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- 6
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: HA Frodo March
Posted On: February 15, 2010

High Admiral Frodo March reporting for the Strategic Operations Office, Report #6

Initial Statement

This week started off well with the award of the MSE rewards to all deserving pilots. I'd like to thank the CMDRs for being more on time than usual. We can, however, still improve.

TIE Golf has come to an end with results still pending on our TAC's merciless calculations and just a few files that have yet to reach him. Since this competition is over I endeavor to occupy your free time with the new banner competition for Wing I. Expect something bigger and more fun for March on the competition front, involving some flying of course. I'll be consulting with the TCCOM shortly to see what we're cooking up.

The Banner competition details are listed below in the competitions section.

Other than that, I encourage all knowlegeable and experienced pilots to comb their friends list to see if anybody would like to return, or join the TIE Corps. Need I remind you that Daedalus has many cadets, most of which are having trouble with the flight training phase (from what I can gather). I firmly encourage any pilots that would like to help these cadets to contact VA Eclipse about the matter in order to offer them your expertise.

Other than that there have been a lot of Squadron competitions and TAC competitions so I've been keeping a low profile, while constantly keeping a watchful eye on all of you and the medals you receive.

Medal Award Summary

BS to CPT Dunta Polo for awesome flight activity
PC to LC Quincy Nelson for excellent CMDRing of Alpha
PC to MAJ RichyV for superb CMDRing and flying in January
ISM to LT Caydin Makarin for good flying and FL activity
ISM to LCM Halk Knight for good flying and FL activity
IS-GW to CPT Dunta Polo for TAC's Best
IS-SW to FA Howlader for TAC's Best
IS-BW to HA Frodo March for TAC's Best
IS-GW to FA Howlader for January Kill board
IS-SW to CPT Dunta Polo for January Kill Board
IS-BW to MAJ RichyV for January Kill Board
IS-BR to FA Howlader for TAC quote comp
IS-BW to CPT Dunta Polo for Epsilon Squadron Competition
IS-BW to COL Moagim Daar for Beta Squadron Competition
Tons of MoCs


Wing I Banner Competition: Details here.

Quote of the Week

Ash is the Man:
Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.

Final Thoughts

A lot has happened since my last report, and I hope the frequency (or infrequency) suits most of your fancies, tends to keep them more juicy.

I'd just like to remind everyone that an IS-GR is up for grabs for the banner competition, and that anybody who wants to make one can e-mail me right away to let me know so that I can expect it.

Good luck.


SOO/HA Frodo March/ISDII Hammer
IC/GOE/GSx4/SSx8/BSx4/PCx9/ISMx8/IS-2GW-1SW-13BW-3PR-7GR-5SR-12BR/MoI/MoT-43rh-10gh-44bh/LoC-CSx8/DFC- Rx1/MoC-1doc-1poc-1goc-1soc-11boc/CoLx3/CoSx7/CoB/LoAx10/OV-10E [CNTR] FLA-GFX-HIST-IBX-IIC/1-M/1/ 2-MCBS-MP/1-SGBMC-SM/2/3-TACS-TM/1-TT-WM-WPN-XAM-XTM/1/2-XTT}

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