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Aedile's Corner 02: 07-23-2011 - 2
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: ADT Tuba
Posted On: July 23, 2011

Dark Greetings and Sithutations!

Our greatly feared GM Hades is without internet service due to a cowardly Jedi attack.  I'm told the GM is unharmed and the Jedi are currently languishing in Universal Energy Cages, but the comm loss is expected to last until sometime next week.  All new competitions and the dispositions of our Obelisk brothers are put on hold until GM Hades returns.  Existing comps continue normally.

We're looking for a good BTL to take over Stingray Squadron!  That's right, if you think you have what it takes to lead Sith Steel into a new age of enlightened activity, email me your application.  Even if you don't think you've got what it takes, tell me that too!  The Quaestor and I will contact applicants with questions before making a final decision.  Applications are due no later than 23:59 on Thursday July 28th.

Black Rock Run On Continues!  The Quaestor and I just discovered Goyar Multanovich's cell while Jade and Azurin plumb the depths of the Isolation Block.  Will we successfully extract our prisoner?  Will Azurin discover a monster?  Who's piloting the escape shuttle?  Pitch in and help us write the latest chapter in the ongoing EH plot!

Red Barons of the DB: PRT Kodiak returned from leave and promptly racked up 6 missions!  That's our only flight activity this month, so get out and fly so I can award some medals!

DB Trivia:
This week Czul and Zsinj triumphed over some stiff competition.  Congratulations to our Round 25 winners!

Sword of Drakonan:
After flying 136 missions this month, I'm in first place with 167 points (and counting).
Second place is tenuously held by GM Lah with 15 points!
KAP Luna is hot on his heels with 14 points!

ALL activity counts for SoD!  A single mission, a MB Post, an IWATS or Imperial University Course, participating in a contest (besides SoD!), or one page of fiction all count as 1 point each!  Contest winners and Shadow Academy Courses count as 2 points each! There's still a week left in July so get out and grab second place from Czul!

Speaking of fiction, 3 of Czul's points came from a general fiction submission.  Fiction outside of contests is always welcome (we like a good yarn!) and counts as SoD Activity!  Write about anything Star Wars and we'll read it.

GM Lah completed the Empire at War course, wrote 3 pages of fiction, and won DB Trivia!

DA Scoser: DB Trivia!

OBM Zsinj: Won DB Trivia!

KAP Luna: 4 MB Posts, including invaluable help in the Black Rock Run On!

DJK Mirtez: DB Trivia (watch out folks, he's eligible for victory again starting Sunday!)

JH Night: 2 MB Posts, completed History of the Jedi Order, Unit Leadership, and Tarkin Doctrine courses; DB Trivia!  Well done!

GRD Adler: DB Trivia!

GRD Cirith: DB Trivia!

PRT Kereban: DB Trivia, MB Post, flew XWA TC 37 (and returned from leave!)

AED/SW Tuba: Mission High Scores on XvT TC 18 Mission 3 and XvT TC 23 Mission 5; Flew XvT TC 28-34 and 36, plus XWA TC 59.  Hosted DB Trivia, made 4 MB Posts (mostly in and around the Black Rock Run On), sent pithy emails, solicited new Sith BTL, pondered origin of word 'manacles' with Czul and received painful mental image.

Keep it Sithy.

AED/SW Pel "Tuba" Morba/House Drakonan
FL-PROF/CPT Tuba/Delta 3-1

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