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For: Grand Master
Posted By: D Joe
Posted On: January 12, 2010

This is a time of great unrest in our club and our group. The HETs have spread out in an attempt to isolate themselves from one another and the rest of the Dark Brotherhood forces. Some have succeeded, some have failed. But the time for separation and secrecy are over.

A new Grand Master has assumed the Iron Throne. His first act was to assemble a new Hetaeria comprised of the most forward and active individuals from all four Hetearias. This new HET would be tasked with Long Range Recon Patrols in enemy territory and would be on a volunteer basis only. To the rest of the Hetearias, a call of unity has gone out. Grand Master Hades has ordered the Hetearias to return from the far reaches of the EH Territory, back to the Iron Throne. New missions and responsibilities await the Hetearias, along with new tools at which to accomplish those missions.

Fellow Dark Jedi,

Greetings, as you know by now I am your new Grand Master. With GM Czul stepping down and taking over as Seneschal, I have assumed the reigns of the Dark Brotherhood. I'd like to thank GM Czul for his leadership and the EH FC and XO for their faith in me. It shall be rewarded.

As you know, a New HET has formed, Nox Aeterna. This new HET is a pet project of mine and a few others. Several weeks ago, a proposal was brought to the attention of the members on the DB forum. The proposal found some supporters in this group. Members who wished to support this new HET and voiced their desire to be transferred have been. This new HET is in it's infancy, and I wish to give it every opportunity to succeed. But not at the expense of the other HETs.

A seperate plan is in motion to re-work the ships assigned to the HETs. Rest assured the current Corvette situation will not last too much longer. But more on that later.

I will be starting to get in touch with all DUXs and VICs this coming week to evaluate them and the activity within their HET. I would like to see if we can breathe some life into this great group of ours. We have a lot of talented people spread all over. Many people I've known for awhile. Exar Kit, Domi, Blade, Threat, Azurin and Zsinj are just a few I know. There are many others out there who want to work and be active, we just have to give the the opportunity.

Starting next week, there will be a DB-wide AWOL check. We need to see what we have to work with. Of course, anyone who fails the AWOL check will be moved to the Rogues. DUXs and VICs, I would advise you to get in touch with your HET members now and let them know so we can avoid as much loss as possible.

I have talked with our Seneschal, GM Czul, about a new web-based game that might work out for the DB. It is a strategy game that is fun to play and does not take a lot of time out of your day. Once it is evaluated, I will be presenting it to the CS and to the DB as an official platform. But more on this at a later date.

I have a new plan for the future of the DB. I will be speaking with the few individuals who wish to help in this task. As this plan is formed, I will bring the leaders of the HETs in on it. As for now though, I would like to run a few DB-wide comps with a large reward, a new ship or fighter squadron assigned to the HET with the top scoring individuals along with high level rewards. Hopefully, large scale comps with these kind of rewards will help spark some interest. We shall see.

I also encourage anyone who have an idea for a comp, talk to your DUX/VIC. Anyone can submit a comp idea, it just needs approval of your summit. Activity can start from the bottom, as well as the top.

The positions of Deputy Grand Master, and Master-At-Arms are both still open. I am not currently looking for a DGM at this time, but a MAA would be helpful. I have recieved several applications for MAA and I am constantly reviewing them. If you feel that you are suited for the job, please email me at DarkJediHades@aol.com. Use this email for the time being since emails sent to gm@emperorshammer.org still go to GM Czul.

Check the competitions page for any updates. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or catch me at our mIRC channel #ehdb.

Good Hunting.

GM Hades/DC-1/Dark Council

RSV/FA "Six"Joe/M/FRG Phoenix/Reserves
MoH/IC/GOE/GSx2/BSx3/PCx3/ISMx6/MoI/MoT-1gh/IS-1BR-1SR/MoC-6BoC-7SoC-4GoC-27PoC-3DoC/CoLx3/CoB/LoA/OV-12E [DRAG]

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