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For: Grand Master
Posted By: D Joe
Posted On: June 27, 2010

Greetings fellow Dark Jedi, All of you are aware of the statements I made in my last report concerning the restructure. Well, now I can finally say it is upon us. As of tonight, you all have been assigned your new positions in your new battle teams. Look around you. Look at your fellow Battle Team members. They are your new family, treat them well and with respect. Each one of them is here for the same reasons you are, to write, to fly, or to fight. Together you shall forge a new identity for the Dark Brotherhood. One of strength and honor. As you can see, your leaders have been chosen already. The list is as follows. Quaestor: DA Exar Kit Aedile: (TBD by Quaestor) Krath BTL: JH Desann Obelisk BTL: DA Dante Sith BTL: (TBD By Quaestor) QUA Exar Kit will be accepting applications for the AED and Sith BTL positions very quickly. If you wish to apply, please email him and myself. Deadlines for the applications will end once we have selected the right person for the job. Now, with this restructure comes new fiction that will explain our transition. If some of you are not aware, there was a EH-wide story arc that was enacted several months ago. In it an unknown task force attacked Aurora Prime (the post can be found here along with all of its comments: http://eh.stryfe.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1304 ). Some of the comments are suggesting maybe the Dark Brotherhood had something to do with it. That maybe we allowed the attack to occur. We did not, and we must prove we didn't. That in itself is going to be a hard thing to do. First what we need to do is find our attackers. This is where the restructure ties in. All of the HETs have been recalled to The Dark Hall. There, while all of them are gathered along with the Dark Council. There, they are briefed by the Grand Master on the attack on Aurora Prime and the near destruction of the SSSD Sovereign, along with the suspicions of Dark Brotherhood involvement. Several members voiced approval of this, but their superiors were quick to silence them. It is then that Grand Master Hades announced that a Ready Response Unit will be assembled from all of the HETs assembled. This new unit will take on the old designation of House and named Drakonan. Within it, all members will be funneled into new units with their own unique tasks. First, the Sith. All Sith HET members will be combined to form a new Sith Squadron. This squadron will be flying TIE Interceptors and TIE Bombers due to the fact that the newer and more advanced fighters are needed battling New Republic forces. Second, the Obelisk. Some of the fiercest's warriors the Brotherhood has ever known. They will provide the ground muscle for this mission. When the time comes to retrieve information by force, they will be the ones to get it done. Lastly, the Krath. The Krath will serve as the investigators of this group, though all orders will participate in this primary function. Their task is to document and explore any and all information that is retrieved and report their findings to the Quaestor. This unit will be highly mobile and ruthless. They will be on this mission as long as it takes. They will be granted permission to explore the entire universe in the course of their investigation, keeping the Grand Master informed along the way. But the most important part of this new unit is the fact that it will be completely undercover. Your ships will not be broadcasting Emperor's Hammer or Dark Brotherhood transponder signals, they will be functioning as an independent unit though always under the direction of the Grand Master. Traveling through the galaxy broadcasting Imperial transponders do not open a lot of doors, but by traveling without them more opportunities for information may present itself. Your unit will be supplied by DB or EH transports far away from normal trade routes, and prying eyes. Finally, the starships assigned to this unit are also common throughout the rest of the galaxy, as to not tip your hand. House Drakonan will be supplied with two starships. One is the Frigate Swift Fury, and one Corvette from the CRV Flight Greed. These ships should provide enough weaponry to carry you through any random encounters you happen to find yourself, but if more is needed only the Grand Master may approve a temporary additional starship or two. The Sith Squadron Stingray will be stationed on the FRG Swift Fury along with two Transports from the Transport Squadron Odyssey to provide ship to surface transportation from the House. The Frigate will be House Drakonan's mobile home with the Corvette providing support when needed. It is up to House Drakonan to find the EH's attackers, and also to help clear the Dark Brotherhood's name. The coming events will both test your will and secure your resolve. The future of the DB and possibly the entire EH is in your hands. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, that is the story behind the restructure. I believe this high mobility given to House Drakonan will open up a lot of possibilities for all members and hopefully a lot of new thinking. The entire galaxy is ripe for the picking. Let's see what the House does with it. This restructure is the DB's second in as many years. The idea behind this is to give the members as much of an opportunity for innovation and endless possibilities as I can. This should get the creative juices flowing inside the DB again. I would like to thank P:GM - GM Havok for all of his help. GM Havok has been a good sounding board for me since my elevation to Grand Master. GM Havok has also been instrumental in the Shadow Academy. He has been constantly adding and editing the courses to create a wonderful experience for the rank and file members. His dedication to his position and to the overall betterment of the Dark Brotherhood is unmatched. He is an excellent DB member and EH Officer. For this, I am very proud to award GM Havok with the Diamond Sword for all his efforts! Congrats GM Havok! Also, for his outstanding work with the DB Web site and the complete overhaul of the site for the restructure and to give it a new facelift, I am awarding the DB Seneschal - GM Czul with the Grand Cross of the Dark Side. Congrats GM Czul! I would also like to award the Steel Cross to ACO Tuba for his outstanding work in HET Valadius prior to the restructure. He is a very active member of the DB and I look forward to seeing his career move forward. Congrats ACO Tuba! I would also like to congratulate both my MAA: DA Baron and HM: DJK Keth D'Jek for their promotions to Dark Jedi Master and Sith Warrior respectively. They have both done an outstanding job and I look forward to their ongoing service to the Dark Council and the DB as a whole. Good job, both of you! ------ That's it for me this time. I look forward to see how House Darakonan performs. Goodnight. Grand Master Hades GM Hades/DC-1/Dark Council GG/BRN Hades/Ullyr/Phare System/Alpha Sector RSV/FA "Six"Joe/M/FRG Phoenix/Reserves MoH/IC/GOE/GSx2/BSx3/PCx3/ISMx6/MoI/MoT-1gh/IS-1BR-1SR/MoC-6BoC-7SoC-4GoC-27PoC-3DoC/CoLx3/CoB/LoA/OV-12E [DRAG] {IWATS-AIM-M/1/2-MP/1-WM-WPN}

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