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Aedile's Corner 05: 08-13-2011 - 5
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: ADT Tuba
Posted On: August 13, 2011

Dark Greetings and Sithutations!


We had some good activity this week, concluding a couple of contests and nearly wrapping up the run on.


EH News:

Our club wants to support console and non-Star Wars games.  Right now the CS is soliciting interest so if you have a MP console game you love playing, let your nearest Command Staff member know about it!


DB Trivia

DJK Fenris Uhlahn claimed victory this week!



1st place: DJK Kaisin Mirtez!

2nd place: DJK Fenris Uhlahn!


Darth Haiku

1st place: DA Dante!

2nd place: DJK Kaisin Mirtez!

3rd place: GRD Elad Cirith!


Awards for the above are pending.  Thanks to all who participated!


Black Rock Run On is almost over!  Azurin needs a bit of help with a Sithspawn Rancor and we still need to extract our prisoner unharmed.  Drop by and lend a hand with the clean up and extraction!


Week 2 Activity!

DA Dante: Darth Haiku Winner, DB Trivia!


DA Scoser: DB Trivia!


KAP Luna: 1 MB Post, 3 Black Rock Posts!


KAP Xantros: Black Rock Post, DB Trivia!


DJK Uhlahn: 2 great Black Rock space battle posts, 2nd place Dogfights, Won DB Trivia!


DJK Mirtez: 2nd place Darth Haiku, Won Dogfights, DB Trivia!

Courses: Imperial Naval Organization, History of the Mandalorians, History of the Galaxy Pre-Republic!


GRD Adler: DB Trivia!


GRD Cirith: 3rd place Darth Haiku, DB Trivia!


SW Tuba: 3 Black Rock Posts, 6 MB Posts, Flew XvTF 91 and TIE TC 15-20.  Ran DB Trivia, sent pithy emails.


Good week, everyone.  I’m very glad to see those submissions for the Dogfights and Haiku comps, along with Kaisin’s courses and our DB Trivia ‘Usual Suspects’.  Let’s finish off the run on this week and move on to bigger things!


Keep it Sithy.

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