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- 1
For: Headmaster
Posted By: WAR Keth DJek
Posted On: February 14, 2010

Head Master Report #1

Keth shook his head as he walked out of the Dark Council chambers. He had just been appointed as the new Headmaster of the Shadow Academy, however the Dark Council had decided to keep him as a Dark Jedi Knight until further notice.

Such actions had been taken before in the History of the Brotherhood however they were few and far between, this was surely going to be the beginning of an interesting tenure at the Shadow Academy.

Well, It appears that the powers that be have decided I should be the next Headmaster of the Shadow Academy. Following in the footsteps of my predecessors Farrin Xies and Dempsey, I shall be doing my best to expand and maintain the Shadow Academy.

My Goals at this time are as follows.

1. Update all current SA Courses
2. Help with transfer of SA content over to the training office master site
3. Create more in depth course content for those who wish to further delve into the Role-Playing side of the Dark Jedi.

In future I will have more detailed reports, however at this time I am still trying to get settled into my new Office.

In Darkness,
Keth D'Jek

HM-PONT/DJK Keth DíJek/DC-4/Dark Council

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