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- 1
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: FA Viper Pred
Posted On: February 14, 2009

Welcome to the first report of the Strategic Operations Officer. A brief introduction - I am Vice Admiral Viper Pred. For those of you who have not heard of me during the past three years, I was the Commander of Sin Squadron, Wing VI Commander and eventually SSSD Sovereign Commodore. Fleet Admiral La'an saw me fit for the newly-created position of Strategic Operations Officer (SOO).

What is the SOO anyway ? Ever since the Commodore position and the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff were excluded from the TIE Corps structure, we had a gigantic hole in the Chain of Command. The Strategic Operations Officer is supposed to fill it. My primary duty is to review any recommendations and evaluations made by the Wing Commanders (as well as evaluating the said Wing Commanders). I also fulfil the same role as the Operations Officer did before the restructure - I am responsible for approving medal, promotion and uniform requests made by line members of TIE Corps. Next time you write a recommendation, you can be sure I will see it.

At the moment I have been busy with rewriting the old Training Manual into the new TIE Corps Pilot Manual. While many elements have been copied from the old version, many things were changed or rewritten. Since the works are almost finished on this, I hope to make it public in a few days. Keep your eyes opened for a mail from me.

Vice Admiral Viper Pred, signing off.


CPT Miles Prower => MAJ
SL Cesar Steiner => LT
LCM Vitaru => CM

If I missed anybody due to some early database problems, give me a shot !

-={Medals and Awards}=-

Far too many to list, due to the fact that all the awards due since the database crash have been finally inputed into the database. Not to mention quite some quirks with the new database. Expect to see more content here starting from next report.


Vice Admiral Viper "Vip" Pred
Strategic Operations Officer

SOO/VA Viper Pred/SSSD Sovereign
GS/BSx3/PCx5/ISMx3/MoI/IS-3BW-5BR-2SW-2SR-3GW-1GR/MoC-15BoC-2SoC-2GoC-2PoC-2DoC/CoLx4/CoB/OV-4E [TSRS]

TC PIN #11573

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