaos' Gin}---(((~)))---

Headmaster of the Shadow Academy & Last of the Guardsmen

HM/SWL Destavol Gin/DC-4/Dark Council


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