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- 5
For: Headmaster
Posted By: WAR Keth DJek
Posted On: July 6, 2010

Dark Brotherhood News
The Grandmaster has posted the current Dark Brotherhood / Emperors Hammer storyline on the news page (as of June 28th) Please familiarise yourself with it so we are all on the same page.

With this Storyline comes a restructure, the Dark Brotherhood has been reformed into a rapid response unit by the GM and the rest of the Dark Council, we will no longer be flying around broadcasting that we are Imperials, we will use our personal ships when necessary, and only use our Imperial fighters and frigates in an emergency.

Shadow Academy News

The old guidelines for the Master Student program have been revised and are now available for study in the Shadow Academy here

I know that I have been promising some new courses recently and I have not been lying, I am in my final stages of preperation before I submit them to the Grand Master and Training Officer for revision. Once they have been approved I will be putting them up in the Academy right away! If you have any suggestions for new courses or competitions please don't hesitate to email me your suggestions, or catch me on IRC when you have the chance.

My old Apprentice Jedi Hunter Rak was submitted to his Jedi Knight Trials earlier this week, I am proud to announce that after an arduous journey he has now earned the right to his new rank, Congratulations Dark Jedi Knight Rak!

With the promotion of Rak to Jedi Knight I am now looking for a new Apprentice, If you are interested please email me, I want someone who is dedicated and who will not drop off the radar without warning me, my Apprentice should be prepared to fill in for me when I take any LoA's they will also help with the upkeep of the Shadow Academy, and with changes that I am planning on making to the DB Pages on the Wiki, Note: I would prefer a Sith Apprentice, however all will be considered, whoever is chosen will be made my Praetor.

Competition Links

No Competitions being run from the Headmaster Office at this time.

respectfully submitted

Keth D'Jek

HM-PONT/SW Keth D'Jek/DC-4/Dark Council

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