IO Report # 8 (2004-06-21)

This report was submitted by AD Robert Dura

-- News --

First bit of news, my active IRC presence will go down from the normal near-16 hours per day to something quite a bit less, I still will however respond to messages, and if I happen to catch something on IRC.

But it seems I caught the SWG bug from my free trial. "First hit is free man!" :P Anyone that plays SWG can contact me thru the character V'Man. Bribes...errr I mean helping a newbie out is appreciated. :P

Just like to re-iterate my thanks to those that participated in the EH Holonet Awards. The medal requests were sent off on sunday. Please be patient for them, the TC side of things I talked to our OPS guy and he said he had 500 additional medals before my little set, not counting re-entering ones from the database.

As a bounus, a neat site for those that have problems picking colors like I do:

-- Poll --

The past week's poll was "Which Input Device". We had a turn out of 35 votes. With Keyboard and Mouse tieing for 1st place with 12 votes each. Second place is the joystick with 7 votes.

This week's poll is:
"Would like to learn:"
* JavaScript
* Other (explain)
* None, coding is for wenies!

-- Site of the Week --

This week's site of the week is the House Caliburnus site located at: Congrats to Zeth Durron on his 4 star site and wonderful graphical modification to Squadfirst!

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