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Quaestor's Report T01: 08-28-2011 - 0
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: ADT Tuba
Posted On: August 28, 2011

Greetings and Sithutations!


No sooner do I get settled in as Aedile, and now I’m Quaestor.  How exciting!  Seriously, it’s a big responsibility and Quaestor Montte left some rather large beskar boots to fill.  I hope to do at least as good a job and with your help lead our House to a happy and prosperous future.


A quick announcement before we get to the rest of the official stuff:

ACO Dylan Martin resigned from Battleteam Leader of Stingray Squadron.  I’ve spoken with Dylan at length and support his decision.  He’ll remain a Battleteam Member.  Until we find another leader for Stingray, please report directly to me.


EH News:

Grand Admiral Cyric resigned as Fleet Commander.  He is replaced by Grand Admiral Rapier and our own former MAA, Sector Admiral Havok, is now XO of the entire Emperor’s Hammer!


DB News:

Krath Pontifex Montte is now the Master At Arms!  GM Havok left the position to assume the XO spot, but retains a Praetor position on the Dark Council.


SBM Tuba (Me!) is the new Quaestor of House Drakonan!  Expect a short fiction story soon regarding our change of command.


DIE Beta Testing is about to begin!  We have our beta testers’ character sheets and will conduct the duels in a designated sub-forum of the Message Boards.  Once it’s set up, I’ll post the link so everyone can see the action!


TOR continues marching toward the New Year’s Eve release date.  Watch the Eternity Vault operation video here: http://www.swtor.com/media/trailers/eternity-vault-developer-walkthrough



Following the Trail:  Okay folks it’s time for a fiction contest!  The competition will run until September 4th and the concept is for you to write the next piece of our Dark Brotherhood plotline. There are a few details you’ll need to include: The contact is extremely wealthy and vacationing at a resort on Naboo. He displays Coruscanti speech patterns so he’s either a native or has lived there for some time.  This person will have information leading us to a name and company ( a large bank) based on Coruscant that was instrumental in facilitating the attack on Aurora. No more details than that (Those details will be revealed in the next run on.) You’ll have use of the Corvette Greed (though you’ll be able to give it a temporary new name) and be posing as one of the galaxy’s wealthy elite.  Other than that everything else is up to you.  You CAN use your lightsabers here so have fun with any fights you may write in, just keep[ in mind the information comes first. Oh and the standard fiction rules apply. (i.e. keep to canon, no powerful artifacts popping up, etc.)


Send all entries to MAA Montte at ascottcampbell7@aol.com, but please CC me so I know you entered!


DB Trivia!

DJK Mirtez claimed victory last week.  Today saw the start of Round 31!  Chime in and play!


Sword of Drakonan!

August point totals are updated on the House site: https://sites.google.com/site/housedrakonan/sword-of-drakonan


Since I’m QUA now, I can no longer play so it’s time for a new Sword!  Here are this month’s top 5:


SBM Dempsey: 25 pts

DJK Mirtez: 23 pts

DJK Uhlahn: 20 pts

KAP Luna: 17 pts

KAP Xantros: 12 pts



Tuba elevated to Sith Battle Master for some swell work while Aedile.


Awards! (My favorite part)

Emerald Dagger (ED) awarded to MAA Montte for his outstanding stewardship of House Drakonan!

Cr-D to SBM Tuba for 1st place in the Black Rock Run On

Cr-A to DJK Uhlahn for 3rd place in the Black Rock Run On

Cr-E to DA Scoser for achieving 100 Lifetime Correct Answers in DB Trivia

Cr-E to JH Night for achieving 100 Lifetime Correct Answers in DB Trivia

LSSx2 to DJK Mirtez for victory in DB Trivia 29 and 30

LSS to DJK Uhlahn for victory in DB Trivia 28



DJM Kit: Email!


DA Scoser: DB Trivia!


SBM Dempsey: Email, DB Trivia!


OBM Zsinj: DB Trivia!


KAP Luna: MB Post, DIE Character Sheet, DB Trivia!


KAP Xantros: Email, DIE Character Sheet, DB Trivia!


DJK Uhlahn: Email, DIE Character Sheet, DB Trivia!


DJK Mirtez: Completed Galactic Republic and Imperial Intelligence Courses, Email, DIE Character Sheet, Won DB Trivia 30!


JH Night: DB Trivia!


GRD Adler: DB Trivia!


GRD Cirith: Email, Completed DIE Character Sheet!


ACO Martin: Email!


No Contact or Known Activity:

GM Lah

JH Aznable

PRT Kereban

NOV Rhal

NOV Lightningmoon

APP Loopus


That’s all for the first report folks.  Don’t forget to write 1-10 pages for the Following the Trail competition.  It’s your chance to craft the next chapter of not only DB History, but the EH plot as well.  If you’re worried about taking me along, don’t.  Just write me in as the comic relief or have me provide a diversion or something.  Bonus points to whomever writes me as enjoying umbrella drinks on the beach!

Keep it Sithy.

QUA/SBM Pel "Tuba" Morba/House Drakonan
FL-PROF/CPT Tuba/Delta 3-1

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