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- 2
For: Headmaster
Posted By: WAR Keth DJek
Posted On: February 21, 2010

Head Master Report #2

Keth stretched out his legs, putting them on top of his large desk. It was a masterful work, a piece that had been commissioned by the new Headmaster upon his promotion to the Dark Council. The large black iron desk, with is superbly carved Wroshyr edging would hopefully support the Headmaster for many years.

He reached out with the force and levitated over the datapad he had been working on, looking at the report he was about to submit to the council.

So, after my first week in Office all things seem to be going well. I have gone through the Shadow Academy courses and changed the professors for the courses to their correct professor. At this point, I am marking all courses by myself, once we start the ball rolling with the centralized training site, I will look at appointing Pontiffs to mark course.

I have started up a small project that anyone can feel free to submit to. I am collecting information about all the planets that we have Dark Jedi on. I am hoping to add this information to the Encyclopedia Imperia (the wiki) when we get it back up, and possibly also into the Systems Manual. This is your chance to be a part of the history of the Brotherhood, make your mark! Significant contributions will be rewarded. For those of you who may be interested. Email all contributions to me please.

I do enjoy marking Shadow Academy courses, people who allow me to achieve such milestones during my tenure as Headmaster might receive a special gift for say, the 25th course I have to grade. Who will the lucky person be?

On a final note for this week, with the help of KP Xantros, I have started work on some new courses in the Shadow Academy, keep your eyes peeled for more information in the weeks to come.

In Darkness,
Keth D'Jek

HM-PONT/DJK Keth DíJek/DC-4/Dark Council

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