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- 9
For: Alpha Squadron's
Posted By: MAJ Valic
Posted On: June 28, 2009

Transcript of weekly squadron report of Alpha Squadron. June 27, 2009.
MAJ Valic Vacosties speaking.

OKAY... so this week has been a bomb, been dealing with MAJOR internet problems
and the ever present Bueraucrasy (okay, I really have no idea how that is spelled)
of our wonderful IRL Government, but here is a report... just more of a bi-weekly one this time...

Fleet News:

We are coming into July now, and I finally have my Comm systems back up (the internet
is stable again, go FairPoint Service...*laughs*) So I'm going to try to get that saddle back
on... really, I even found my sticks and games, now I just have to find the time to fly...

Wing News:

Wing, fleet, it's all about the same.

Other news assingments:

Ummmm.... none.

Squadron News:

One major bit of news, WELCOME BACK TURR!!!

Squadron Status:

Okay, SO... the good news is... there was contact from most of you in the last two weeks...
the bad news is, we all need to start flying and the like if we want to try to bring
activity back up. (God I wish that LucasArts would give us a new, up to graphics sim that
could get more people interested, everything is focused so much on Kotor and Prequel Trilogy
that we are getting so drowned out at times.)

So, I am going to do everything I can to get some flying in, and VERY soon!

Current Competitions:


None yet.


Activity Reports:

CMDR/CPT Valic (Me) -- Wrote this report, Email

FM/COL Nurel Turr -- Email contact.

FM/LCM Puma Oblivion -- Email Contact

FL/CM Derek Kilvian -- Email Contact

FL/CPT Kyle Fardreamer -- NONE

FM/COL Ramos Kanzco -- Email Contact

FM/CPT Panaka -- NONE

FM/MAJ Nebular -- Still on leave.

FM/LC Micheal Emrys -- Email Contact


Alpha Squadron
Flight I
1) MAJ Valic (ValicVacosties@gmail.com) (Derek_Rosborough@alumni.ithaca.edu)
2) COL Nurel Turr (skosh_steps@yahoo.com)
3) MAJ Nebular (the.nebular@gmail.com)
4) TBA

Flight II
1) CM Derek Klivian (jay@aldertonfamily.com)
2) LCM Puma Oblivion (aeaton35@verizon.net) (cavesniperpb@gmail.com)
3) TBA
4) CPT Panaka (sdwhatsnew@hotmail.com)

Flight III
1) CPT Kyle Fardreamer (obliberator@vp.pl)
2) TBA
3) COL Ramos Kanzco (ramos.kanzco@gmail.com)
4) LC Michael Emrys (swinter2@iinet.net.au)

***End Transcript***

Respectfully Submitted.
CMDR/MAJ Valic/Alpha/Wing VI/ISDII Warrior

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