IO Report # 75 (2003-01-24)

This report was submitted by FA Ari

January 24 , 2003

Internet Office News

This week we received a list of projects for the IO from SA Astatine:

  • Guidelines for TC homepages
  • Revive The Holonet Journals
  • Review current services and webpages to check that they are up to date and up to standard.
  • Complete the EH site redesign

The Holonet Journals will replace ANN, so we will try to fit any articles we received ANN into THJ. But THJ is mainly a humoristic kind of publication, and you can see previous issues through the link at the end of the report. IOA Alex Foley will be working with me as he did for previous issues. Hopefully, we can get an issue out soon with the submissions we currently have. I will also be working in conjunction with FA Priyum on the TC homepage guidelines. AD Leeson is still heading the EH design team.

In terms of side-projects, we've got Alex Foley's SquadFirst template which is almost done, with just the backend being left to be done. CyberGuy and JaM3z are working on a similar project for offices.

This past week, I've been working on upgrades to Sabacc Online, and I have released version 2.3 which includes some fixes for betting and the Hall of Fame. But mainly I've been working on the next release, version 3.0, which will include a Multiplayer-enabled version of Sabacc. After doing quite a bit of research on PHP sockets, I've successfully formed a concept of how MP Sabacc will work via a client/server interface. Essentially, the client and server communicate through text messages and commands; the server handles the backend of the game and the client is the GUI frontend. Sabacc 3.0 will allow BHG players to play against each other in a game of up to 4 people. Though the server is almost done, the client is going to take up the bulk of the time for writing code (plus starting next week I'm going to be busy at school at night with play rehearsals), and after that a lengthy alpha and beta testing period will ensue. I don't expect to release it for at least a month with all the time that's necessary to be put into it. Hopefully though, it will kick up activity EH-wide and possibly bring in new members. Stay tuned for more info!

SOTWs! Don't forget - you can nominate your own site for Site of the Week!!! Just go to, click the "Site of the Week" listing link and you'll see where to nominate your own site!

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's SOTW is the Lyarna System site at, Congrats to Nightweaver ( and Skorbacca ( on their great 5 star site!

Internet Office Links

Internet Office Poll

Should a credits system be implemented EH-wide?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, so I can win everyone's money in MP Sabacc!
  • Yes, so I can invest in the CD Stock Market
  • Nah, what use would they be anyway?


Code Snippet of the Week

Validate email

A PHP script posted by Leeson (not written by) that allows you to verify if an email address is valid.

You can find the full code for this snippet, along with many others, at the IO Code Archive!



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