IO Report # 0 (2000-06-17)

This report was submitted by AD Turtle

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This is the Internet Office Report for 17 June, 2000.

This week's Site of the Week is Cyclone Squadron, Congrats go out to Cyclone Squadron on a job well done.

I will be off training with the Army from tomorrow, the 18th, until next Sunday, 24 June. During my absence Vice Admiral AbsoluteK will be in charge of the Internet Office. Please direct any concerns to both him and myself. I will check all mail when I return.

News quickies from the IO:

EHNet hosted sites hits 150

Team EH Counter-Strike Half-Life server back online

New EH Fan Image Archive under construction. Get your submissions in!

Alex Foley has signed onto the WEHR staff as the new webmaster and producer of the most recent show. The rest of the staff welcomes him. He has already posted the new WEHR site at where you can find the most recent show, as well as archived copies of all the old shows. Go take a listen!

Commaner Amadeo ( recently suggested an idea to me, an "EH Greeting Cards" center, a fun way for members to say hi, issue challenges, or rub in defeats. ;) Both myself and AbsoluteK like the idea, so I've started construction on the programming that will be required for the system. I'm currently looking for images, default messages, and music for the various cards. If anyone would like to help with this process, please contact me at

I've awarded Kumba the Commendation of Excellence for excellence in design of the new Emperor's Hammer Message Boards. If you haven't visited the new message boards (or moved your SG boards there, hint hint ;) then you're missing out! Stop by and sign up today!

Admiral Turtle Jerrar (Ret. Praetorian)
Internet Officer, Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet
IO/AD Turtle/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign (Kngt),
BS/PCx2/ISMx6/MoI/LoCx6/MoC-6BoC/OV-2E {IWATS-IIC/1/2/3-M/1/2-SM-GFX}

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