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For: Dark Council's
Posted By: M Exar Kit
Posted On: June 27, 2010

House news:-
I have been made Questor for House Drakonan. We are still missing a Squadron Commander for Stingray Squadron, if you think you can do the job of Squadron Commander then please email myself and Grand Master hades a App with what you will bring to the squadron, what plans you have for the squadron and the last thing surprise me.
I am on the lookout for a Aedile to help me with running of comps and other things to improve the house, so same with the Stingray Squadron App i want to see in the App what your bring to the house, what your plans are to help me run the house, surprise me, and be good at fiction Ė so i am ideally looking for a Krath with the rank of GRD ( if lower you app must be very good )so a emil to Grand Master hades and myself please.

Please congratulate Jedi Hunter Desann on becoming the Krath Dark Wizards Phyle Leader, and Dark side Adept Dante as the Obelisk Sentinel Brigade leader. They will be leading you to great things in the months to come. To everybody else lets have some fun!

Compís :-
Naming comps for the 2 Battle Teams that have BTLís Ė will be set up asap Ė donít like the name of the battle team your in??? Then now is the chance to put forward your idea for one, judges of the names will be the Grand Master Hades, Myself and the BTL of the Battle Team. Also good chance at getting Crescent of some sort (details to be work out which ones i can award as DSC is still on het stuff)(Stingrays renaming comp will start once it gotten itself a Squadron Commander)

There is a Big inter Club comp that is a Co Venture between the Emperorís Hammer and Vast Empire.
There is now 3 clubs involved in this comp. Emperorís hammer, Vast Empire and Rebel Squadron.

The Games that this Comp support for sign up is Empire at War (no FoC Addon support for this comp), and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds which is supported by the Directorate.
Jedi Academy (No force, and Gunís only) which is supported by the Dark Brotherhood.
COD4:MW with the SW mod, BF2142 with the first Strike mod.

If you are interest in signing up for this comp I need you to email me no later than the 3rd of July with your time zone, and times of play, any Instant Messengers names if you use them for contacting you for setting up matches with the other clubs. In the email can you please say which EH subgroup you going to playing for Ė i.e. if you want to play EaW you have to be in the DIR, JA = DB etc. HF = i donít know at min.

House Drakonan Roster:-
QUA) DA Exar Kit

Stingray Squadron of House Drakonan
2) SBM Blade
3) ACO Tuba
4) GRD Giovanni Palermo
5) SBM Anahorn Dempsey
6) DJK Jalin Nirtoiz
7) PRT Miles Prower
8) DJK Astin
9) JH Jormungand
10) ACO Jacen Fel
11) NOV Sarek Tabanne

Dark Wizards Phyle of House Drakonan
1) JH Desann
2) DJK Sam Rajax
3) JH Rak
4) KP Xantros
5) KAP Aija Alura Judarrl
6) KAP Azurin Luna
7) DJK Tomaas Montte
8) DJK Uther
9) ACO Ramos
11) DJK Rancorous
12) PRT Jade Night

Sentinel Brigade of House Drakonan
1) DA Dante
2) DJK Max
4) DJM Threat
5) GRD Matt Adler
6) OBM Zsinj
7) PRT Viscerator
8) JH Fratus Sinister

Dark Side Adept Exar Kit
QUA-M:Hrld /DA Exar Kit/Drakonan

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