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Aedile's Corner 06: 08-20-2011 - 6
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: ADT Tuba
Posted On: August 20, 2011

Dark Greetings and Sithutations!

GM Hades' personal computer was the victim of a cowardly Jedi attack, disabling this vital system and disrupting the smooth judging of our recently-completed Black Rock Run On.  To discourage further attacks on our command and control systems I'm placing a bounty of 50,000 Imperial Credits on every Jedi and Jedi sympathizer in the galaxy.  Wipe them out.  All of them.

DJK Kaisin Mirtez triumphed in DB Trivia this week, overcoming some stiff competition to reclaim the title.  Great work!


DIE Beta Testing!


This is for real!  We’re just a few test matches away from deploying the revamped Dueling Institute of Eos system.  Every duel victory earns a Cluster of Fire.  KAP Luna, KAP Xantros, DJK Mirtez, DJK Uhlahn, and GRD Cirith graciously volunteered to help craft a new activity and award opportunity for all our members.  Please thank them!




It was never formally announced, but our beloved Quaestor was promoted to Krath Pontifex a few weeks ago.  In addition to some Force Ghost powers, he’s also got the Drain Life ability.  Be nice or he’ll suck the life right out of you! 

“One!  One new Pontifex!  Ah-ah-ah!”



Cr-Ax3 to SW Tuba for SoD 1st place in May, June, and July!

Cr-S to DA Dante for Darth Haiku 1st place!

Cr-S to DJK Mirtez for Dogfights 1st place!

Cr-E to DJK Mirtez for 2nd place Darth Haiku!

Cr-E to DJK Mirtez for 100 correct answers in DB Trivia!

Cr-E to DJK Uhlahn for Dogfights 2nd place!

Cr-T to GRD Cirith for 3rd place Darth Haiku!

Cr-Q to GRD Cirith for 25 correct answers in DB Trivia!



You’ve produced great activity numbers this month, and we still have 11 days left!  Keep it up and make this an August to remember!


1st place with 24 pts: SBM Dempsey!

2nd place with 17 pts: DJK Mirtez and DJK Uhlahn!

3rd place with 13 pts: KAP Luna!

4th place with 9 pts: KAP Xantros!

5th place with 5 pts: GRD Cirith!


Want a place in the top two spots?  It’s easy!  Each flown mission (X-wing, TIE, XvT, or XWA), a Message Board post, participating in a contest (like DB Trivia!), a graphic, or one page of fiction, or one poem all count as 1 point!  Winning a contest counts as 2 points!  Only 19 pts separate 1st from 5th, so take advantage of these last 11 days and claim your victory!


Until next week, Keep it Sithy.

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