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Aedile's Corner 1 07-15-2011 - 0
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: ADT Tuba
Posted On: July 15, 2011

Dark Greetings and Sithutations!  The Quaestor pointedly reminded me of my advancement after last week's report, so no more Stingray Squadron Reports (boo!).  Here's the innaugural Aedile's Report (yay!).  Veteran readers may recognize the format.

EH News:
Sony and LucasArts both say "So sorry, but we're pulling the plug" in response to online petitions to save Star Wars Galaxies.  Threads abound in the message board.

DB News: Obelisk Order retired!  Blue-robed Obbies mull options.
As you all know, we're discontinuing the Obelisk Order due to chronic inactivity.  Obbies have just a few days left to choose between Sith, Krath, or Rogue Retirement.  After their strong showing in the AWOL check, we're hoping they all stick around to lead rebuilding efforts with the two remaining Orders.

House News: The balloon is up!  Dark Jedi run loose in Black Rock Prison.  High body count expected.  It's still not too late to join in the jailbreak mayhem over on the message board.  Help us take out some guards and complete this vital mission for the Emperor's Hammer storyline!

OBM Zsinj and DJK Mirtez awarded Legions of the Scholar for victory in DB Trivia 23!

Quaestor Montte awarded the Topaz Star for 50 Lifetime Correct Answers in DB Trivia!

DB Trivia 24 winners: DA Durron, DA Scoser, DJK Mirtez, and GRD Cirith!  Congratulations to our latest trivia champs!

GM Lah: Completed Crypto-Analysis, Gehenna, Osiris, Thor, and Lightsaber Training Courses!  Outstanding example!

OBM Zsinj: DB Trivia!

KAP Luna: 4 MB Posts, including 2 in the Black Rock Run On!

JH Night: DB Trivia!

GRD Adler: DB Trivia!

ACO Martin: DB Trivia!

AED Tuba (me!): Ran DB Trivia, compiled SoD points, 3 MB Posts (including the Black Rock Run On), pithy emails, worked a lot on DIE project.

Closing thoughts: Bit of turmoil this week with the closing of our Obelisk Order, but they're being welcomed with open arms into the Sith and Krath Orders.  Please help our Obbie brothers with the transition.

Sith: FLY! (or write, I'm good with either)

Krath: WRITE! (or fly - hey, mix things up!)

Keep it Sithy.

AED/SW Pel "Tuba" Morba/House Drakonen
FL-PROF/CPT Tuba/Delta 3-1

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