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- 1
For: Dark Council's
Posted By: ST Desann
Posted On: July 8, 2010

Greetings, Welcome to my first report as the Dark Wizards Tetrarch. Let's go straight now to the contents of my report. DB News: Latest and past DB news can be found of course in the website. For the latest news in case you haven't read it yet, here is the link to it. http://db.emperorshammer.org/reports.php?report=107 House & Phyle News: As you may know our Aedile Tomaas Montte is organizing the Krath Montly topic together with HM Keth and QUA Exar Kit. This a sign that we will be having a huge activity to come. So be ready polishing your skills again my team mates. Stay tuned for any announcement regarding this said activity. Once it is finalized, we will inform you immediately. Don't forget to submit your entries on the competition that Exy organized. Details are here: http://db.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?comp=103 Don't forget to cc me, Tomaas and GM Hades for your submission. I already got one submission and its from KP Xantros. For the Phyle news. I am giving people some extra activities to work on to. So your stay in the Phyle wont be dull. These activities are mentioned on my past communication email's that I've sent to each and everyone of you. In case some of you doesn't know what those extra works are I will list it. - Constructing a fiction story for the House and Phyle - BT Website For the fiction story, this is lead by AED Tomaas with the help of Aija and Jade. If you are interested in helping, giving some contributions, please contact Tomaas(ascottcampbell7@aol.com) and he will give you some task to it. Azurin is working for the BT website, so for those people who are good in website construction, please do contact Azurin(e.m.schreutelkamp@wanadoo.nl). Azurin please email me for any updates on the BT website. Thank you. I've also organized a competition for the Phyle. A simple start but a good one to get a shiny medal. Details are here: http://db.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?comp=105 Again don't forget to cc me, Tomaas and GM Hades for your submission. And again, I already got one submission and its from KP Xantros. I want to have the attention of the following members of the Phyle. These are: - DJK Uther - DJK Sam - DJK Rancorous - ACO Ramos I haven't heard of you guys since I start sending my first email. Is there any problem? Please we need you people. Each of you are assets to the Phyle, Everyone that resides in Dark Wizard Phyle are assets. Don't be a liability. Cause without you we can't move as one towards achieving our desire goal for the Phyle, House and DB. If there are any problems, concerned issues, real life problem, busy, etc. Please do not hesitate to inform us. Me, Tomaas and Exy. Any clarifications on the extra works, please email me. Before I forgot, let's congratulate again DJK Rak for a well deserved promotion from JH to DJK. A job well done mate. :) Competitions: Name that Phyle! http://db.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?comp=103 What is your Motto? http://db.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?comp=105 Phyle Activities: KP Xantros - working on the MSP website, submitted on the Name the Phyle and Motto competition DJK Tomaas, KAP Aija and PRT Jade - working on the fiction story KAP Azurin - working on the BT website DJK Rak - just got promoted from JH to DJK I highly suggest that you take any available SA courses that you haven't taken yet. This will give you some extra activities to do. You might get a Legion of Scholar if you got all correct answers. Not a bad thing to have isn't it? Forward the email that you have passed an SA course to me, Tomaas and Exy if you took and passed any SA courses. This will inform us that you are doing something. Phyle Roster: 1) JH Desann 2) DJK Sam Rajax 3) DJK Rak 4) KP Xantros 5) KAP Aija Alura Judarrl 6) KAP Azurin Luna 7) 8) DJK Uther 9) ACO Ramos 10) 11) DJK Rancorous 12) PRT Jade Night I hope I didn't forget anything. If you have any concerned problems, comments, suggestions. Please do email me. It will be highly appreciated. Thank you. That will be all. In service of Dark Brotherhood and Empire! Jedi Hunter Desann BTL/JH Desann/Dark Wizards/Drakonan SE/DC/Cr-R/LSS/SI/OV {SA-CORE-G:LDR-G:LSC-G:LST-H:DL-K:GMR-P2:KRATH-P2:OBELISK-P2:SITH-S:ESET-S:ISET}

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