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Stingray Squadron Report 25: 07-09-2011 - 25
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: ADT Tuba
Posted On: July 9, 2011

Greetings and Sithutations!  Big news and lots of important events this past week.

The Balloon is Up!  That's right, our fearless leader decreed an end to our incarceration in Black Rock Prison so the massive jailbreak is upon us.  It's still not too late to join in the mayhem on the Message Board.  Don't let the Quaestor, myself, and Azurin have all the fun!

The AWOL check is over and the ranks are thinned.  We're down to 22 active members (including the Quaestor and myself).  Stingray suffered the most losses with 6 remaining actives, making us the smallest Order.  We've smelted the raw ore, now it's time to show everyone why we call ourselves Sith Steel.

As you all know, I'm the new Aedile of House Drakonen.  The party just finished and our reserves of Corellian Whiskey are depleted!  As the Quaestor indicated there are more changes ahead, so I'm pulling double duty as Aedile and BTL of Stingray.  Once everything calms down, we'll solicit applications for my successor.  In the interim, please continue sending all your pilot files, correspondence, and witty remarks to me.

My sole condition for accepting the Aedile position was that I maintain Stingray until a proper replacement is found.  Our Squadron and our members are important to me, so know that no matter my title, I'm always eager to help.

Ok, enough with the sappy Jedi lovey-dovey claptrap.  We're pals and all, but if anyone tries to hug me they'll need some time in the bacta tank.

Dylan Martin promoted to Acolyte for his consistent activity and impressive work during the month of June!  Keep it up!

Rhal promoted to Acolyte for turning in eight Shadow Academy courses, worth 16 Sword of Drakonen points in June!  Outstanding!

SW Tuba (me!) advanced to Aedile.  Same work load, more pay (so I'm told), and a larger ice cream ration!

DJK Mirtez awarded the Legion of the Scholar for winning DB Trivia 23!  His 11th victory!

ACO Martin awarded the Dark Cross for some rather impressive June activity!  Well done!

OBM Zsinj awarded the Legion of the Scholar for victory in DB Trivia 23!

OBM Zsinj and KAP Xantros both awarded the Sapphire Crescent for reaching 100 Lifetime Correct Answers in DB Trivia!  Great work!

KAP Xantros awarded the Dark Cross for June activity (including some impressive groundwork on the DIE project), and another Sapphire Star for 2nd place in the June Sword of Drakonen Competition!

KAP Luna awarded the Dark Cross for June activity!

ACO Rhal awarded the Dark Cross for June activity!

DJK Mirtez: Won DB Trivia 23! - That's two in a row, Kaisin!
ACO Martin: Completed Observer, Sniper, Apprentice Demolitions Tech, and General Leadership courses!  Wonderful!

GM Lah: DB Trivia!
KAP Xantros: MB Post, and DB Trivia!
KAP Luna: 5 MB Posts, including 2 in the Black Rock Run On!
GRD Cirith: DB Trivia!  First round and tied for 2nd!  Welcome and well done!

DA Scoser: DB Trivia!
OBM Zsinj: Won DB Trivia 23!  Zsinj's 4th victory!

SW Tuba: Ran DB Trivia, imbibed most of our whiskey reserves, maintained SoD point count, Black Rock Run On, Flew XvT TC 17-27 and TIE TC 6-9 (72 missions).

Let's see some flying, folks!  We're pilots and besides JH Aznable's 7 missions last month, we've seen zero (0, nada, zip, zilch) flying activity!  I know most of you have working flight engines so pretty please with padawan y-wings on top: fly.  We even reward that kind of activity around these parts!

Keep it Sithy.

AED/SW Pel "Tuba" Morba/House Drakonen
FL-PROF/CPT Tuba/Delta 3-1

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