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- 24
For: Kappa Squadron's
Posted By: GN Kaisin Mirtez
Posted On: August 14, 2009

Report of the Squadron Commander
Respectfully Submitted by General Kaisin Mirtez
Report #24 - 08-14-2009


Good Morning Campers,

Yes I have not sent out a report in sometime and for that I am sorry. Things in RL have hit me hard these past few weeks and things just got away from me. The next few weeks will also be hard, but I will be here and will live up to the TC.

it seems the current peace talks have taken a turn for the worse. All have received the emails with the details, I will be taking part and encourage each of you to as well. Lets show them what Kappa has to offer.

My competition has been running and as of yet no submissions, you have one week till its over (I extended it due to RL)

Activity in Kappa is on the rise.


Current TC Competitions

These are here for you enjoyment, take part and you might win a medal.

Kappa Squadron Competitions

Notable Transfers, Promotions, Medals, or other Merits

  • to many to list….
  • Activity

    Flight One:

    • Kappa 1-1: COL Kaisin Mirtez: MB activity and Email, Flew XvT-FREE-15
    • Kappa 1-2: TBA
    • Kappa 1-3: LCM Andrey Ivanovich: Email
    • Kappa 1-4: LCM Witcher: Email Contact, MB,

    Flight Two:

    • Kappa 2-1: TBA
    • Kappa 2-2: TBA
    • Kappa 2-3: TBA
    • Kappa 2-4: CM Conker Blackwood: Email, Flew TIE-TC-231-232, 227-229,

    Flight Three:

    • Kappa 3-1: COL Moagim Daar: Email, Flew TIE-FREE-163-165, 172-178, 184, 195, 246,251,271, 229, 231, 194, 203, 235, 179-183, 185-191, TIE-TC-240
    • Kappa 3-2: Dav Aosiz: Email, Flew XvT-TC-1-10, 12-13, 15-16 (High scores on 5 missions, XWA-TC-1-2, 5-8
    • Kappa 3-3: Caydin Makarin: Email contact
    • Kappa 3-4: TBA


    No idea where the flying came from, but it was nice to see so much BSF files in my inbox. …;

    To the Glory of the Empire,
    GEN Kaisin Mirtez, Squadron Commander
    CMDR/GEN Kaisin Mirtez/Kappa/Wing VI/ISDII Warrior

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