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- 5
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: HA Frodo March
Posted On: January 16, 2010

High Admiral Frodo March reporting for the Strategic Operations Office, Report #5

Initial Statement

Well, it took a little while for the first SOO Report of the year to appear, but here it is. I was waiting for the CMDRs to submit the MSEs, and the December process was finalised today, as you may have noticed by checking TC News.

The year began with a bang, as GA Cyric rewarded all the pilots of the TIE Corps with the Commendation of Loyalty to commemorate the EH's anniversary. We are all greatful for his recognition and meaningful gesture.

The main area we'll be concentrating on for the following months is TIE Golf. Albeit it is an EH competition run by our TAC, it is still the TC's job to excel at it, even if it does mean that we'll be trying to achieve the lowest scores we can. Look out Richy. Look out.

I am slightly disapointed by the amount of people that signed up, but I trust that you will make up for it in the comps to follow. Needless to say the Admirality Board is cooking something up.

The lack of entrees does however give the CMDRs a chance to create a Squadron competition involving some flying...

Also, congrats once again to Captain Dunta Polo! I'm sure we can find him at the Hammered! giving out drinks to anyone who'll take em.

Medal Award Summary

BS to VA Conker Blackwood for tremendous flying activity!
PC to MAJ RichyV for his flying acitivity and his job as Epsilon CMDR.
IS-SR to FA Howlader for winning EH Trivia
MoT-Rh to VA Conker Blackwood for creating an EH Battle.
IS-BR to CPT Dunta Polo for winning a Squadron Comp.
IS-BR to LCM Halk Knight for winning a Squadron Comp.
Lots of MoCs
Lots of CoLs
Lots of GSs! (HA Havok, HA Dempsey, FA Zsinj, HA Ender and our own VA Eclipse!...and maybe even Meeee!)


TIE Golf: Click here for official scores.

Quote of the Week

*FA_Paladin does not spank his monkey, he pets it gently

Final Thoughts

I'd like to congratulate Conker and Polo on their efforts in the Ace of the TIE Corps competition. A new year has dawned, and now the title is still up for grabs to anybody that really wants it. Get flying folks.

Our objective is to bring up TC wide participation by the next RTF! CMDRs have a lot riding on it, so lets help them out as best we can. Competitions will be coming soon!

Perhaps today IS a good day to die!?


SOO/HA Frodo March/ISDII Hammer
IC/GOE/GSx4/SSx8/BSx4/PCx9/ISMx8/IS-2GW-1SW-12BW-3PR-7GR-5SR-12BR/MoI/MoT-43rh-10gh-44bh/LoC-CSx7-Rx4/ DFC-Rx1/MoC-1doc-1poc-1goc-1soc-9boc/CoLx3/CoSx7/CoB/LoAx10/OV-9E [CNTR] FLA-GFX-HIST-IBX-IIC/1-M/ 1/2-MCBS-MP/1-SGBMC-SM/2/3-TACS-TM/1-TT-WM-WPN-XAM-XTM/1/2-XTT}

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