IO Report # 113 (2003-10-17)

This report was submitted by HA Ari

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Internet Office Report #113

October 17, 2003

:: [ Internet Office News ] ::

Work on the IO Poll Creation system continues. It will hopefully feature pie graphs in addition to the standard bar graph results display, and once it is completed I will begin work on converting it to a SF+ plugin. Here are some of the planned features:

  • Polls results can be viewed by creator, certain usergroups (MinosGroups, more to come on that later), or everyone
  • Creators can require login for polls, or simply allow anyone to vote.
  • Polls can run continuously or have a set end date. If they have an end date, the creator can require that the poll have a minimum number of votes otherwise the poll continues.
  • Polls can be structured sequentially and conditionally to create a survey
  • Different question types are available, including: free-text response, single-select, multi-select and numerical responses
  • For numerical questions, the system will force numerical responses. Also, you have the option of collecting statistics on the numerical questions (standard deviation, mean, mode, range, median)

This system is designed to be applicable to many different possible situations. However, because of this, there will probably be a limit imposed on number of polls you can create at a time (I'm thinking 3). Of course, poll creation will require an ELS (EHNet Login System)/MinosNIC ID. Only thing we need now is a name. If anyone comes up with a catchy title for the system, let me know!

Speaking of the ELS, Turtle is working on an ELS information site at If anyone is interested right now in obtaining a client for the ELS for use in your own personal EH site, please contact me.

CPT Drako has completed the EH Library fiction repository and it only remains to be tested. However, he is on leave right now because of a lack of an internet connection, so when he gets back, it'll be released.

:: [ Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week ] ::

This week's SOTW is the revamped version of the Tau Squadron site at by COL Erich von Reinthaler ( - congrats on a 4 star site!

:: [ Internet Office Poll ] :: :: [ Internet Office Staff ] ::
What current/upcoming movie is the coolest?
  • Kill Bill
  • Matrix Revoltuions
  • Return of the King
  • Timeline
  • Scary Movie 3
    Vote for your choice at!
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    Command Assistant: MAJ Xander Drax
    Command Assistant: CPT Drako
    Command Assistant: CPT Amadeo

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