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FA Laan - 2
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: GN Jarek La'an
Posted On: September 12, 2011

 [b][u]SOO Report #2[/u]
12th September 2011[/b]

Greetings all,


Its been a busy period since my last report with a number of changes and issues arising over the course of the week.  It still surprises me, even with this clubs pedigree, how easy it is to lose track of information and for the good ideas to fall through the cracks in the system.  To many of you this may be a surprise, but there is always a very active dialogue between CMDRs and the Board to try and change or adapt perceived failings or issues.  Whilst it may not always be public you can rest assured it is always going on; at present there are discussions regarding topics as varied as the medal system going on at command level, and potential to change squadron names.  At the same time the day to day effort continues, and I am very happy with the marked change in activity recently. 


80% of CMDRs have maintained reports as expected, and I fervently hope the last will submit before I have cause to commence warning shots across the bows!

We have seen a number of promotions to Flight Leader status, SLs to LT, and a number of adjustments to the roster.  In addition the number of BSFs processed has continued to rise, whilst overall communication is up again.  We are talking, we are enjoying ourselves, and its through this that activity emerges.  In the medium term therefore we need to sustain this activity to the point where we can run a ship wide campaign and guarantee equal squadron involvement.


As a forerunner of further activity a number of changes, or rather revisions, have been made to the "OOB" for the current TC.  When we went single wing under my tenure as FO the idea was to have the Hammer represent a rapid response force for the TC, an elite force that could be wielded as its name suggests.  This idea was furthered by Viper Pred and on, but with the out of date OOBs floating around the decision was made to clarify.  In consultation with your CMDRs and the Board therefore a new version of the ISD Hammer's OOB has been produced, albeit very simply from the old OOB, but as a ready visual reference for those of you who wish to write fictions or even begin to consider mission design.


The attached diagram lists the capital vessels supporting the ISD Hammer, you will note they are all from the SOVs original battlegroup to reflect the EHs plotline that has the SSSD remaining in a defensive orbit of Aurora, hence the reallocation of assets.  These are the VSDs Crusader and Warhammer, the INT Compellor, the A/FRG Revenge, the FRGs Aurora and Hyperion, and the Agonizer corvette group.  This forms a rough analog to a modern carrier strike group and represents a potent and mobile force, tough enough to crack most situations with their own firepower, and that of 15 embarked squadrons.


The Hammer's squadrons have been tweaked slightly to match this concept, largely due to the absence of any formal allocation of craft until now - Alpha on the old OOB includes Firesprays for instance...  Therefore Alpha and Beta have been redesignated Fighter Suppression squadrons and issued with 3 flights of TIE Avengers each, Gamma has taken on the mantle of Heavy Assault with 3 flights of Missile Boats, Delta remains a Recon squadron but with 3 flights of TIE Avengers, Epsilon and Lambda remain Strike squadrons with 2 flights of TIE Defenders and a 3rd of Missile Boats.  This now creates a balanced attack orientated wing, which includes the EHs cutting edge technology but in more realistic numbers, and with much greater uniformity rather than odd collections of very different craft.


This is all geared towards generating a baseline state of the battlegroup, from which we can start to think about competition storylines for SP/MP combat, fictions, mission design and so on, and will hopefully kickstart, or reawaken, some of the old creativity that used to be so prevalent in the club.


So as you can hopefully see a lot of work has been going on, and will continue as we drive towards higher activity with the short term goal of a squad on squad competition to dust off old rivalries and joysticks alike.


As always my door remains open, and judging by the last 48 hours will likely be wedged open by mail for many days to come - a situation I am very happy with.  By this time next week I would like to try and hit the 50 actives mark, a mere 3 away - so for those of you in touch with verterans and reservists, now could be the time to tell them that the TC is climbing out of the slump, but it needs every hand to do so.


In Service,


FA La'an, SOO

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