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- 7
For: Kappa Squadron's
Posted By: GN Kaisin Mirtez
Posted On: March 13, 2009

Report of the Squadron Commander
Respectfully Submitted by Colonel Kaisin Mirtez
Report #7 - 03-13-2009


Good Morning Campers, 

Friday the 13th.... what a lovely day..

Alot if happing in the Wing, and the TC, IWATS are back and running, though not all courses are up, there are some good ones. Alot of medals have been awarded  to several of the pilots in Kappa.

I have several competitions that are running, I encourage each of you to take part, not only is this an easy way for medals, its activity which is always a good thing. 

You will notice that Kappa has a Motto and nicknames as well as a Banner. These were provided by LCM Witcher and CPT Myn Donos who provided the Banner. Thanks to both of them.

A month has ended and the Ship is still looking great 

  • Things are looking up, competitions and such are on the rise.  

Current TC Competitions

These are here for you enjoyment, take part and you might win a medal. 

Kappa Squadron Competitions

Notable Transfers, Promotions, Medals, or other Merits

  • COL Kaisin Mirtez: Iron Star Bronze Ribbon*4, Iron Star Silver Ribbon*5
  • LCM Andrey Ivanovich: Iron Star Bronze Ribbon
  • LCM Witcher: Iron Star Bronze Ribbon*3
  • COL Moagim Daar: Iron Star Bronze Wing


Flight One:

  • Kappa 1-1: COL Kaisin Mirtez: Flew XvT-ID-1, working on website (again)
  • Kappa 1-2: LT Philledume: Email Contact
  • Kappa 1-3: LCM Andrey Ivanovich: Email Contact
  • Kappa 1-4: LCM Witcher: Email Contact, Submitted for competition

Flight Two:

  • Kappa 2-1: LC Brin Chaser (Squadron XO): Email Contact
  • Kappa 2-2: TBA
  • Kappa 2-3: CM Anthony Starr: ----------
  • Kappa 2-4: CM Conker Blackwood: --------

Flight Three:

  • Kappa 3-1: COL Moagim Daar: Email Contact,
  • Kappa 3-2: TBA
  • Kappa 3-3: TBA
  • Kappa 3-4: TBA


ITS Trivia Time PT 1:


1. Who was Mordon?

2. An Imperial Class-2 Star Destroyer can carry how many Starfighters (wings)?

3.  What was Commander Cody's Designation (trooper Number)?

4. name all four Clone Marshal Commanders?

5. Give two names of the Millennium Flacon that were used as fake identity's? 


Things are doing pretty good for now.  Take part in the Competitions

To the Glory of the Empire,
COL Kaisin Mirtez, Squadron Commander
CMDR/COL Kaisin Mirtez/Kappa/Wing VI/ISDII Warrior


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