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Drakonan Report T02: 09-04-2011 - 0
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: ADT Tuba
Posted On: September 4, 2011

Greetings and Sithutations!

DJK Kaisin Mirtez is now the leader of Stingray Squadron!  The party and afterparty are over, but please check your boots for pink lizards before donning.  Congratulations!

Kaisin is also the new Sword of Drakonan!  Being the House's most active member earns our new BTL the title and a special item.  Congratulations!

The Black Rock Run On is now part of the official House Archive!

DIE beta testing began on the Message Boards this week.  Check out the action as we craft a fun activity for you! 

September sees the return of the Monthly Topic!  This month's subject is "Hero for a Day".  I'll let MAA Montte take it from here:

Each of us is a dark jedi and seen by most of the galaxy and even by many of our fellow Imperials as "bad guys." But we're all in service to the Empire and even as we wreak devastation on our enemies I'm sure someone might be grateful we kept that group of pirates off their freighter or that Occupation force out of their city. So here's your chance to write the story of one of your shining moments where you were perceived as a hero for something you did by the average citizens of one of our EH planets.
Be creative and have fun here, maybe you didn't really do what they think you did, or you did something even more heroic, but no one knows. Or maybe you want to write a story where you make a sacrifice for the greater good of the Empire and no one ever knows the truth. Its all open as long as you follow the theme of heroism. Since its been a long time since we've done this let me remind everyone that entries must be a minimum of five pages and a maximum of 20. You have an entire month to write and develop this story and it should NOT tie in to the main plot line (this is for you to shine solo and away from the main action).
The top two stories will be awarded a Diamond and Ruby Crescent respectively and this competition is open to any active Dark Brotherhood member. Please send all submissions to ascottcampbell7@aol.com. Good Luck everyone!

When you enter (you will enter, won't you?) please CC me and your BTL so we know you've entered the contest and can award you SoD points!  Remember, it's 1 point for entering plus 1 additional point per page of fiction.  If you're particularly verbose, that's 21 potential points!

DJK Kaisin Mirtez elevated to BTL of Stingray Squadron!  With both our Battleteams now in the hands of proven leaders, our House can only succeed!

Star of Eos to DJK Kaisin Mirtez for August activity!
Star of Eos to DJK Fenris Uhlahn for
August activity!
Star of Eos to KAP Azurin Luna for August activity!
Dark Cross to SBM Dempsey for August activity!
Dark Cross to KAP Xantros for August activity!
Cr-A to DJK Kaisin Mirtez for 1st place August SoD!
Cr-S to SBM Dempsey for 2nd place August SoD!
LSS to DJK Kaisin Mirtez for victory in DB Trivia 31!

August was an extremely active month, with four members earning at least 20 SoD points!  I'm pleased with the activity and hope those who participated are proud of their achievement. 

August SoD Breakdown:
DJK Mirtez: 29 pts
SBM Dempsey: 25 pts
KAP Luna: 20 pts
DJK Uhlahn: 20 pts
KAP Xantros: 14 pts
GRD Cirith: 7 pts
DA Dante: 4 pts
DA Scoser: 4 pts
JH Night: 3 pts
OBM Zsinj: 2 pts
JH Aznable: 2 pts
GRD Adler: 2 pts

It's a new month and we have a new comp!  Write to our new Master At Arms about how your Dark Jedi acted in a heroic fashion.  We can always count on MAA Montte to make us think outside the box, so take this creative opportunity and showcase your writing talents.

I'm coordinating with BTLs Xantros and Mirtez to revive old activities or create new ones for you.  Let's keep the momentum going and propel our House to new heights of glory!

QUA/SBM Pel "Tuba" Morba/House Drakonan
FL-PROF/CPT Tuba/Delta 3-1

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