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KAP Tomaas Montte - 1
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: D Tomaas Montte
Posted On: February 9, 2011

House Drakonan Report

Dark Greetings Everyone, Greetings everyone and happy Halloween! This is my first report as your Quaestor, and it will be a short one. I don’t have much to say at this point, other than let’s get that activity and energy back we had in early September. I’m working on a few projects for the House currently that I hope to release soon, one of which is a House website members can make use of and I’m working on a few other ideas. I’ve contacted most of the House Battleteam leaders at this point and know they also have some activities planned for their members, so their should be some opportunities there for activity. If you members of the House would be kind enough, I’d like to hear from you. No, this isn’t an AWOL check, it’s just something I think might help us become a better House and a more enjoyable club. Let me know what you’re interested in doing and what sort of activities you’d like to have available. This is everyone’s club and I want it to be as enjoyable as possible for all our members. If you have some individual projects you’d like to work on, tell me, maybe we can make that happen for you. If you’re interested in increasing the social activity through chat, Ventrillo, etc. Let me know we can do things there as well. I have a few things of my own I want to accomplish and several duties I must fulfill, but aside from that I want to steer this House in a direction that makes sense for our members. Lastly, I have a few projects left over from my tenure as Aedile I want to get moving again, like DIE. I know there is a definite interest in this program and I’ll try and check in with the people working on it and see where we are at with that. The run-on is nearing its end (thankfully) and I’ll be posting there either later today or tonight and hopefully we can wrap things up by the end of the week. When we do I’m hoping to have some ideas from you as to what our next run-on should be like. We are currently a part of the overall Emperor’s Hammer plotline so I’ll have to work with Hades on what we do next, but I will try and incorporate any of your ideas that I can for our next run-on. Do you want lightsaber duels, combat, exploration, etc. ? Let me know and I’ll try and chart the course for us. News It’s been extremely quiet the last few weeks. Of course, Quaestor Kit has stepped down and I’ve been selected to take his place. Appointments Just one. I’m now the Quaestor. I’ll try to not muck things up and get Drakonan sorted as soon as possible. Awards None this month, due to the lack of activity. Battleteam leaders, make sure you get me recommendations early this month as we in America have the Thanksgiving holiday at the end of November and I want to get everyone the recognition they deserve before that rather than putting it off. Promotions Exar Kit has been elevated to the rank of Dark Jedi Master by Grandmaster Hades for all his hard work and contributions to the Dark Brotherhood over the years. Everyone please join me in congratulating Exxy on his achievement. Competitions None right now. I hope to be starting two in the upcoming week, one a fiction based comp and another to create a House motto for us. I’ll release details as these competitions get developed and approved. I believe the Battleteam leaders also have some competitions planned for all of you as well. Activities As always, there is merriment and mischief available to all members of House Drakonan at our message board: http://eh.stryfe.net/viewforum.php?f=137 Our “Into the Cold” run-on continues: http://eh.stryfe.net/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=1631 . We are close to wrapping up this chapter. Try and get there and finish your plot threads this week! If you haven’t posted yet, you’re missing a lot of fun and a chance to get involved in the ongoing Emperor’s Hammer plotline. House Drakonan Roster QUA KAP Tomaas Montte Dark Prophets BTL GRD Jade Night BTM DJK Sam Rajax BTM DJK Rak BTM JH Desann BTM KAP Xantros BTM KAP Aija Alura Judarrl BTM KAP Azurin Luna BTM PRT Ke'Sherra BTM DJK Uther BTM ACO Ramos BTM DJK Rancorous Sentinel BTL DA Dante BTM DJM Baron BTM DA Scoser BTM DJK Max BTM NOV Xelo BTM DJM Threat BTM GRD Matt Adler BTM OBM Zsinj BTM PRT Viscerator BTM JH Fratus Sinister BTM NOV Gravesong Stingray BTL GM Justin Stryker BTM DJK Sindorin BTM GRD Rau Aznable BTM NOV Draconis BTM SBM Blade BTM JH Tuba BTM GRD Giovanni Palermo BTM SBM Anahorn Dempsey BTM DJK Kaisin Mirtez BTM JH Jormungand BTM ACO Jacen Fel BTM NOV Corren BTM NOV Rokin Final Thoughts House Drakonan has fallen into a lull of activity lately that I’d like to see reversed. Let’s all work together to get things moving again and in a direction we’re all happy with. We had a lot going just a month agao and I’d like to see us return to that level of activity. Also, for the gamers in the House, those of you that have Steam should contact either myself or Rapier so you can be a part of the Emperor’s Hammer Steam group. It makes match making ion games and keeping in contact with your EH friends very easy, and of course we’d be glad to have you. I’m always looking for friends to go zombie slaying in Left for Dead with and Conker is always looking for victims… err friends to play Team Fortress 2 with. I look forward to hearing from all of you soon and think this House has a lot of potential to become something truly exceptional in the future. Darkness Defend, QUA/KAP Tomaas Montte/Drakonan House (SoP)(DC-K)(Cr-D-Ax2)(LSS){SA:CORE-G:AT1-G:LST-H:INTEL-S:ESET-S:ISET-K:GMR}

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