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KE Tomaas Montte - 31
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: D Tomaas Montte
Posted On: July 17, 2011



Dark Greetings Everyone,

               It’s time for the weekly report.


Quaestor’s Quote(s) of the Week

o   "I am Grand Admiral Thrawn. I have been away, but now I have returned. I know some of what has occurred. You will fill in the details of the rest when I come aboard. Rejoice, Captain, for the Empire will rise again. You will find astrogation coordinates that have been encoded with this transmission. I will await your arrival." ―Thrawn's introductory message to Gilad Pellaeon


o   "We are the Imperial Fleet. We do not hire mercenaries and pirate gangs from the fringe to fight our battles for us." ―Gilad Pellaeon


o   Obelisk Order Closing – Its been almost a week since Grand Master Hades announced the closing of the Obelisk Order and so far I haven’t seen much response from any of you. While this probably shouldn’t surprise me, I’d certainly like to see a little life from those of you that survived the AWOL check. For those of you that are currently Obelisks, you’ll need to contact GM Hades directly to let him know your choice of a new Order. He’ll be handling reassignment. If I can help or answer any questions, please contact me. I can’t directly reassign you of course but I’ll do whatever I can to hurry the process or find answers to your inquiries if I don’t have them already.


o   Star Wars Galaxies Gets another Nail in its Coffin- Visit the main EH site for all the sordid details, but essentially LucasArts has parroted SOE’s statements. Seems like they are intent on sacrificing Galaxies on the altar of The Old Republic.




Prison Letters
Start Date: June 12, 2011
End Date: June 30, 2011
Groups involved: Dark Brotherhood
Awards: Diamond Star (Cr-1D) for 1st in category, Ruby Star (Cr-1R) for second in category.
Grand Master Hades will be reading the "Black Rock" run on posts and judging who had the best entries in several categories, including Best Individual post, Best Team Player, Best Action Scene, and perhaps a few others. So write often and well so he has a plethora of choices for his categories.
Comp Admin: 
KE Tomaas Montte


The current official competitions available to members of the House and their details are available at the House Drakonan website: https://sites.google.com/site/housedrakonan/competitions  or can be found at the main Emperor’s Hammer site: http://www.emperorshammer.org/comps.php



               There’s a RUN ON on the message board forum!  Go write and be happy, remember each post counts towards Sword of Drakonan points.

There are several flying competitions active so warm up your engines and grab your flight stick and go get some medals!

               Keep in mind that if you are a pilot, Battles and missions can be submitted as both TC and DB activity for the same mission, so be sure to deluge your BTL (and me) with cc: s of anything you fly.

               There are always courses available to be taken in the EH university of your choice for activity.


Final Thoughts

               The run on is kicking into high gear and some long overdue members have joined us at the message boards. Join in now and get some participation points for Sword of Drakonan and a chance at winning a medal from Grand master Hades in the “Prison Letters” competition.  It’s actually a lot of fun and we’re hip deep in action and combat at the moment. If you’re a former Obelisk, then email Hades first with your new choice of Order, the sooner we get beyond this the sooner we can get new things rolling along. I’ve said this many ways in the past, but let me be plain: This club is as good as WE make it. Like everything else you’ll get out of this experience rewards proportionate to the effort and time you put in.



Darkness Defend,

QUA/KE Tomaas Montte/Drakonan House

(GC)(SoP)(DC-K)(Cr-D-Ax2-T-Q) (LSB){SA:K:GMR-RT-AT1-LST}

We don't have a word for hero. Being prepared to die for your family and friends, or what you hold dear, is a basic requirement for a Mando, so it's not worth a separate word. It's only cowards we had to find a special name for.”

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