IO Report # 16 (2001-03-16)

This report was submitted by FA Absolutek

Internet Office Report #16 (2001-03-16)

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This week I updated the EH:IA (finally! :-) with many new submissions and imagese. You can go check them out at Also there are two new features on the Internet Office website ( The first one is called "Suggest A Poll", which allows EH members to suggest polls that could be run on the IO website. The second new feature is "Ask the IO", which allows EH members to (you guessed it!), ask me a question about the EH, the Internet, websites etc... I'm hoping to make some of the best questions from "Ask The IO" into a column on the EH Newsletter.

This week, I recommended CoE medals for both COM/VA Corran Force ( of the ISD Challenge, and LA/VA Quake ( their hard work and efforts in creation and support of EH websites (assuming our OPS does his job, they should have their medals shortly :-).

This weeks Emperor's Hammer SOTW is the EH Flight Office website at Congratulations to AD Priyum on a great site.

IO/FA AbsoluteK/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign

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