IO Report # 8 (2001-01-24)

This report was submitted by AD Absolutek


5 days late, but here it is finally. Not much has happened in the EH Internet Office this week, however, i did manage to find an EH Site Of The Week to submit for posting on the EH Domain...

This is the new AG website as run by LA Quake.

Also, as you are probably aware, the domains (,,,,,, and that i host are not resoving properly right now. This is because the DNS hosting provider i use ( is not functioning properly at this time. AS a result, non of the aformentioned domains will resolve. I am searching for a nother DNS provider, but i have not found one yet. If you or anybody else knows of one, PLEASE TELL ME!!! For now, people can access their websites hosted on my server by using the the following format when typing in their url:<username>

For example, if a persons account username was "io" their site would be accessable via

IO/AD Absolutek/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign

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