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Drakonan Report T04: 10-01-2011 - 4
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: ADT Tuba
Posted On: October 1, 2011

Dark Greetings and Sithutations!  We had some decent activity in September, definitely up from August so congratulate yourselves on the increase.  It’s always good to see new faces in the standings in addition to our ‘usual suspects’.  On with the show!


DB News:

TOR released an explorable 3D galactic map yesterday.  There are a lot fewer worlds than expected, but these are probably just the showcase planets.  I’m particularly intrigued by the Unknown Regions.  Hopefully there’s lots for us to do out there.


Speaking of TOR, the official North American release date is 12/20/2011.  Our European allies get it two days later.


Drakonan News:

New members!  Sith Warlord Destavol Gin and Apprentice Scuslem rejoin our ranks from the Rogues.  Both are assigned to Stingray Squadron and both are off and running in the SoD points race.  Please join me in welcoming them to our home!


Awards (most pending, but expecting approval)!

SWL Destavol Gin: DC for September Activity

KAP Xantros: DC for September Activity, Cr-S (SoD 2nd place)

KAP Luna: DC for September Activity, Cr-Q (25 LCAA)

OBM Zsinj: DC for September Activity, LSS (DBT 35)

DJK Kaisin Mirtez: SoE for September Activity, Cr-A (SoD 1st place), LSS (DBT 34)

GRD Matt Adler: Cr-Q (25 LCAA), LSS (DBT 34)


Sword of Drakonan

The top three point earners receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze Novas (novae?) respectively.  See the annual point totals here.


Monthly totals are always found on the House site and are usually updated each weekend.


September 1st place: BTL/DJK Mirtez with 28 pts!

September 2nd place: BTL/KAP Xantros with 12 pts!



While we wait for the next official run on to start, drop by SWL Gin’s Heat of the Moment thread in the Drakonan forum.  It’s a great story idea and a good way to earn SoD points!


No entries for MAA Montte’s monthly topic.  Was the 5 page minimum length too long?  Are we no longer interested in writing comps?  Was everyone just busy?  Please give us some feedback here so we can create activities you’ll enjoy!


The revised list of approved EH gaming platforms was posted on the main site a few weeks ago.  For your convenience that list is now on our own House Site.  If you play a game that is not on the list, let me know!  I’ll gather the data and lobby the Dark Council and Command Staff to add it, but it only works if I have hard data to back it up, so get me your gaming preferences.


For the listed games, just send your BTLs a screenshot of what you’ve done. 


Console gamers cannot (to my knowledge) take screen shots even with USB keyboards.  May I suggest a digital camera shot of your TV screen?  It’s not the best solution, but digital cameras are prevalent enough now that pretty much everybody has one or two.  If someone has a better solution for PS3 or 360, please let me know.


Keep up the good work, and get those SoD points in.  There are only 3 months left in the year and it’s never too late to fly, write, post, and draw!


Keep it Sithy.


QUA/SBM Pel “Tuba” Morba/Drakonan House/FRG Swift Fury
(GC) (SoP) (DC-O) (Cr-D-R-Ax5-Sx4-Ex9-Tx4) (LSG) (LSG) (LSS)

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