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KE Tomaas Montte - 13
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: D Tomaas Montte
Posted On: February 27, 2011


House Drakonan Report 02-27-11

Dark Greetings Everyone,

               It’s time for the weekly report.




o     XvT free 240: Convoy Escort Duty was released this week. This free mission was created by our very own SBM Anahorn Dempsey. Since it was created by one of our own, I’d like to promote its release. If at least six House Drakonan members fly and review this free mission, each of them will receive a Dark Cross.

o   The Monthly topic will be ending tomorrow and so far I’ve received no submissions. Come on people, this was something that several people requested make a return. Get yourselves in gear and get me some stories.

o   I’m excited to announce a new mega competition for House Drakonan called “The Sword of Drakonan.”  Details can be found at the EH site under Competitions or on the House Drakonan website. This comp will run for a full year with monthly reward installments. The basic concept is simple: be active. For each activity or comp you complete in the Dark Brotherhood, you’ll receive a point value. The member that has the highest cumulative points at the end of a given month will earn the title of Sword of Drakonan and a nice medal. The second and third place point earners each month will also earn medals but no title. The catch is that the Sword will also get a fictional position as my chief assassin, commando, and advisor. The Sword also gets a nifty piece of bonus equipment, again in our fiction, which could be a variety of things, depending on the winner’s focus. Let’s not forget that this is also about ‘bragging rights.’ We now have a yardstick to measure consistent activity and contribution to the Brotherhood. So who’s the best Dark Jedi? We’re going to find out. There will be a leaderboard hosted at the House Drakonan website that will be updated weekly so everyone can track their standings. Good luck and may the best dark jedi win.

o   DJK Tuba has also released an ongoing competition, entitled “Red Baron of the Dark Brotherhood,” which is open to the entire Dark Brotherhood, including the Dark Council. This is a piloting contest pure and simple. Each month the title will be awarded to the member that has flown the most missions that month. At the end of the year, the member with the highest number of missions flown becomes Red Baron of the Dark Brotherhood for that year. And gets to keep the title permanently. So if you fancy yourself a hotshot pilot you’ll now be able to prove it.


o   It was a narrow victory this week, but DJK Tuba once again won the Crazy Caption Competition and will receive an Cr-E, since he is the only member that submitted to this week’s image I’m awarding him a second as well.  There will still be a vote to determine which of his submissions gets posted at the House Drakonan website though.  Come on people, I’ve seen some truly funny things created by you in the past, somebody knock Tuba off his thrown or he’ll get so top heavy with medals he won’t be able to walk.

o   DJK Kaisin Mirtez won this week’s trivia competition handily and will be receiving a Legion of the Scholar for his victory. Good Job DJK Mirtez!



The current official competitions available to members of the House and their details:

The Sword of Drakonan
Start Date: March 1, 2011
End Date: March 31, 2012
Groups involved: House Drakonan
Awards: Medals: For taking the highest level of points in a given month the member will receive a Cr-1A, for taking second a Cr-1S. Additionally, the member that is the overall leader in points for the year at that point becomes “The Sword of Drakonan” a fictional position that entitles them to a special piece of equipment, this can be worked out between myself and the winner. Also this position will serve as the Quaestor’s personal assassin, commando, advisor etc. If the member loses the title the next month they lose the benefits until they can reclaim it.

At the end of the year the title of Sword and the included benefits become permanent even if the member retires or a new Sword is chosen. Also at the end of the year the top three point scores will receive a Gold Nova, Silver Nova, and Bronze Nova respectively.
The idea behind this competition is to allow each of you to compete in a friendly manner to determine who is the most active and accomplished dark jedi in the House. Next to me of course. ;) How it works is there are point values assigned to specific activities and awards. Each time you complete one of these activities, you automatically get the points. Now at the end of each month the points will be tallied and the leader becomes the "Sword of Drakonan. A recognition of your excellence at pursuing the dark side arts and serving House Drakonan. This monthly title comes with a medal and the fictional perks of being my right hand...being. Also we'll work out a fun added bonus for you to claim in any run ons or fiction.

Here's the catch: We're dark jedi. You only hold the title as long as you can keep your fellow Dark Reavers from snatching it away so you better stay on top of the point total or next month I'll have a new Sword assisting me.

