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- 2
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: HA Frodo March
Posted On: November 19, 2009

High Admiral Frodo March reporting for the Strategic Operations Office, Report #2

Initial Statement

This week has been filled with preperations that will culminate tomorow when the RTF Competition beings!

Just a reminder that in a few hours I will e-mail you the theme for the fiction comp, as well as which Free missions are to be flown for the SP Competition.

I have already mentioned it through the egroup this week, but the RTF Scores can be found here.

Saturday, remember that the MP Competition begins! So all you MPers better present yourselves to #EHCOO if you dont want to miss out on all the fun. I will be there most of the day, ready for MP action. Matches are to be reported to me!

The position of Alpha Squadron Commander has not yet been filled although I am considering several canditates. It isn't too late to submit your application!

The MSE awards were awarded today by yours truly. CMDRs, this is a very early reminder that on the 1st of December, I will begin to expect the ones for November... Lets try to be a little bit more punctual this time around.

Medal Award Summary

BS to COL Conker Blackwood for excellent Flying activity!
PC to CPT RichyV for his work as Epsilon CMDR
PC to COL Zeth Durron for September flying activity
PC to COL Pickled Yoda for making the RTF Scores site!
ISM to LT Caydin Makarin for his work in October
ISM to CM Dunta Polo for October
ISM to COL Master for his work in Gamma Squadron
ISM to LCM Witcher for flying activity.
IS-GW to FA Howlader for winning the Ace of the Month.
IS-SW to COL Conker Blackwood for second place in the Ace of the Month.
IS-BW to MAJ Elwood the Brave for third place in the Ace of the Month.
IS-BR to LT Caydin Makarin for winning his Squadron IWATS competition!


Raise the Flag Competition.
Detailed rules can be found here.

Quote of the Week

More of Shaq's wisdom

Our offense is like the pythagorean theorem: There is no answer!

--Shaquille O'Neal

Final Thoughts

First and foremost, a BIG congrats to all the medal recipients. Remember that hard work will always be payed off, so long as I am SOO. If you didn't get a medal this time around, it's up to you to get out there and do more for the TIE Corps!

The competition begins tomorow as I said, and I sincerely hope that you are all excited about it. I look forward to taking you all on as a member of the DREAM TEAM!

Best of Luck!


SOO/HA Frodo March/ISDII Hammer
IC/GOE/GSx3/SSx8/BSx4/PCx9/ISMx8/IS-2GW-1SW-12BW-3PR-7GR-5SR-12BR/MoI/MoT-43rh-10gh-44bh/LoC-CSx7-Rx4/ DFC-Rx1/MoC-1doc-1poc-1goc-1soc-9boc/CoLx2/CoSx7/CoB/LoAx10/OV-9E [CNTR] FLA-GFX-HIST-IBX-IIC/1-M/ 1/2-MCBS-MP/1-SGBMC-SM/2/3-TACS-TM/1-TT-WM-WPN-XAM-XTM/1/2-XTT}

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