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- 9
For: Kappa Squadron's
Posted By: GN Kaisin Mirtez
Posted On: March 27, 2009

Report of the Squadron Commander
Respectfully Submitted by Colonel Kaisin Mirtez
Report #9 - 03-27-2009


Good Morning Campers, 

This weeks report is not a good one. I don't understand why I can not hear from each of you. Some of you are active by emailing me and letting me know your alive and trying to do activity, the rest, I have not heard from in awhile. Starting in April, if I don't hear from you for more then three weeks, I will be requesting you be placed as AWOL, I don't want to keep a squadron filled with members who are not going to be active. I understand about RL, but if I can do my reports each week and make an effort to be online for the MB and so forth, then I expect the same from you. I know about trips and I wont hold that against you, but let me know so I can make a note in my report.

I have three competitions running and no takers at all. Lets get with it people, I'm not hear to hear my own self speak and type. 

I hope April will be a better month.  

Cube has returned. Drinks are on him. 

  • TIE Patches have been released, check out the main page and get yours. 

Current TC Competitions

These are here for you enjoyment, take part and you might win a medal. 

Kappa Squadron Competitions

Notable Transfers, Promotions, Medals, or other Merits


Flight One:

  • Kappa 1-1: COL Kaisin Mirtez: MB activity and Email
  • Kappa 1-2: LT Philledume: NO Contact
  • Kappa 1-3: LCM Andrey Ivanovich: NO Contact
  • Kappa 1-4: LCM Witcher: Email Contact, MB

Flight Two:

  • Kappa 2-1: LC Brin Chaser (Squadron XO): Email Contact, MB
  • Kappa 2-2: TBA
  • Kappa 2-3: CM Anthony Starr: ----------
  • Kappa 2-4: CM Conker Blackwood: --------

Flight Three:

  • Kappa 3-1: COL Moagim Daar: Email Contact, MB
  • Kappa 3-2: TBA
  • Kappa 3-3: TBA
  • Kappa 3-4: TBA


ITS Trivia Time PT 1:


1. What did Empress Teta have named after her?

2. Who built the Star Saber class of Starfighter?

3.  What race is General Grievous?

4. Who ruled the InterGalactic Banking Clan?

5. What was the original Homeworld of the Hutt's? 



TIE Mission: TIE-FREE-127: A Quiet Little Patrol

XvT Mission: XvT-FREE-143: Folly: The Fabulous Star Wars Trivia Test

XWA Mission: XWA-FREE-143: MTT12 Retalliation


Lets get the ball rolling people. I expect some communication from you all...

To the Glory of the Empire,
COL Kaisin Mirtez, Squadron Commander
CMDR/COL Kaisin Mirtez/Kappa/Wing VI/ISDII Warrior


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