IO Report # 72 (2003-01-03)

This report was submitted by FA Ari

January 3 , 2003

Internet Office News

Well, the big news of this week was the whole fiasco involving the Debate Forum removal. I'd like to personally express my regrets to see FA Kumba resign over this, he was a well-respected officer among his peers. Also, the entire IO office is sad to see the resignation of FA AbsoluteK from LO; AbK was a former IO, and most people in the fleet are aware that the quality of his work is no less than exceptional.

MinosNIC was down for a bit this week for some maintenance, especially in preparation for AD Turtle's extended leave, which begins January 6th. Turtle has set me up with the necessary functions I'll require to run MinosNIC while he's away.

If anyone recognizes the following IP/host, please contact the IO immediately: This host is infected with a KLEZ virus, and we'd like to find the person to inform them to clean their machine up.

FA Ender mBind was awarded the Commendation of Excellence this week after receiving his 5th SOTW last week. Congrats!

I'd also like to thank GA Ronin and SA Astatine for awarding the Medal of Honor. I really appreciate it :)

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

The first SOTW of the new year goes to the Ghost Squadron site, by Per-Aa ( This 4 star site is at

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Code Snippet of the Week

Frame Remover

A quick JavaScript snippet by Kweeky to break you out of someone else's ugly frames!

You can find the full code for this snippet, along with many others, at the IO Code Archive!



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