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FA Laan - 1
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: GN Jarek La'an
Posted On: August 26, 2011


Strat. Ops. Officer Report #1

FA La’an Reporting,

Greetings all and welcome to my first, albeit brief, report. This is intended as a precursor to a fuller report to follow on from the AWOL check once all squads have reported in and any required changes made to the roster. I have come back to the TC in part due to a change in RL circumstance, meaning I am alongside for an extended period and actually free to indulge my long-dormant TC leanings.

As SOO my purview will be reports, encouraging activity, and assessments, very much the role of a WC in the earlier days of this group. I fully expect my role to adapt and change as need requires, but for now these three areas will be my focus. However in order for any of this to make sense, I consider the AWOL check as an essential.

As a case in point I spent 9 months on a warship in the Arabian Gulf and returned to find that I was STILL listed as an active FM within Alpha, obviously this was not the case. Before we can make any serious attempt to regenerate or rejuvenate we need to ensure that we are doing so with a reliable base, with squads composed of people who want this to work and are around to contribute to it. To those who are not around we remain grateful for everything that you have done in the past and will happily see you return from the RSVs in due course.

All officers wishing to remain on the roster should contact their CMDRs with a clear statement to that effect. It will stand to reason that those that do not contact have no further desire to participate or take the club forward. The only exception will be those personnel on leave, CMDRs will take account of this on a case by case basis. This message should be disseminated by CMDRs to their subordinates in case of any personnel absent from the mailing list.

All officers have until 1600Z (GMT) August 30th 2011 to contact their CMDRs.

CMDRs will forward these names no later than 1600Z (GMT) September 1st 2011.

All queries or complaints can be addressed to me by this group, or in private to my email address or via IRC. As always I welcome any communication!

In addition to the information above I would like to request that any FM/FL who received no acknowledgement from their CMDR simply email me directly.

As always I can be contacted with any queries, although hopefully my next official action should be a very small number of RSV transfers. Optimism will prevail I’m sure, in closing I have asked GA Rapier to pass on a brief assessment of the EH/TC from an in universe perspective for those of you of a mission creation or fiction persuasion,

In Service,

FA La’an, SOO

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