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- 8
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: COL Astin
Posted On: August 30, 2009

Strategic Operations Office
Vice Admiral Astin reporting in for the ISDII Hammer on August 30th, 2009


It's been a week since the restructure, and so far things are looking pretty good! BSFs continue to flood my inbox, and I am happy to see all of the new squadrons getting involved in sorting their mottos/nicknames/banners/ships out. I am very happy with how the CMDRs are handling their new squadrons so far and hopefully we will be able to add a few more to the roster soon!

Former CMDRs, those of you who were a CMDR before the restructure, if you haven't yet already PLEASE send me an August evaluation for your squadron. If anything, at least send just a list of medals that should be awarded to your pilots. I just want to make sure everyone gets credit for their activity for the month of August. Current CMDRs, your MSEs will not be due until October.

Recruitment. This is something that needs to happen if this restructure is to succeed. If you have ideas, discuss it on the TC mail group! If you know friends that may be interested in joining (even if it means borrowing your copy of an XW game and having them only fly once a month), by all means talk to them about it! In light of how desperate we are for new members and to really show how big of a deal recruiting new members to our club right now is, for a limited time I will be offering a Gold Star of the Empire for every three new members you bring into active duty! That means both new recruits and retired members. To be eligible for this award, you need to inform me of your successful recruitment. I will then verify you are in fact the recruiter and start a tally for you. Remember, if you do not inform me of your recruit, I won't count it towards your tally! This is a limited time offer, and I will stop offering the medal if it has absolutely no effect for a long period of time or if it becomes extremely popular to the point where I cannot justify giving such a high award any longer. So go out there and start recruiting! We only need a couple new faces to open Wing I's remaining squadron, and just a handful more until we can open Wing II!

I am currently registering the #wing_i IRC channel, mainly to secure it as we expand. I invite everyone to add this channel to their join list when they log on to IRC.

Roster Status

COL Daniel Bonini -> OUT to Reserves
CM Ibram Gaunt -> IN to Alpha Squadron
CPT Ric Gravin -> IN to Epsilon Squadron
CM Gistenjunge -> IN to Delta Squadron

Total Wing I Members: 51 (+2)


LCM Sergeyli, Delta Squadron -> Commander (rank)
CPT RichyV,  Epsilon Squadron -> Squadron Commander (position)

Merit Medals

COL Daniel Bonini, Reserves -> Gold Star of the Empire
CM Sergeyli, Delta Squadron -> Bronze Star of the Empire
COL Moagim Daar, Beta Squadron -> Palpatine Crescent
LT Dav Aosiz, Beta Squadron -> Palpatine Crescent
CM Conker Blackwood, Beta Squadron -> Palpatine Crescent
COL Zosite Konstyte Styles, Delta Squadron -> Palpatine Crescent
LT Chris Pape, Delta Squadron -> Palpatine Crescent
CM Dunta Polo, Epsilon Squadron -> Palpatine Crescent
CM John T. Clark, Delta Squadron  -> Imperial Security Medal
LT Zanasj, Delta Squadron -> Imperial Security Medal
LT Zeek Doinds, Gamma Squadron -> Imperial Security Medal

Congratulations to everyone on their awards! In closing, your standing orders for this week are to get situated in your squadrons by participating in your CMDR's competitions and RECRUIT! OSS Fiction results will be released soon, and after that you can look for some more TC/Wing I competitions. Until then, good hunting!

SOO/VA Astin/ISDII Hammer, Acting Wing Commander of Wing I

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