Here's how the point breakdown goes:

TIE Fighter/XWA/ etc. – 1 point per mission flown (2 if the member receives a high score)

Multiplayer Gaming (on any official platform) – 1 point per match played (2 if the MP was in an EH sponsored or endorsed match with an outside club)

Message Board posts – 1 point (double posting doesn’t count, the member must wait for a response from another House member, this also includes run ons)

DB Fiction- 1 point per page, an extra point for a submission that wins a competition

Graphics/Videos/Mission, Mod, Map, Level Creation- 1-5 points depending on the size and detail of each (I’ll have to use my discretion here, an extra point for any such submission that is part of an official competition, and an extra 2 for a competition winner)

Coursework-  1 point for successful completion of any course in the EH Academies, 2 points for a Shadow Academy course.

Course Creation- 3 points for creating a course in any EH academy, 2 extra points for creating a Shadow Academy course.

Recruiting- 5 points for each new member recruited that becomes active and stays so for at least a month.

Serving as a BTL- Each week counts as 1 point, the BTL must produce a unit report and be active in at least one other activity listed above and be running 1 unit level or higher competition, 1 extra point earned per activity or competition run by that BTL that has at least 5 members other than them participating)

Trivia and other miscellaneous types of activity/competition- 1 point for participating in each competition or activity cycle.

Now at the end of the year the three top point earners will receive Gold through Bronze Novas for their outstanding achievements. In addition the person who gathers the most points for the year gets to keep their fictional title permanently and any benfits attached to it.

Good luck everyone and let the frenzy begin!
Comp Admin: KE Tomaas Montte

Between A Rock and a Hard Place
Start Date: February 27, 2011
End Date: March 19, 2011
Groups involved: House Drakonan
Awards: Medals: (Cr-1E) for 1st place, (Cr-1T) for 2nd place, (Cr-1Q) for third place.
Being Quaestor I get to do things others might consider...over the top. I mean what's the benefit of being a powerful and fearsome dark jedi if I don't indulge my every whim at the expense of those below me in the chain of command? Case in point we've moved the Swift Fury into a backwater system and in order to get the best view of the sun through my office view port I need some asteroids cleared out of the way.

So your job is to get in a little utility tug with a single laser and get out there and clear my view!

To play: You have three weeks to play the classic "Asteroids” game located in the Quaestor's Arcade on the House Drakonan website: https://sites.google.com/site/housedrakonan/quaestor-s-office/quaestor-s-arcade

You can play until you're satisfied you've got the highest score you can, then take a screenshot of your achievement and send it to: ascottcampbell7@aol.com. The top three scorers each week will get medals and a week away from scrubbing the Swift Fury's decks until I can see myself in them. So hone your old school piloting skills, or grab a bucket and a scrub pad!
Comp Admin: KE Tomaas Montte

Symbols, it’s all about symbols.
Start Date: February 10, 2011
End Date: February 25, 2011
Groups involved: Dark Prophets Battleteam
Awards: Medals: 1st= Cr-1E, 2nd=Cr-1T
Besides a war cry, and the way we fight, we always want to leave an impression. Whether that impression be the symbol on our armour or the impression of the Battle Teams symbol on the face/body of your enemy. Your mission here is to create a symbol in any graphics program or by hand for our Battle Team. Top 2 will get awards, the first place will make history by giving us our own symbol. Can be anything, and should leave room enough that we can put the motto on it, or feel free to put the motto on it yourself. Good luck and I look forward to what you have coming!! Submit to christmas_unicorn@yahoo.ca
Comp Admin: 
GRD Jade Night

It’s time to Par-tay!
Start Date: February 10, 2011
End Date: February 28, 2011
Groups involved: Dark Prophets Battleteam
Awards: Medals: 1st= Cr-1E, 2nd=Cr-1T
With the leaving of our last BTL and me coming in, it’s time to celebrate the hard work he put in and the new things to come. Write a short fiction, at max 2 pages, of the party we would throw.. What happens there? Do any sparks fly? Do we perhaps get drunk enough to go in and try and steal the AED’s special stash of Whiskey? Be creative and have fun!!! Submit to christmas_unicorn@yahoo.ca
Comp Admin: 
GRD Jade Night

What does Krath mean to you?
Start Date: February 10, 2011
End Date: February 26, 2011
Groups involved: Dark Prophets
Awards: 1st= Cr-1E, 2nd=Cr-1T
Write a 1.5 page minimum fiction on what being Krath means to you. Why are you a Krath and no an Oblesk or Sith? Why did you chose this Darkside path? You have two weeks. Send submissions to GRD Jaded Night christmas_unicorn@yahoo.ca
Comp Admin: 
GRD Jade Night

