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KE Tomaas Montte - 9
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: D Tomaas Montte
Posted On: January 30, 2011

Dark Greetings Everyone, It’s time for the weekly report. I’ve seem a rise in activity over the last week which is always nice tosee, and even seen a few veteran members come out to play with us, which is always a good sign. On the whole I’d say we’re headed in the right direction. Keep doing what you all have been, and we’ll be on the road to being a prominent House. News o We had a mission released last week from the TAC office. TIE free 283: Starfighter Histories: TIE Advanced. It was created by our own DJK Mark Scheuler and I enjoyed flying it a lot, no spoilers but there are shifting mission Orders and some fun flying. There was also a new Battle released XWA-TC 62 created by SBM Anahorn Dempsey. I’m made a proposal to all the Drakonan pilots. Fly the mission, battle, or both and write a review for them last week. Get at least 6 House members regardless of Order to do the same and I’ll give each of you a Dark Cross for showing support for one of our House members. To be clear that means at least 6 House members flying and reviewing each. So if we have 6 or more for the mission but not the Battle the people who flew the mission will get a DC but not those that only flew the Battle. After talking with Dark Jedi Knight Tuba I’ve agreed to extend the deadline for another week, so that all of you can find your cockpits after being away for awhile. Think you’re up for the challenge? o There were three courses released this week as well. History of the Mandalorians Part 2 written by myself, a course being recovered from the old Academy of Tactics called Internet Analysis and SN4 (that’s sniper class, folks). Keep in mind that the first three people to get a perfect score on any newly released course like these two, earns a medal from the Training Office. o The EH Wiki has been recovered and locked down security wise. Those of you interested in updating and contributing to it should contact either the XO, SA Rapier, or the Dark Brotherhood Herald DA Zeth Durron. I’d recommend everyone take the time at some point in the near future to add their character history to the Wiki. Awards I only awarded two medals this week (next week’s report will have a much larger share as it will be the first report of a new month.) I awarded a LSS to DA Zeth Durron for winning Tuba’s Stingray Squadron Trivia, and a Dark Cross to DA Zeth Durron as well for contributing some very nice banners to the House Drakonan website. Competitions Crazy Caption Competition (New) Start Date: January 29, 2011 End Date: January 29, 2012 Groups involved: Dark Brotherhood Awards: An Emerald Crescent for the winner of the vote. Description: Each week I'll post a Star Wars or Star Wars related image in the House Drakonan forum of the Message Board along with what I hope is a moderately humorous 'caption.' Your task is to come up with one (or more, up to 5 maximum) funny caption(s) of your own for that picture. At the end of the week (7 days from being posted).I'll create a poll so that everyone can vote for which caption they think is funniest. The winner of the vote gets a Emerald Crescent and their caption will be displayed at the House Drakonan site along with the picture in a Humor Gallery. I can only have ten options in a poll, so if there are more than ten entries, I will narrow them down to 10 to be voted on using my best judgement. Each week a new image will be posted so there will be plenty of opportunities to exercise your creativity in humorous ways. This contest is open to any active DB member. All entries should be posted on the Message Board in the thread where the image is posted. Good luck everyone and I look forward to you making us all laugh. Stingray Squadron Trivia Start Date: January 23, 2011 End Date: January 27, 2012 Groups involved: Dark Brotherhood Awards: At the end of the week, highest point total wins a Legion of the Scholar. Crescent awards for cumulative correct answers: Cr-1Q for 25, Cr-1T for 50, Cr-1E for 100, Cr-1S for 200, Cr-1A for 400, Cr-1R for 800, and Cr-1D for 1500 lifetime answers. Yes, that's almost 6 straight years of weekly trivia, but it's something to aspire to. Description: Each week I will ask 5 questions from material found on Wookieepedia and the Dark Side Compendium. Members will respond via email. The first correct answer each day receives 2 points, while each correct answer for the same day receives 1 point. The weekly competiton will run from Sunday to Thursday, with the winner announced during my weekly Battleteam report on Friday. Any member who wins 3 weeks in a row, is required to sit out for a week to give others a chance, but they may still answer the questions for points toward their cumulative total. (Note that despite the name this competition is open to all active DB members. Send all entries to tuba@nemont.net . An Image of Darkness Start Date:January 9, 2011 End Date: February 11,2011 Groups involved: House Drakonan Awards: Crescent-Sapphire Star (Cr-1S) for 1st, Crescent-Emerald Star (Cr-1E) for 2nd. Description:Time to make pretty pictures! We need a banner for the House. I'd like to use it for the House Drakonan Website. Design to your heart's content but I'd definitely like to see something appropriate to Dark Side Jedi as a whole or something that includes an image reflecting each Order. (i.e. a banner that features a TIE fighter might be great for Stingray, but not the entire House.) In addition to the medal I'll make sure to credit you on the website when it goes up so everyone can recognize your work. Submit all entries to ascottcampbell7@aol.com. Debriefing Start Date: January 9, 2011 End Date: February 11,2011 Groups involved: House Drakonan Awards: Crescent-Sapphire Star (Cr-1S) for 1st, Crescent-Emerald Star (Cr-1E) for 2nd. Description: In our wonderful Shadow Academy we have a course available on Writing Debriefs. If you haven't taken a look at it I urge you to do so. The idea of this competition is to bring back the practice of writing debriefs about the combat our members engage in. The rules are simple. Fly a mission (any DB