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- 4
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: COL Astin
Posted On: August 2, 2009

Office of the Strategic Operations Officer
Vice Admiral Astin reporting in on August 2nd, 2009


This has been a pretty exciting week in the TIE Corps. We've had a few promotions, medal awards, new pilots, and a pretty sizeable increase in communications (thanks mostly to the new TIE Corps email group). For the first time this year, I can actually say that things are looking every so slightly up. Once the structure change is completed in the next week or so, I'm hoping that the rekindled interest in the TIE Corps that many people seem to have will help fuel a new TIE Corps wide competition that is currently being worked on. You can expect to see this new competition, which will not be your standard "fly this mission and get a high score", shortly after the restructure is completed.

Aside from helping the rest of the Admiralty Board with the restructure and new competition, the other project I am working on currently is the converting of the TIE Corps Pilot Manual into an HTML format. I've taken the old EH Training Manual format that I am familiar with from my time as TO, as the new TO scrapped the design to go with his own for the new EH manual. Pretty much ever file in the manual needed some sort of update, and I would say at this point I'm about 75% finished with it. Hopefully we will see the manual online sometime in the next week.

As a reminder to Wing Commanders, I'd like to see MWEs by the end of this coming week. Please start working on them if you haven't already.

All in all, this was a pretty good week. Let's make next week even better! If the restructure happens before my next report, I hope that you will all embrace the change as an opportunity to basically start from scratch and anew. I feel very optimistic about our future right now, and with all of your efforts I am sure that this new beginning so to speak will launch us into a new and exciting era. To close this report and all of my future reports, I will list all promotions and medals. Note that I will not be including Iron Stars, Medals of Communication or Legion of Combat awards.


COL Kaisin Mirtez, Kappa Squadron -> General
SL Zanasj, Green Squadron -> Lieutenant
SL Chris Pape, Tempest Squadron -> Lieutenant
SL Caydin Makarin, Kappa Squadron -> Lieutenant


GN Rancorous, Wing VI -> Grand Order of the Emperor
GN Kaisin Mirtez, Kappa Squadron -> Palpatine Crescent (backlogged May award)
LC Brin Chaser, Kappa Squadron -> Imperial Security Medal (backlogged May award)
MAJ Valic, Alpha Squadron -> Imperial Security Medal (backlogged May award)
COL Moagim Daar, Kappa Squadron -> Imperial Security Medal (backlogged May award)
LT Zanasj, Green Squadron -> Distinguished Flying Cross (x2)

Congratulations to everyone on their awards, especially General Mirtez on his promotion and General Rancorous on his GOE. Well deserved on both parts. Until next week,

SOO/VA Astin/SSSD Sovereign
MoI-BC/MoT-4rh/MoC-1poc-3soc-10boc/CoLx2/CoB/LoA/OV-10E [LGNR]

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