IO Report # 102 (2003-08-01)

This report was submitted by HA Ari

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Internet Office Report #102

August 1, 2003

:: [ Internet Office News ] ::

This week was primarily a coding week for the IO. We've been doing work on various basic components of EHW, and I can already see we won't have as much as I'd like done by the end of August. But we'll still keep at it. Reblet, Leeson and I are doing as much as we can in our spare time. Also, we might have a new member join the EHW Development team soon, someone who's been retired, but has had a lot of wargame experience and is considering returning to the EH...guess you'll just have to wait to find out who!

Alex Foley has also been hard at work coding. SquadFirst+ is tantalizingly close to being done. Most of the administration components are done except for the Roster. All of the front-end display is done, too. It will take 1-2 more days for him to complete it, upon which the IO Staff and myself will review and test the code. I will also be putting in some additional features, including a versioning system, and an auto-registration upon install that will register the site with the new SquadFirst Registry which will come along with the new SF main site design, using an innovative XML exporting technique.

Also, this week emails were sent out to inactive/rDB MinosNIC hosting accounts. If you got one and you believe it is in error, contact AD Turtle ( If you do not respond, your account will be deleted within a week.

:: [ Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week ] ::

This week's SOTW is the new Python Squadron site at by LCM Lenvik ( Congrats on a 4 star site!

:: [ Internet Office Poll ] :: :: [ Internet Office Staff ] ::
What new feature do you look forward to most in SquadFirst+?
  • Multiple users w/ post access
  • Wing, Ship, and BG sites
  • DB, HF and IW support
  • New themes
  • Easier installation/upgrade
  • Faster, cleaner, easily modifiable PHP code
    Vote for your choice at!
  • Internet Officer: HA Ari
    Command Attache: FA Bevel Leeson
    Command Assistant: AD Turtle
    Command Assistant: MAJ Xander Drax
    Command Assistant: MAJ Alex Foley
    Command Assistant: CPT Drako

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  • - My EHNet
  • - EH & TC Internet Guidelines
  • - SquadFirst Squadron Website Template
  • - Sabacc Online v2.3
  • - IO Code Archive
  • - EH Code Collaboration
  • - EH Banner Exchange
  • - EH Counter Service
  • - Greeting Card Center
  • - The Holonet Journals, Issue #2
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  • - WebRing
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  • - PHP IWATS Course
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  • - VBScript IWATS Course
  • - Flash IWATS Course

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