platform) or fight a duel in one of our FPS games (since MP is problematic for the older games I will accept entries that used 'bots' in an MP arena) and then write a debrief about what happened. I won't repeat the course notes here, but specificity and good description are the keys to a good debrief. Let me know what your goal(s) were. What strategy you went in with, The way you carried it out, etc. (i.e. I was to destroy a Rebel corvette and decided my best method of attack would be to approach from the rear and employ a loadout of advanced concussion missiles. As I closed with my target a flight of X-Wings moved in from 8 o'clock high, etc.) When you submit please include the mission you flew or arena you dueled in, what platform you played on, and the mission/arena name. The winning entries will eventually find a home in the fiction archive. Send all submissions to ascottcampbell7@aol.com. The Uses of Power Start Date: January 9, 2011 End Date: February 11,2011 Groups involved: House Drakonan Awards: Crescent-Sapphire Star (Cr-1S) for 1st, Crescent-Emerald Star (Cr-1E) for 2nd. Description:This is a fiction based competition open to the entire House. I hope that this can become an ongoing competition if there is enough interest to merit it. The basic idea is that I will select a power from the list in the Dark Side Compendium and you write a story or essay about one of three things: 1) How your character first learned the power. 2)A unique story where you put the power to an interesting or unconventional use during a past mission. 3) A story from the early years of the Old Republic where a Sith or Jedi "discovers" this power and how they did so. The entry should show that you have a familiarity with the power's DSC description and limitations. At first I will be choosing more commonly accessible powers, available to lower ranks. If at some point in the future I choose a higher level power that may not be available to you at your rank, you can write a story where you observed its use by another dark jedi or even an enemy. Be creative and have fun. The object here is to explore the possibilities available with the Force as our ally. I'll give you fair warning, stick to the DSC and its descriptions and do NOT tell me what "Starkiller" can do. I enjoyed the first entries quite a bit and I’m really looking forward to reading the entries in the next round. This time I’ve chosen Farseeing as the power for you to weave a story or essay about. I'll be saving the winning entries to add to the EH fiction archive when it is operational and (if possible) add to the House website when it is completed. In the meantime there are medals to be won. I'll accept entries of 1 page at minimum to a 6 page maximum. Submit all entries to ascottcampbell7@aol.com. Activities Participating in the new Crazy Caption Competition is considered activity even if you don’t win you can always think of something witty to get active. In addition to the competitions available currently, Xantros has a run-on available for everyone to participate in on the Message Board. If you’re having trouble finding it, it was started in the “Fiction” section of the MB rather than the House Drakonan area where everything else is located. Keep in mind that if you are a pilot, Battles and missions can be submitted as both TC and DB activity for the same mission, so be sure to deluge your BTL (and me) with cc: s of anything you fly. There are always courses available to be taken in the EH university of your choice for activity. Activity Tracking I thought I’d start reporting activity in the House report so everyone can see what their peers are doing and so that in case I’ve missed anything you can email me and correct any oversights. QUA/KE Monnte – Worked on Drakonan website, flew TIE Free 283, email contact with several members, Crazy Caption Competition, Stingray Trivia, boring bureaucratic duties and paperwork, the usual. ;) BTL/DJK Tuba- Created several graphics for the House, wrote Battleteam report, email contact, took several courses, flew: XWA TC62, ran trivia competition for the entire DB, participated in Crazy Caption Competition. WELL DONE ! SBM Anahorn Dempsey- completed several courses, released XWATC 62, Flew XWA TC 62, TIE Free 282 and 283, participated in Stingray Trivia, participated in Crazy Caption Competition. Well Done! KAP Xantros- participated in Stingray Trivia and Crazy Caption Competition. GRD Jade Knight- in Stingray Trivia and Crazy Caption Competition. OBM Zsinj- participated in Stingray Trivia. DJK Mark Scheuler- Released TIE Free 282 and 283, Flew TIE Free 3, XWA ID 2, and XWA Free 140, participated in Stingray Trivia, participated in Crazy Caption Competition. Well Done! Now if I’ve missed anyone for this week, let both myself and your BTL know (if applicable) and I’ll be sure to update that in my report next week. Final Thoughts I don’t have much this week other than to say I like where things seem to be heading. Next week will be the final week for many of the currently running competitions, so if you’ve been procrastinating, the time is now to get your entries in there. Also, next week I’ll be re-launching the Monthly Topic for the DB. That means every active member including the Dark Council is eligible to participate, and you’ve found out how good most of them are at winning a competition, so put your game faces on and get ready to write your best. If you haven’t done so yet, drop in at the Drakonan forum and check out the new Crazy Caption Competition. There’s some good stuff there that gave me more than one chuckle, and while you’re there submit a caption of your own, or start a completely different topic. Chat with your House and get to know one another. I’ve spoken to most of you at some point and so far I’m glad I got the chance, you should make the time to get to know one another. I’ll sign off by repeating something I often say, if you have any ideas, thoughts, concerns, etc. get in touch with me. I can only try to help with a project or problem if I know you have one. Darkness Defend, QUA/KE Tomaas Montte/Drakonan House (GC)(SoP)(DC-K)(Cr-D-Ax2)(LSS){SA:CORE-G:AT1-G:LST-H:INTEL-S:ESET-S:ISET-K:GMR}

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