February Monthly Topic
Start Date: February 1, 2011
End Date: February 28, 2011
Groups involved: All active Dark Brotherhood members
Awards: 1st place: Cr-1D; 1nd place: Cr-1R; 3rd place: Cr-1A
It's the beginning of a new year and the beginning of a new era in the Dark Brotherhood, and the beginning of a new series of Monthly Topics. In light of that the topic for this month is "Beginnings" Write something in whatever format you choose about a new beginning you've experienced as a DB member. Stories should be a minimum of five pages. Submit all entries to ascottcampbell7@aol.com
Comp Admin: 
KE Tomaas Montte

Crazy Caption Contest
Start Date: January 29, 2011
End Date: January 29, 2012
Groups involved: Dark Brotherhood
Awards: Cr-1E
Each week I'll post a Star Wars or Star Wars related image in the House Drakonan forum of the Message Board along with what I hope is a moderately humorous 'caption.' Your task is to come up with one (or more, up to 5 maximum) funny caption(s) of your own for that picture. At the end of the week (7 days from being posted).I'll create a poll so that everyone can vote for which caption they think is funniest. The winner of the vote gets a Emerald Crescent and their caption will be displayed at the House Drakonan site along with the picture in a Humor Gallery. I can only have ten options in a poll, so if there are more than ten entries, I will narrow them down to 10 to be voted on using my best judgment. Each week a new image will be posted so there will be plenty of opportunities to exercise your creativity in humorous ways. This contest is open to any active DB member. All entries should be posted on the Message Board in the thread where the image is posted. Good luck everyone and I look forward to you making us all laugh.
Comp Admin: 
KE Tomaas Montte

Stingray Squadron Trivia
Start Date: January 23, 2011
End Date: January 27, 2012
Groups involved: Dark Brotherhood
Awards: At the end of the week, highest point total wins a Legion of the Scholar. Crescent awards for cumulative correct answers: Cr-1Q for 25, Cr-1T for 50, Cr-1E for 100, Cr-1S for 200, Cr-1A for 400, Cr-1R for 800, and Cr-1D for 1500 lifetime answers. Yes, that's almost 6 straight years of weekly trivia, but it's something to aspire to.
Each week I will ask 5 questions from material found on Wookieepedia and the Dark Side Compendium. Members will respond via email. The first correct answer each day receives 2 points, while each correct answer for the same day receives 1 point. The weekly competiton will run from Sunday to Thursday, with the winner announced during my weekly Battleteam report on Friday. Any member who wins 3 weeks in a row, is required to sit out for a week to give others a chance, but they may still answer the questions for points toward their cumulative total.(Note that despite the name this competition is open to all active DB members. Send all entries to ehtuba@gmail.com .
Comp Admin: 
DJK Tuba


               The Monthly Topic has is still available, for one more day. Get cracking and get me some submissions!

Participating in the Crazy Caption Competition is considered activity even if you don’t win you can always think of something witty to get active.

Anyone can go break a few rocks in the Asteroids Flash game at the House Drakonan website and earn medals so no matter your Order you can have some old school gaming fun for a few weeks.

Starting sometime this week there will be a run on on our Message Board forum again! The idea behind it is to create an “Infinities” (non EH canon) story revolving around the Death Trooper virus getting loose. Keep an eye on your email for more info when this launches.

               Keep in mind that if you are a pilot, Battles and missions can be submitted as both TC and DB activity for the same mission, so be sure to deluge your BTL (and me) with cc: s of anything you fly.

               There are always courses available to be taken in the EH university of your choice for activity.

Final Thoughts

               There was a consistent level of activity this week and in the coming week I expect a bit more as some new competitions with new ideas have launched. If there is one area I’d like to see improvement in the House, its recruiting. So get out and get some of your friends to come join our fun. If you know of someone that has lapsed into retirement, talk to them and get them excited about the things going on. I’d like to challenge each of you to recruit/reactivate at least three people each. So that by July we can be readying the opening of a new House. The benefits of more people being involved should be obvious. More people equals more activity. More activity means more fun and more medals. More fun and more medals means we can recruit even more people, and the happy cycle of growth would continue. I’m very happy and excited with everything you’ve all done and continue to do here, and I don’t exaggerate when I say I think I have a fine House full of some truly talented and interesting members. I just want us to expand that and share what we have going with others. Until next week, keep active, have fun, and keep impressing everyone.

Darkness Defend,

QUA/KE Tomaas Montte/Drakonan House



CA:TO/VA Tomaas Montte/CA-4/SSSD Sovereign [DCRN]


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